2013 Sermons


29 December 2013     Formed for a Purpose Jeremiah 1:4-10            Guest Pastor Ken Samuel       sermon Scriptures & notes

 Walter Mitty dreams his life away, wishing he was a hero and could do great and wonderful things....How many of us live that same way? God makes no mistakes, and through the example of Jeremiah & the choices made by Hobab & Esther, Pastor Ken shares the fact that we, too, are made for a purpose and God knows exactly what He is doing!  

 22 December 2013    Titles, many; Name? One!         Pastor Chuck Clawson      

 Christmas sermons usually evoke ideas of babies, bright lights and brotherhood; and yet, in Jesus' time, it also meant political intrigue, murderous visits from soldiers some two years later, and the fear and hope of the future... The birth was one more step of reconciliation with a world so dark that it killed children because they were a threat to one's lifestyle... (sounds like today) The Savior's time on earth started with this birth, and brought grace and hope to that dark and dangerous world. It still brings grace and hope. Pastor Clawson shows the Light of the World in his exposition of Isaiah 9:6... many titles but only one Name under which all men MUST be saved...

22 December 2013  The Banquet  Matthew 22:1-14     Pastor Clawson

 The King invited his leaders and those who served under him to a banquet for his son, but none came.  He opened the marriage banquet to all classes and peoples, and many came, yet one, although he came, refused the king's wedding garment given to all the guests... where do you stand with the invitation our King has given?  Have you refused? Do you come, but refuse the robe of righteousness, wanting to do Christianity your way? or have you freely submitted to the ways of the King?


15 December 2013   Lessons from the Lives of Zecharias and Elisabeth      Deacon Joshua Justice    sermon Scriptures & notes

"If you walk in My statues and keep My commandments, and do them..."   Zecharias and Elisabeth, well-stricken in years, according to the Bible, yet trusted and followed Yaweh, stayed in prayer, continued in His commandments, and did the work that was set before them without complaint.  God rewards people like Elisabeth and Zecharias... and the world was graced with John the Baptist, who was the voice to herald the Messiah, the King Who is to be the Judge of all the Earth.  John, the voice of wilderness and the cousin of the Lord Jesus Christ... a gift to the world and a herald of eternity.


1 December 2013     Rule #1      Elder Phil Justice                                          

       Phil brings a message of hope and a reminder that even as through the life of Job, if we expect to win this race we call life, we must remember the rules.  God is clear as to His first and most important rule ~ Rule #1...    

17 November 2013   A Study in Trust and Fear     Deacon Joshua Justice   

Trust, fear, hope.... how do you define these terms, and what part do they play in your life?  Deacon Justice leads a lively discussion of these terms and their Biblical application.  Be aware that this was an interactive class and many comments are made "off mike".  Joshua often repeats what the discussion and or comment was, but some of them are rather hard to hear.  This discussion is well worth your time and those less-than-hearable moments.  Use that time to  think through what is being said, and look up the scriptures  as the class studies these concepts. 


 17 November 2013    Abilities? God-given!    Pastor Billy Robertson        

   Pastor Robertson challenges us to not replace what is best in our lives with what is good... to consider God's call to excellence against man's attempts at perfection... and to realize we cannot be wise-hearted without also being connected with true fount of all wisdom and grace.  We each have many talents and abilities... how are we using them, and for whom?  Once we search ourselves and determine to use all we have to the very utmost in serving God, expect excellence and greatness in God's glory to light your path.

10 November 2013  Let There Be 'Natural' Light!   Pastor Chuck Clawson  

Pastor Clawson continues to tell the story of the first days of the universe, explaining the intricacy and balance necessary for all the various pieces to work flawlessly together, made for our use and enjoyment,  and ending with a nod towards the beauty of America and her promise with a story of the musician Woody Guthrie and his iconic song "This Land is Your Land". 

3 November 2013   The Way of the Lord!   Deacon Joshua Justice         accompanying notes...

Deacon Joshua Justice brings a challenge to every believer with his clear and thoughtful discussion of how to follow the pathway that leads to peace and a covenant relationship with the Creator of the Universe.  The Way of the Lord!  Walking in His way is eternal and timeless, and when young people (Deacon Josh is in his 20's) grasp His truth and share it freely, lives are changed!  Listen to  hear a fresh perspective on The Way of the Lord!

27 October 2013  History is His Story: Genesis 1:9-13  Natural Life   Pastor Chuck Clawson  

     Genesis clearly lays out the patterns of creation... All of His creation points directly to the Supreme Almighty, the Jehovah Creator, outside of time, and full of love and mercy.  In this discussion, Pastor Clawson takes us through those first few hours and first couple of days that leads to the height of His plans...creating a place of physics and chemistry, of light and darkness, of richness and life...a place in which He can walk with His greatest creation yet...

20 October 2013     Hardness of Heart      Pastor Billy Robertson 

     Do you have a heart that can hear the voice of God?  He calls us; do we respond?  He wants to heal and lead; we often choose to ignore Him, go our own way, and then wonder why things seem to fall apart.  The consequences can last for generations ~ both to the good and to the bad, including devastation of the family, clan, and nation.  Pastor Billy takes us through a series of scriptures that lay out the choices and consequences... follow Him to get miracles?  to get prayers answered? or because you hear His voice, and want to be with Him, not matter what?  Your reasons make all the difference in this world... and the next.......

6 October 2013    The If-Then Conditionals of Scripture    Elder Phil Justice

 "Decisions, decisions!  I know what I should do, but what if I don't do it..." or "I have no idea what I should really do... where can I find out?"  Phil Justice lays out many of the over 300 conditional statement throughout God's love letter to His people. His Word is not a set of rules and restrictions; it is a rich and comprehensive discussion of logical consequences for choices we are allowed, even encouraged to make.  Like any classroom, tho', if you don't study the subject you have a really strong chance of failing the test, and God has not designed us for failure, but many of us choose it anyway.  Listen as Phil takes us through the Father's love letter and encouragements to make good choices.

29 September 2013   What the Devil Meant for Evil...    Brother Bruce Johnson, guest speaker from Reconciliation Fellowship, Petersburg, VA   

Consider the story of Joseph, the favored son of a rich father who gets attacked, sold into slavery, & thrown into prison, because he set the stage for his brothers to hate him... or Job, a righteouse man who lost it all through no fault of his own.... Our lives take courses we don't expect ~ sometimes we are the ones that initiate the problems & sometimes "stuff happens".  However, we serve a mighty God that takes our mistakes, the evil intent of others, & the hurts from life to show His power & grace.  We should take him at His Word... Brother Bruce  shows us just how to be a successful and joyous member of the body of Christ!

22 September 2013   History is His Story   Pastor Chuck Clawson    
Genesis lays the foundation to show us just how God approaches His creation and the act of creating itself.  Why even make us?  What is this whole life experience about?  Do we really have free will?  What about heaven? hell? and what is our part in all this stuff?  Pastor Clawson begins to walk us through just why God made us and what truths are missed about the love of our Creator because we look through our own traditions rather than taking Him at Him at His Word...


8 September 2013   Psalm 89:5-18 Power, Justice & Mercy   Pastor Chuck Clawson (presented by Deacon Joshua Justice)




1 September 2013 evening  Experiencing the Joy of the Lord     Pastor Billy Robertson

The joy of the Lord...that place in your relationship where suddenly you realize and accept that because the Lord loves you and He has you in the palm of His hand, He has also wiped out all the burden and grief of sin.  The Joy of the Lord ... that freedom that is what we have in Christ.

1 September 2013   So, You Say That You're A Christian....    Elder Phil Justice    

Many of us call ourselves Christian, but in our deepest of hearts, wonder if we really are.  Elder Phil puts that question to us squarely... Do you speed?  Is that a sin?  Does sinning keep you from heaven?  Does a mistake? or is it the lifestyle sin, the one we do habitually that closes the door?  There is a big difference between chosen lifestyle and falling down while trying to walk correctly...which have you chosen?  


18 August 2013    The Omnipresence of God    Pastor Billy Robertson 

Sometimes life just rolls over the top of us and we feel so alone! Pastor Billy shares the truth and encouragement that comes when you realize and accept the fact that God is everywhere, and is constantly aware of those who call on His name.

11 August 2013      7 Steps to Freedom: Part 3          Deacon Joshua Justice    ( powerpoint to go along with the sermon)      (notes for the sermon)

Part Three ~ Build up and Plant ~  Finally the Christian who is working so hard to clear away the roots, tear down the strongholds, wipe out the wrong influences, and get away from the former mess,  gets to do some positive things... build up and plant... rebuild correct foundations and plant the deep roots of righteousness.  Joshua shares the process and joys of the last three steps that lead us usher in a life of strength, freedom and power...

4 August 2013     7 Steps to Freedom: Part 2          Deacon Joshua Justice    ( powerpoint to go along with the sermon)    (notes for the sermon)

Part Two!  Tear Down and Destroy!    Once you have  identified and rooted out the sin, once you have torn out the stumps in your life's fields, now you must tear down standing influences... get away from those who want to pull you back to the swamp, and then destroy the things that anchor you to the past... Joshua walks us through the next two steps that lead us to personal freedom and will end with a life of victory...

28 July 2013     7 Steps to Freedom: Part 1          Deacon Joshua Justice    ( powerpoint to go along with the sermon)  (notes for the sermon)

Jeremiah was called to do a really tough mission... confront those who were older, considered wiser, and who had actually been his teachers and yet God told him to be His mouthpiece to challenge those leaders to come back to the old ways ~ His Ways...   Jeremiah had to be a one man wrecking crew and lead those who would to " root out, pull down", etc.  Today's sermon is the first of three that will take us through all the steps God has ordained to lead us to freedom... Jeremiah 1:10  "See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant."


21 July 2013  Spiritual Discernment   Pastor Billy Robertson              

 Pastor Billy challenges us to pay attention to that still small voice, and to exercise our ability to hear God speaking.  So much of our daily life could be more peaceful, more guided, more safe, if we would just learn to listen to the wisdom of the Holy Spirit.  He uses what we give Him~it is our responsibility to read, study, memorize, meditate, and be ready to hear when we have a need to discern just what is truly happening around us, to us, and in connection with others that are with us.... 

14 July 2013   Psalm 88:10-18 Mercy & Deliverance, part 2        Pastor Chuck Clawson               

Heman was the chief priest, and fully understood the difficulities of being human, even though he was deeply connected with Jehovah, and knew He was more than able to hear and answer Heman's darkest fears and heaviest concerns. Heman goes through the phases of sad searching and heartache, and rises to find hope and light that comes when we trust that God is not blind nor deaf to us, but does have each of us in His sight...


7 July 2013   Inferiors, Superiors, & the 5th Commandment      Elder Phil Justice               

Classroom and Sunday School teachers always have that one student that challenges authority; parents want to believe their children are the best behaved on the block, when they know they are not; employers desperately search for the employee that not only does the job, but does it well and with respect... Phil discusses the Biblical foundation of "social graces" with words of wisdom, not only from the Scriptures, but also from George Washington and his 110 "Rules of Civility". 


30 July 2013   Family Names, Family Patterns, Family Principles      Brother Ken Samuel                 

Family means a lot to most of us; everything to some.  What we do, what we practice, what we teach by our words, what we demonstrate through our lives~all of this becomes our family pattern, much of which is passed on through the generations.  Principles are taught and encouraged and often become the thing for which our names are remembered.  Brother Ken challenges us to be aware of what we teach and do, and to consider the Rechabite family and the testimony they provided to Israel in response to Jeremiah's challenge...

23 June 2013     Don't Worry About Small Stuff      Elder Phil Justice          

 It is usually the little things... tightly held beliefs, cultural differences, personal opinions,,, that satan uses to drive that small thing into a large wedge among family members, fellowships, and church groups.  Phil Justice delves into the reasoning that tears us apart, and, building on Pastor Chuck's study on Negotiating the Grey Areas, exhorts us to not strive over gnats and cause division over things that do not matter in the long run....

16 June~Father's Day   Pastor Billy     Our Father's Love    

Can you read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8, and instead of "charity" or "love", say your own first name?  Does the passage fit you? Can you honestly say that is the face and person you present not only to the world but also your friends, family, or even those with whom you do not get along?   Pastor Billy challenges us to be "real" and honest with ourselves as we look fully into the character and face of a loving Father Who will not compromise His rules or standards, but will stand by us through all things, and Who loves us enough to show us the way and allow us to follow Him away from danger and harm.

9 June 2013   Pastor Billy    God's Amazing Grace!       

A strong encouragement to live in and operate under God's amazing grace, Pastor Billy shares just how God edifies, helps, empowers and leads us through His grace and promises which are "Yea and Amen"... Listen as Pastor Robertson teaches how to live in and experience a life covered by "God's Amazing Grace"!

2 June 2013    Pastor Chuck     Psalms 88:1-9          

The Psalmist is in deep despair, but does not give up on his faith... have you ever had your faith tested, your resolve questioned, your hope diminished?  Pastor Clawson explores this very real life event... if you have not yet faced such a time, listen, learn and be prepared to handle it in a Godly way as Pastor Clawson teaches perseverance which leads to hope in the first of a two part lesson on dealing with the hard times.


21 April 2013  The Wideness of God's Mercy    Elder Vanessa Justice

Fredrick Faber was once so impacted of the love and mercy of the Father that he wrote a long poem in 1854 which was later set to music by Lizzie Tourje in 1878 and has since become a favorite explanation in song of the expanse of the Father's love for His many adopted sons and daughters.  There's a Wideness in God's Mercy is the catalyst for Elder Justice's explanation of just how much the Lord cares for us, while expecting we mold ourselves willingly to show the world our family resemblance.  His goal for us is to be like Him, and in His infinite love, He has designed a plan to ensure our achievement of that goal, a plan for our success and our salvation.