Questions deserve answers...

You have a right to know the Truth.

 John 8:32  And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall MAKE you free.

 We can and will help you uncover

 the Truth of the Scriptures ~

 Knowing Truth will make you free

 to choose peace with your Maker,

 with others, and yourself... 

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   Welcome, and thank you for visiting Covenant Bible Fellowship online! We are excited that you have chosen to spend some time with us. We are a family of believers, excited about truth and building good into each other's lives.  

    Please feel free to read more about our church, visit our Facebook page, or come in for a visit. We would love to greet you and share with you our love for Jesus Christ and for you, our neighbor. 

Our Mission

How is your life going right now? Can you of a full assurance say, right this minute, that if you were to die tonight, you would be safe in heaven?  

 We will end up somewhere after death, and there will be a time of judgment, but will it be for reward or punishment? 








     We believe that the door to salvation is always open and that Truth is the key to unlock the seeker from the weight of problems and despair or the hopelessness of not knowing.  Our mission is to help you in search of the Truth, then help you learn to apply principles from the Word that work not only in your spiritual growth but in your daily life.  We want to give you the tools, show you how to use them, and be a partner with you in your walk with Jesus Christ.

Are you choosing heaven or hell?  Where you go is entirely up to you.
Weddings and Family

   Our church offers premarital counseling to couples and stands firmly on the Scriptural definition of marriage as one man and one woman.   We believe it is the responsibility of parents to raise children in the nurture and admonition

of the Lord, and that as a

body of believers we are to teach, support and help families be strong in the faith, but not take the place of parents in doing so.


Sunday Morning services are at

9:45 am for Sunday School and

Worship Services begin at 11 am.


    The first 3 Sunday mornings Pastor Billy Robertson has the pulpit.  On the 4th Sunday an Elder or deacon will present the message. Pastor Joshua has 3 Sunday evenings & shares his discussions & thoughts online through Facebook Live.  These are interactive sessions & you are invited to join in the conversation.        On the 1st Sunday of the month we look at an important hymn, its history, & impact on the church & once a month at a major player in the spread of Christianity around the world.   On 5th Sundays, we enjoy special speakers from one of the many organizations we support. 

     The 7 pm Wednesday night study is Pastor Joshua's series  A Study in Ezekiel

    Friday night Home Fellowships are in various places according to the week of the month & the season of the year. Please see the monthly calendar for more information. 

The Latest News  

This year we have another reading challenge, using a different schedule.  We will be reading  the Scriptures, New and Old concurrently, with the Psalms and Proverbs repeated each month.  By the end of the year, the history of the testaments and the wisdom of the Psalms and Proverbs should be very much a part of our daily thinking, and through that, our growth towards being more and more like Jesus and and honor to the Father above.

JanuaryThis month we spend our time in the reading through Genesis and into Exodus plus Matthew and the start of Mark.  As in last month's readings, the Scriptures provide the histories of surrounding events and prophecies given to the people called out by Jehovah as His own.  You can follow our reading schedule by reading 1 chapter of the New Testament each day, 3 chapters of the Old, and Psalms and Proverbs by reading each one for its day plus 30. (ex. day 1=Ps 1, 31, 61, 91, 121, & Prov 1. Read all of 119 on every 31st of a month.)

              A Study in Psalms          A Study in Proverbs  

      A Study in Genesis    A Study in Matthew   

A Study in Exodus     A Study in Mark

   A Study in Luke       A Study in John      

A Study in Ezekiel   

This Week's Sermon -12 Jan 2020
why Jesus alone is worthy.jpg

Pray for our people, here & abroad, & all government agencies from local to federal.  Pray for a national revival & return to our Judaeo-Christian foundations.  Also pray for our nation, its leaders, military, law enforcement, EMT, fire & other public service members who provide such important services.  Ask the Lord to watch over those who need to turn to Him, no matter where they are & what they now believe. 

        This month's character focus is "Responsibility/Reliabiity"  
Responsibility vs. Unreliability ~

Knowing and doing what both God and others are expecting from me.


“So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God.
~ Romans 14:12 ~ 

This Month's companion Hymn Histories   " "Let the Lower Lights Be Burning" by Philip P. Bliss."

This Month's companion Hero of the Faith    is  to be determined

 Please feel free to download our September paper wall calendar 

September Read-Through-The-Bible Challenge sheet

 A bit of history about the calendars the modern world uses... "The  History  On Calendars"

* Events   

National  Human Trafficking Awareness Month   ~

Human trafficking - selling children and the captured for sex slavery among other horrors.  Find out about this age-old evil and work as you can to fight it. 

*January 1 ~ Happy New Year's Day!

*January 4 ~ Petersburg Saturday Noon Prayer Walk

*January 5 ~ Pastor Billy Robertson   Fellowship & Friends Sunday ~

                 Join us after the service for a fellowship meal at a local restaurant 

   Evening service ~7 pm Hard Questions  Pastor Joshua Justice

*January 6 ~ Epihany!   Celebrate the day the wise men visited the child Jesus

                          Happy birthday, Deacon Alwyn!

*January 8 ~  A Study in Ezekiel  Pastor Joshua     A Facebook online interactive question &  answer session.

*January 10 ~  Home Fellowship - - Amanda's   

*January 11 ~ Petersburg Saturday Noon Prayer Walk

*January 12 ~ Pastor Joshua  

4 pm ~ Helping feed every 2nd Sunday of the month ~ Join the Justices and the Burgesses as we serve food to the less fortunate in concert with Regenesis.     

   Evening service ~7 pm Pastor Joshua  "Hard Questions"   

If you have any questions that cause confusion, or you wonder about principles or events in the Old or New Testament, write them on the CBF Bulletin Board at

*January 15 ~  A Study in Ezekiel  Pastor Joshua     A Facebook online interactive question &  answer session.  Pastor Josh may not get to do it since he is traveling to CA this evening.

*January 17 ~  Home Fellowship - Jon & Viviana's 

*January 18 ~ Petersburg Saturday Noon Prayer Walk

*January 19 ~ Pastor Billy Robertson   

   Evening service ~7 pm Pastor Joshua  "Hard Questions"   

If you have any questions that cause confusion, or you wonder about principles or events in the Old or New Testament, write them on the CBF Bulletin Board at

*January 20 ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. Day   Federal offices will be closed.

*January 22 ~  A Study in Ezekiel  Pastor Joshua     A Facebook online interactive question &  answer session.

*January 24~ Our Upper Room Celebration Covered Dish Supper at CBF!  6:30 pm.  We celebrate each other and our Lord every 4th Friday of the month.  Join us as we sing songs, honor birthdays, anniversaries, answered prayer, and have a great meal together while gratefully acknowledging the good things God has done for us this month!

*January 25 ~ Petersburg Saturday Noon Prayer Walk

*January 26 ~ Pastor Billy Robertson   

   Evening service ~7 pm Pastor Joshua  "Hard Questions"   

If you have any questions that cause confusion, or you wonder about principles or events in the Old or New Testament, write them on the CBF Bulletin Board at

*January 27 ~  International Day of Remembrance for Victims of the Holocaust, set on the anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau in 1945. On this annual day of commemoration, the UN urges every member state to honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and millions of other victims of Nazism and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides.

*January 29 ~  A Study in Ezekiel  Pastor Joshua     A Facebook online interactive question &  answer session.

*January 30 ~  Happy Birthday, Dorothy!

*January 31 ~  5th Friday Family Fun Night ~ to be announced!

 February 1 ~    Petersburg Saturday Noon Prayer Walk

He Alone is Worthy

Pastor Joshua Justice

12 January 2020          message notes


   In this sermon, Pastor Joshua brings us down to  earth showing that even the best among us is not worthy of taking on the work, the atoning saving work of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes Christians have been

"in the way" so long they forget they are but men.  Beginning with Job, a righteous man who was so pious God used him as an example to our worst enemy, Satan, to show that true believers will overcome his shots and attacks when they fully rely on the Lord.

   Pastor Josh then continues sharing the needs of a perfect, sinless sacrifice of whole and holy blood without which there is no forgiveness of sins. 

   Redemption.    Jesus the Messiah is our Redeemer because of the price He paid with His sinless, perfect, holy blood to cover us who are sinful, unholy, and needy broken people.  His sacrifice does more than lift us out of our sin-filled state ~ it opens the gates of heaven for us by covering us with His perfect blood.  

    Can you reject this? Yes, but it would be foolish above all foolishness.  Can you walk out from under His covering? Yes, but why would you?  

     Listen as Pastor Josh brings the simple but powerful message of the Jesus Christ the Lord.


Our Webmaster has taken quite ill, but as the illness allows, she will update the calendar and the Read Through the Bible Challenge verses.  Please keep her, her family, and the church in prayer as we go through this trying time.  Thank you. 

Our Missions of Hope ~ Opportunities to be Involved in the work CBF is doing in sharing the Gospel & Meeting  Needs in our Church &  Local Community.

 Local, National, &  International Missions  CBF Supports (& opportunities to serve...)

Every week  we have an opportunity to support various local, national & international organizations, including The James House, CARES, The Gideons, The Pregnancy Support Center, SetFree, The International ALERT Academy, Verity, the ACLJ, New Tribes Mission, Promise Keepers, The Voice of the Martyrs, Wycliffe Associates, Friends of Israel, Dayspring International, Downtown Churches United, ReGenesis, The Salvation Army, and Equipping the Nations.

The Gideons ~  If you want to make sure everyone has a chance to read the Bible, this is your opportunity, as either a 'Friend of the Gideons" or as a Gideon member.  Check with Elder Phil.

Working with children & families needing hope, help, & healingKhamrada's Hope.

Director Amy Grieco has worked with child abuse, child behavior, & family dynamics since graduate school in her capacity as a researching student, a sexuality educator, as the Assistant Director of a rape crisis center, & in her business since 2005. She & her husband Jeff are willing to train volunteers to help with families & children who need hope & help while using the horses as a vehicle for trust & healing.  Check with Sister Hannah Justice for more information. 

Visitations & Support Ministry ~ at some point we all need help. From new babies in the house to illnesses to accidents & aging, CBF tries to encourage & be there for our folks.  From shopping for the shut in, and emergency runs to  bringing in meals, helping the kids learn to read, or helping with insurance issues, we have people in the congregation that are available to our members.  Check with Elders Phil & Vanessa for more information. 

*We fully support the Tri-Cities Pregnancy Support Center...   

If you want to know more about this effort, please enjoy this video by a sister well as the following information from the National Right to Life folks...

A PowerPoint for National Sanctity of Life Sunday & Week  18-24 January 2015

Our Prison Ministry ~ Deacon Alwyn Floyd is our Prison minister, & will be happy to talk to you about reaching those who find themselves in a bondage only Christ can free. Pastor Billy Robertson spent years ministering to those in prison, & is also a resource to find out more...

We hope to develop a Good News Club in the Petersburg public schools.  We need volunteers to meet with students once a week all school year long.  Check with Jon & Viviana Burgess if interested in being a part of this fledgling ministry.  

If you did not  make one of the services this week, you can listen to our sermons & teachings via  this direct link  to our chirbit site  or access those teachings/discussions/sermons uploaded to the following:


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