2014 Sermons & Evening Studies...  

19 October 2014     Confrontation!  Deacon/LayLeader Joshua Justice                       downloadable sermon notes

There is no possible way to go through life without having disagreements, problems, and even confrontations Just how do you maintain civility when you are being attacked for your faith?  Or, maintain a strong positive relationship when offenses come and the hurt is deep? The Bible speaks to how to work with others, and how to address difficult situations... especially when those situations are based in opposing world views...  Deacon Joshua uses examples from his own life to share and outline the two different approaches the Bible gives... dealing with problems between believers, and dealing with problems between a believer and a non-believer.  The ways are a bit different, but the goal is the same ~ to come to an understanding and develop a relationship of mutual agreement and respect, with both focusing on defining and working on the original "problem" as a team. 

31 December 2014   Let Us Go On ~~ Encouragement for the New Year Coming   Pastor Charles P. Clawson

As we evaluate our last year, and move into 2015, Pastor Chuck reminds us of the focus of our lives... becoming more and more like Christ.  We can live in our vocations, plan for our free time, enjoy the bounties of our efforts, and all of that is acceptable, as long as  all of this is not the primary and central love of our lives.  Let Us Go On, to be a workman for the Lord, knowing that in partnership with Him, all the blessings and brightness of the New Year will be ours for the living...   


28 December 2014   The Father, Timeless!              Pastor Charles P. Clawson

  Have you ever really looked around?  Have you ever really examined the patterns and colors and changes in our surroundings, our environments?  How could this have ever  "just happened"? Ever wondered about the power it must have taken to create everything around us?  Science struggles with and often denies outright the possibility of a Supreme Being.  This is not new ~ even the Apostle Peter faced deniers...  just read 2 Peter 3:1-7.  Don't be willingly ignorant.  God rewards those who truly seek to know truth, who are able to suspend their own fears or tendency to deny even the possibility of a Creator.  Listen as Pastor Chuck opens and explains the foundations of belief and shares the evidence available to any and all who are willing to take the challenge to be fully open and non-biased in seeking eternal truth and the fountain of power that begins and ends with love.  

21 December 2014    The Incarnation of Jesus Christ   Pastor Billy Robertson   (scripture list)

The Three In One, a concept hard for our minds to understand, and yet we know the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost is that one Supreme Deity that watches over and cares for us all.  God the Father sent the Son to return us to Himself.  Pastor Robertson shares the mystery and might of this holy act, which provided the one and only way we could find our way home.

 14 December 2014    Genesis 8:1-5  Testing the Waters            Pastor Chuck Clawson

Whenever someone thinks of military service, often the first thought that comes to mind is the dreaded 'basic'.  Basic training takes a new, undisciplined, soft individual and turns that person into a skilled, more hardened, more aware, and stronger, soldier.  Making the decision to join the military gives one a kind of high ~ its an accomplishment to work hard and make rank.  However, along the way are hours of testing and training and boredom and even terror.  In Genesis 8 Noah and his family now face those long hours. The animals need attending, the waters are all around, and the Lord gave no end date as to when they could leave the Ark.  It is a sort of basic training for what will be the job of starting a clean and new world all over again... As Christians we go through our individual basic training exercises as well, all designed by our tough and loving "Sarge" to bring us into the full skills and strength as a member of His army, the Army of the Redeemed... and that means we, too, must survive and overcome while "testing the waters."


14 December 2014  1 Kings 11:23-28  The Second Adversary     Pastor Chuck Clawson

Solomon had been 'sowing into the wind', yet had not learned to recognize the coming whirlwhindnow has another adversary, Rezon,  a man who identified with Ben-Hadad's struggle against the house of David.  2 Samuel 8:3-5 gives a glimpse of the tension between Israel and the Syrians... and seemingly this man may have been an officer that escaped the slaughter, nursing a hatred and raising a band of rebels with which Solomon now had to face.

7 December 2014   Spiritual Authority   Pastor Billy Robertson    (scripture list)

Jesus claimed to have authority in heaven and earth.  Hey, wasn't he just a man? just a teacher? or did He really believe that stuff about being God's Son?  Many today will pose those very questions... but anyone who made the claims He made had to be able to back them up....  the disciples decided He could and did.... Pastor Billy shows us just what and how those claims were made real and how He was fully man and also fully God.  His authority covers us as well...which means we, too, have spiritual power and authority into which we can and must grow.

7 December 2014   The King Is Coming    Deacon/LayLeader Joshua Justice

Are you ready?  Are you staying in the fray? There is no doubt, no question... the battle is raging, but help is coming, filled with the promise of both reinforcements and victory.  The soldiers are tired and have fought long in the dark, sometimes with sheer boredom, sometimes questioning the battle plans, sometimes wondering if they will survive to see the promised peace... many cannot hang on and they just quit, go over to the other side, desert, or lay down and die having given up during the seemingly unending struggle.  We are in our own battles- with the flesh, the world, and our own doubts and internal struggles - and yet the Lord asks, no tells us to stand and fight, for the King is coming.... are you ready? Are you fighting? Are doing all to "stand therefore"?  Or, are you laying down and dying, having turned your back on your King?  


30 November 2014    Count It All Joy                  Guest Speaker Pastor Steve Dyson  

"James1:2  "My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations." Pastor Dyson takes us through the first part of  James' letter to the Universal Church. He lays out seven attitudes that will lead the Christian to "count it all joy".  James had seen plenty of political intrigue and downright meanness in his time as a church leader, and yet he admonished his flocks to return to the basics and to choose to understand that even in the worst of times, there is a place of joy. 

24 November 2014  1 Kings 11:14-22    Solomon's First Adversary   Pastor Charles P. Clawson

Chastisements are the direct and sometimes immediate results of ignoring warnings, turning your back on corrections or directions, or just moving forward in outright sin. For Solomon, it was Hadad the Edomite, still angry about Joab's actions years earlier... Solomon knew better that some of his choices were not God-honoring and some were outright rebellion, and yet he did not learn from this first event.  There are always consequences to pay when you don't follow directions... in Solomon's case, just as it was for David's, the consequences are long and involve his legacy and his children...

16 November 2014   Walking in the Light   Pastor Billy Robertson    (scripture list)

Every living thing thrives on light, on the energy they were created to use to grow and replicate.  Once man walked in the Light of the Living God, without fear and without thought of the darkness that was to consume the world.  Now we again have an opportunity to choose light... Jesus brought the Light of the Living God back into this world and through us, when we follow Him, we can again walk in His Light, reject fear and choose to leave the world's darkness behind... And, should we choose to grow in His Light, we can actually dispel some of that darkness by reaching out and being a channel of truth and wisdom for others.  Walking in the Light.... 

16 November 2014  Type and Shadow ~ The Rumblings of the Past, the Whispers of the Future   Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice

The Scripture is full of suggestions and shadows and clues and threads...a tapestry of colors and times and nations and people... all pointing to one unified story of the nature of God and of His love and mercy towards His creation and the people that follow Him.  In this, perhaps the first of a series, Deacon Josh explores the thread of mercy shown in every church via the sacred act of communion.  From Genesis to Revelation, the tapestry of the nature of God is shown through many similar and sacred acts.  The more we know of him, the more we will understand the rumbling of the past and discern the whispers of the future.

9 November 2014  Genesis 7:1-10  Deliverance Nigh!      Pastor Chuck Clawson                     Noah sung by David & the Giants

   Finally the day has arrived.  For 100 years, Noah has been preaching to the scoffing crowds that God is real, He is mighty, He is King of the Universe, and He is not pleased with the directions mankind has taken away from Him.  Noah has build the boat, explained about rain, tried to convince any and all who would listen that the choices they had made to reject God's ways for their own wants and fleshly ways would bring severe consequences.  Now the animals begin to gather; the proof is before them and yet the people still scoff and jeer and refuse to believe.....  and then comes the rain........

26 October 2014   Genesis 6:17-22  Deliverance Promised...    Pastor Chuck Clawson   

The ark is being built, Noah and his family are trusting the Lord, the flood waters are going to cover the entire world, and only those who believe the plan of deliverance will actually escape the devastation to come... A tale from India speaks of a mouse that magically goes from being a cowering mouse to a cat to a dog but remains afraid.  Eventually, his fear directs his final incarnation.... God promises deliverance from our situations, and has proven His willingness and consistency from the garden on, and always works in partnership with men, but not everyone trusts or changes with the knowledge of His promises and the changes He brings to their lives.  It is up to each one of us to be free of fear and greed, to strive to grow with the Lord, or hang on to that mouse's heart...


26 October 2014   Solomon Embraces Idolatry   Pastor Chuck Clawson

Patterns... behaviors... choices... They all have impact on your current situations, your future pathway, and your final destination...  Solomon began well, but slowly and inevitably followed a pathway of compromise, good feelings, and peace loving choices, not a pathway of standards not to be broken, feelings under the tutelage of the Scriptures, and the strength to be a peace MAKER rather than a peace lover....  How did Solomon & his relationship with Jehovah end?  We really don't know, but that in itself should be a warning to believers which may find themselves following the pathway of worldly choices that seem good, but do not challenge one to make the choices of holiness...


19 October 2014     Confrontation!  Deacon/LayLeader Joshua Justice                       downloadable sermon notes

There is no possible way to go through life without having disagreements, problems, and even confrontations Just how do you maintain civility when you are being attacked for your faith?  Or, maintain a strong positive relationship when offenses come and the hurt is deep? The Bible speaks to how to work with others, and how to address difficult situations... especially when those situations are based in opposing world views...  Deacon Joshua uses examples from his own life to share and outline the two different approaches the Bible gives... dealing with problems between believers, and dealing with problems between a believer and a non-believer.  The ways are a bit different, but the goal is the same ~ to come to an understanding and develop a relationship of mutual agreement and respect, with both focusing on defining and working on the original "problem" as a team. 


12 October 2014    Genesis 6:9-16  Noah and the Ark   Senior Pastor Chuck Clawson

Noah was a just, upright man living in degenerate times....which sound very similar to the complaints the saints today have of our own society...  Men and women were mighty in body and mind,  politics and wealth, influence and lands.... and used to running their own lives under their own laws, and ... ignoring God...   For 100 years, Noah tried to influence his culture and reach his friends and family.  He was a preacher of righteousness who was at least ignored, if not made the butt of jokes... but when God moved, and the truth of Noah's words came to pass, the people suddenly realized the payment for their lifestyles had come due.  Noah, a preacher of righteousness who did not cave to the culture, did not give in to the depression of being marginalized, and who became the foundation of the new and cleansed world. 

12 October 2014   1 Kings 11:1-4   Solomon Fails...    Pastor Chuck Clawson

No man is so strong he can stand alone for years against the influence of wealth, personal power, and sway over all before you without eventually giving in to personal gain, personal desires, personal gratification.  Solomon started with good intent, but the writer of Proverbs, so full of caution and wisdom, finally became the picture of selfish gain and selfish desires,which led to a huge government, burdens on his people, and multiplying wives "unto himself" while his heart turned away from God...

5 October 2014   Stand Up!    Lay Leader/Deacon Joshua Justice on Pulpit Freedom Sunday

What if Elijah had refused to talk to Ahab, or Jezebel?  What Noah had never confronted his culture those 100 years before the flood, or if Jesus had hidden from the Pharisees, or Godly men and women throughout the ages did not deal with evil and corruption they saw around them? This is a special day for many American churches ~ it is Pulpit Freedom Sunday! The church and the pulpit is to be the bringer of truth, the applicator of salt to preserve the good, and bearer of  light to illumine darkness... for years our pulpits served that purpose, but political correctness and threats of IRS intervention and anti-religion attacks have eroded this stand over the last century, and yet to not fulfill this role is to deny Christ.  Deacon Joshua Justice brings the Word today, and looking through history, brings this role to the fore showing God's response to those who bring the salt, bring the light, and bring truth to a world that prefers political correctness, doesn't mind turning rank, and is quickly growing dark.  Come, listen, and see how challenging the wrong in culture brings truth and light to your life, and just might fight that silly political correctness...


5 October 2014   Contending for the Faith      Pastor Billy Robertson           Scripture list

Standing firm for what you believe sometimes mean more than just standing; drawing a line can cause you to be a target for those who are unwilling or unable to "live and let live".  As Pastor Billy has said, "At the beginning of the 21st Century, we are in the cultural and theological fight for our lives"...There are those today who want to not be confronted by truth, but would rather wipe it out than accept the challenge of rethinking their lives' bases... but we have been called to be unafraid, un-intimidated, and undaunted in the face of those who fight what we share.  We are not to be belligerent, but we are also supposed to gird up and fight for what right.  Contending for the faith... standing firm, and taking on the naysayers with honesty, truth, and unwavering clarity. 




28 September 2014    Sin vs. Grace; Genesis 6:1-8        Pastor Charles P. Clawson

"If they won't follow the laws of God, do you really think they'll follow the laws of man?"  Pastor Chuck outlines the human condition we often call the sinful or sensual man, the way of the flesh, the worldly person who does what is right in his own eyes.  He traces from the beginning of history the choices the entire human race has continue to make over and over.  The first recorded polygamist was only 7 generations from Adam; the growth of the "mighty men" (think Al Capone or Adolph Hitler), the expansion of the "I'll do it my way" philosophy, and the constant pull of looks and self-indulgence over godly character and self-control.  Genesis 6 informs us of our flesh history.  It shows us that every generation, every family, every individual,  has the choice to follow the ways of Cain and reject the grace of God or be considered a true child of the Living God, accept His grace, and live a life worthy of the name we carry. 

21 September 2014  The Sure Foundation    Pastor Billy Robertson

2 Timothy 2:19 - 21 makes the amazing claim that in this unsettled and often chaotic world, we need not worry, despair, nor fall to its torments and changes, for we have a sure and unchanging foundation, that Rock who is the Cornerstone of our faith.  That Rock!  He followed the children in the wilderness, and is the basis of all that is~ that Rock is Jesus, the Christ, The Savior of the World!  We might be tossed and have times of upheaval, but as long as we stay firmly on the Rock of our Salvation, we will continue to stand.  And, we will have the assurance of a final place with Him, in Heaven.  The Sure Foundation of Jesus Christ is the only foundation on which we can in peace and strength build our lives; all other choices will cause us to be lost to the storms of this life.  


21 September 2014  CBF       The Little Things      Deacon/LayLeader Joshua Justice

  How would you describe your kind of Christian?  Most of us want to hope or believe we are up there among the top ~ the kind of follower that all others look up to and emulate... but is that the raw truth?  Deacon Josh brings up a hard topic, that the majority of Christians today seem to fall into two camps :

    1)  the lazy "on the Christian welfare dole" system.  They show up to church, enjoy the music, are glad for the programs, but expect to be spoon-fed all the information they want and won't read or study on their own.  They don't question nor dig. Sunday morning and fun times are the whole package... 

  and  2) the "self-made man" who knows what he knows and "needs no man to teach him', so perhaps he comes to church, or not; perhaps he's in a study, but more likely is either telling others what to believe or is sharpshooting the teacher, and is so sure he has it all in hand that he will not listen to those who question, confront or challenge him...And because he is so sure of his own thoughts, he never consults God on the little choices...after all, why bother the Lord with that stuff, eh?   Unfortunately, this type may very well hear "Depart from me, you who work iniquity (lawlessness, missing the mark).  I never knew you  (you aren't what I designed ...)"

Neither one of these folks are what is what Christ wants us to be.  Christlikeness means following His example; hearing His Father, spending time with the Father, and doing the things the Father wants, setting self aside.  Major decisions are very important, but It is the little things that set a lifetime trajectory... do remember to ask Him even about the little things of life!


7 September 2014  Ezra Fortitude    Deacon/LayLeader Joshua Justice

So, ya think ya know something about standing firm, eh??? Deacon Josh may just challenge you with his sermon on Ezra and on confronting the lies of the world. Ezra gives us a picture of laying the foundations to rebuild the destruction the world offers and so easily causes... Ezra provides a model for how to read the lies, how to respond to the temptations, how to stand firm and be a force for the good. Ezra had a mandate from the king, and still had to contend with opposition by enemies that surrounded him as he worked to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem.  The methods his enemies used are the same against which we face when we are also following a mandate from our Lord, even one sanctioned by the legal authorities and the civil structures of our times.  Deacon Josh lays out the clear pattern the world will consistently use to try to halt or damage the work of God, and he shows just how we should respond so as to honor our authorities and still fulfill the work of the Lord.  Fortitude... building strength by keeping on keeping on as did Ezra... following God and honoring man... thereby fulfilling the commitment he had to live under a government and show the light of the God of the Universe. You want to stand firm? Come, listen to Deacon Joshua challenge your "firm", then read about Ezra and choose to truly stand firm!

7 September 2014   Being Confident!   Pastor Billy Robertson

Not every  stance we take as a Christian is well received, nor easy. One of the biggest doubts thrown at a Christian, is often "how can I know I am  truly saved? And what about my family, will they come along, too?"  Solid assurance is a prize the enemy of our souls wishes to kill, steal and destroy in us.  Phil. 1:7 reminds us that we have a solid reason to not ignore, but also not give into the very real "shakiness" we might have as a human response to being rebuffed, ignored, made fun of, or even attacked.  Paul encouraged his many followers that he was "confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you shall perform it (continue the work; make it the best work it can be; tweak and polish it to a high and excellent product) until the day of Jesus Christ (His glorious return)".    Might words; mighty faith; mighty strength and a mighty reminder that we have been bought with a price and that price includes a long and cherished "remaking" into the image of the Man who bought and thereby salvaged us from a deadly, horrifying end.   

31 August 2014  Love Is All There Is   Rev. Belinda Todd, guest speaker from Downtown Churches United/The Hope Center

1 Corinthians 13, an exposition on how we are to think of love.  The KJV calls it "charity", other versions "love", but neither charity nor love looks like the Hollywood version of sappy moon eyes.  Love is an action, and Rev. Todd brings us a simple, clear explanation of the Christian's application of love to themselves, their friends, the strangers in their lives, and as an expression of being who we are called to be in Christ.  Love~ the foundation of the Cross and the key to all that ever was, is, and will be.  "Love is all there is..."

24 August 2014   Solomon Enriches Himself   Pastor Charles P. Clawson 
Focus... what is yours? Is it the glory of God and expansion of His kingdom? or is it the expansion of your own position, power and wealth? Solomon started out on the right path, but.... The king who early wrote most of the Proverbs ended up living the sadness of Ecclesiastes... it is easy to get lost in "the work" and your focus slips from the riches of God to gaining riches for self...
17 August 2014  Be Careful Therefore How You Listen     Pastor Billy Robertson
Careful listening is obedient listening... The Scripture is a teacher, a set of moral stories, a history, a guidebook, a book of laws and statutes, and most of all THE manual that when heard and followed, set you solidly into God's plans.  However, it is so easy to hear and forget, never getting to the "doing" part.  Pastor Billy encourages us in this sermon to not just listen to stuff, but carefully hear and heed the leading and guiding of the Word of God, applying always to do what it says and thereby please and be accounted for the Lord Jesus Christ.
17 August 2014    Ears     Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice
Having ears to hear, let all hear what the prophets have said... oh, and go ahead and listen for what the Lord is saying, too!  Deacon Josh talks about how the Christian can know whether or not what he thinks he is hearing is truly from God.  If, however, there is a concern or a question, the key to it is in the Scriptures, and Deacon Josh opens the door on making sure hearing from God is as native to the born-again believer as our physical ears are to our everyday life.  Ears~what sounds are you allowing in yours??? 
3 August 2014  Mammon & Discouragement  Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice

Power, fame, position... are any of those available to the Christian?  What about mammon? Is is okay to have money, fame, or power, and still follow Christ?  If so, what about the discouragement that often dogs our efforts to achieve that position, power, money or fame, especially if we are claiming the name of Christ while we are aiming at those goals? Why, if we are Christians, do we get discouraged, even overwhelmed and depressed,  and just what should we do about it?  Where do all the expectations of a full, rich life fall into this mix?  Mammon and discouragement... two giants in our lives that we must come to understand, and then confront and properly handle.  Listen as Deacon Josh gives an explanation that may settle some hearts, clear the fog away from others, and just may cause you to take a very close look at what you are choosing.... and why. 

27 July 2014   Genesis 4:8-15  Am I My Brother's Keeper?  Pastor Chuck Clawson
Cain and Abel~ a story of rivalry and grief that has shadowed the ages, a story that goes far to explain the condition of man today.   We have so many choices in this world, and our biggest is to humble ourselves to do what is right or to strike out through anger and self-righteousness.  Cain's choice destroyed a life, and set a pathway for his progeny forever... what choice or choices will you make when confronted with an error, a sin, or an outright wrong choice by an authority in your life?  Will you listen and learn, or strike out at the innocent in your anger at being caught, being confronted, and being internally convicted of your pride and rebellion?  Your choice, but remember the consequences will affect others, and may be eternal...
20 July  2014   That Still Small Voice   Elder Phil Justice

Elijah heard God, but not in the way he expected... not in the thunder nor the storm nor the fire, but in a still small voice.... and yet when God showed His will to Pharaoh it was in huge national waves of events that directly countered the Egyptian gods and when He spoke with Moses it was through a burning bush.....  God's communications with us meet us where we are and in a manner suited both to His purposes and our need to be put on our knees...   Elder Phil reminds us that God cannot and will not be put in a box by mankind, by history, or by any other artifice... He is God, and He does and will communicate to believer and sinner alike.  Listen carefully, attune yourself to hear, and perhaps you, too, will be graced to be led by His still small voice...

20 July 2014   Salt, the Symbol of God's Purifying Power       Pastor Billy Robertson
Salt-it cleanses, burns, purifies, preserves, makes food taste better, but can it "lose its saltness'?  Jesus called us salt, but warned us that if we are not careful, we are liable to lose our "saltness"...  How?  Today our salt comes packaged, cleaned, and ready to go.  That was not the way even hundreds, let alone thousands of years ago.  It was dug in mines or pulled from marshes or seawater, and often included bits of matter and dirt.... rain on your bag? salt leaves, but dirt stays... too much contaminant in the salt you had? salt was compromised by the other stuff from its earthen beginnings.   So, how then, do we lose our saltness?  Compromise and hanging on to the "stuff" more than the salt.  Listen as Pastor Billy turns a spotlight on the Christian and asks us to "check out our salt level".  Salt, the Symbol of God's Purifying Power. 
13 July 2014   Fear -- A Call to Change     Deacon/Layleader Joshua Justice   sermon notes
Do you have bouts of fear? real fear? for your life? the future? your finances? loss of a friend/spouse/child due to arguments, or poorly said words? Are such fears part of a real Christian's life? or maybe not? "Fear--A Call to Change", the second in a series about handling emotions while trying to walk the talk, is the title of the message Layleader Joshua Justice is bringing in this sermon. Joshua is on a track to expose the hidden things most folks, including Christians, don't want to talk about openly...anger, fear, private behaviors you want no one to know, etc.  Learn God's perspective on dealing with our hidden fears.  "Fear...A Call to Change"
6 July 2014     Anger -- A Call to Action         Deacon/Layleader  Joshua Justice
Anger is a natural human emotion, in and of itself not sinful, but if left to grow, to be uncontrolled or uncontrollable, it becomes wrath to rage, both of which usually lead to sinful, even evil acts.  Anger is a warning flag, like the red light on the dashboard of a car. Check your motives, and find out why the anger?  Exactly what is the root of your anger...a Godly hatred of sin? or personal expectations being dashed and pride being pricked?  Once done, you have a decision to make.   Will you heed what you've learned and use it for righteousness? Or, will you feed the pride and move into the sin and hateful works of uncontrolled and empowered flesh.... The choice is yours.  Righteousness? or Unrighteousness? 
6 July 2014 evening   Adequacy     Pastor Billy Robertson
Are you up to the job?  Confident? Adequate to accomplish the task?  Has any boss or co-worker (maybe spouse? child?) ever challenge you on whether or not you can really get the job done?  If you are like most people your external response is "Of course, I can do this!"  You are either defensive and huffy or securely confident about it, but rarely do we show others that we might not be as sure as we project.  Feeling inadequate is a common response, and being inadequate is often the reality, even if we are so sure of ourselves, we won't plan for it...  Pastor Billy charges us to face tasks, especially those given to the believer by God, with reality... most of the time, we really are not able to get a job done perfectly and under our own steam.  It takes our reliance on Him and the understanding of the wisdom and guidance He gives through Scripture and through choosing to see our situations from His perspective.  Adequacy... the successful completion of work done by knowing what is your part, and what is His.
29 June 2014  The Word of God--A Message from Jeremiah      Pastor Curtis Butterworth, Grace & Peace Ministries, Hopewell, VA
Jeremiah.  It is not the cheeriest book in the Bible, and there were strong reasons this Old Testament Prophet is known as "The Weeping Prophet".  However, if you read him carefully, you will see with God there is always a glimmer of hope, and always a promise that He understands and will walk you through the assignments He may give you, even if they are not fun, easy, or make you friends among the enemies.  Pastor Butterworth brings us warnings and a message for the situations in which we may very well find ourselves... God knows and His Word will eventually do the work He has sent us to do and reach many among whom we are sent.  The Word of God, a Message from Jeremiah..
8 June 2014  Genesis 3:20-24 The Rest of the Consequences, Part 2      Pastor Chuck Clawson
Pastor Clawson continues with his exploration of that foundational story in Genesis.  The origin of who we are , what we are, our beginnings as God's people, our fall, our hope, and why the need for our Savior, is in Genesis. Here the groundwork is laid for the reasons we struggle, we stand firm or fall, and how even in our darkest parts of our souls, we can reach toward a Holy God and expect mercy instead of the destruction a face-to-face confrontation with Him would demand of us.  It is a sad, but not deadly chapter in the race of man ,one that once understood (we are all one race, and all can "come home to the Garden" through the grace, direction and mercy the Father offers), will provide hope and help in returning to our first estate... peace and protection under His wings and in the Garden where we are free to eat of the Tree of Life via the atoning blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ.
8 June 2014   1 Kings 9:10-15  Solomon Drifts!  Pastor Clawson   This lesson has a sobering reminder that those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it...Solomon had secured his place as king, and the building program was moving well along, including plans not only for the temple, but for his own house.  As he negotiates with Hiram, his near Phoenician neighbor and king, he begins to expand his vision for Israel.  He starts the seed of the Israeli navy, develops areas of fortification, and allows a mixing of cultures ~ very small at the beginning, but a mixing nonetheless.  The consequences to this drifting away from the very clear rules God had shared concerning His people will play out over the millennia, but the starting drift of the  kingdom is here.

25 May 2014   Genesis 3:16-19  The Consequences, Part 1      Pastor Clawson    

No matter what path you take, it started with a choice you made.  Information may have been partial or complete, straightforward or twisted, or offered as an honest truth or as a temptation to change an already set path, but whatever the situation, the final result all rests on your choice and what to do with that information.  In the garden, they had been given the freedom to be and roam and do with just one restriction--don't eat of the Tree.   Satan had presented 'new information' which led to doubts which led to  the choice to disobey God and eat...  Now comes the consequence of disobedience... the first wave of several pronouncements, consequences that set a path for every person on earth.  And each of these Children of Adam will have their own choices to make.  We need to be aware that every choice has a consequence.  Choose carefully.  And, remember, even if you choose poorly, if you come home to the Lord, He and He alone can still pull blessings out of the consequences, even if the ground stays cursed....
18 May 2014   God Can Make Possible the Impossible!    Pastor Billy Robertson     Scripture List 
Did you know the power of the Almighty Creator of the Universe has been offered to those who trust in and follow Him?  It has, and there are some keys to accessing that power which God has reserved for us through belief in His Son, Jesus the Christ.  If you want to know those keys, if you are ready to handle the power He has promised, or if you are just curious what all this is about, listen to Pastor Billy as he clearly lays out how God can use us a channels of His power and just how God can make possible anything you think is impossible... anything.

18 May 2014     The Nature of Power     Deacon Joshua Justice     

Power... a tool in the Christian's toolbox to work with, help, and show the world and any unbeliever that God is real and He does work for and among men, and especially works with those who fully trust in Him.  God does the work and we are the willing and available messengers and conduits for that work to be done.

4 May 2014    One Day at a Time     Deacon Joshua Justice

Why do I keep struggling with these problems over which I should have victory, because, hey, I've prayed, I'm a Christian, and isn't God supposed to come to my rescue? Deacon Justice gives us a great insight on just how to trust in the Lord with all your might, and gain victory on a daily basis. Listen as he explains the key to daily peace, and living with less fear and guilt ~ one day at a time!

4 May 2014    Spiritual Growth    Pastor Billy Robertson

"Forgetting those things which are behind...I press on..." St. Paul strongly encouraged those with whom he worked to set a forward-looking goal of being more and more Christlike. Problems become opportunities ~ opportunities to see God's strong hand, to set aside our pride, to spend quality time with the Father, and to send a message to the world that you have truly committed all you are and all you are going to be to the Lord of all creation. Run the race, Paul tells us, to obtain that incorruptible crown of heaven as home and Christ as brother and King. If we want "truth" growth, we accept what comes with the anticipation that everything that is sent our direction is useful to cause us to be more and more like Him... that is the purpose of maturity in the Lord, to continually look and be more and more like our adopted family. The more we behave like Christ, the more we become like Christ. Problems? Whoo Hoo! Another opportunity to overcome!!

 27 April 2014   Genesis 3:8-15 The Confrontation, Evasions, Confessions, & Consequences      Pastor Clawson

The Garden was in danger of compromise~ Satan had beguiled, deceived, tricked, and seduced Mrs. Adam to taste of the fruit God had made clear to Adam not eat. He ate, sin entered, they hid, and then they had to admit what they had done. God already knew, but in His mercy and grace He did not just walk up on them, but gave them a chance to come clean and repent. In loving them but needing to restrict their freedoms for their own good, they were cast from the garden with instructions and His continuing availability and with warnings about Satan and his wiles. As for Satan, himself, God pronounced heavy eternal judgment, from which there is no return, no repentance, and no hope. The same consequences may stand for us.... parental punishment (living with consequences, but learning to appreciate the need for the rules once broken), or eternal damnation... one to pull us back to the right way, and one to sever us forever from God. Your choice...


13 April 2014   Genesis 3:1-7   The Serpent     Pastor Clawson
The Garden was a perfect and peaceful place, but from the beginning the Lord has designed His people to be free to choose for themselves the paths they may take.  Therefore, He allowed them to spend time in the Garden, walking with and learning from Him, and eventually a test was allowed for Adam and Mrs. Adam to make a free choice to trust Him and lean on His training, expectations, and teachings, or to give in to temptations offered by one not a part of their daily lives... Satan and his followers were not led in heaven to commit rebellion, and yet 1/3 of the angels made the choice to follow Satan in making the choice to reject the Lord as their leader.  Now the old tempter, filled with the sin of pride, offers to "lead" God's latest free will creations into further knowledge... and they listened, then made the choice...


6 April 2014   The Law of Grace and the Grace of the Law        Deacon Joshua Justice

The Law.... wasn't that just for Jews? Do we have some responsibility here? Aren't we free from the bondage of the law? Well... “Sort of…” and “Not really…” and “Why, yes, we are!” Did you know there is more than just one aspect to “the Law”? What do you mean…”The Law of Grace”, and just what is this “Grace of the Law” stuff? Listen as Lay Preacher and Deacon Joshua Justice untangles the misconceptions Christians and others often believe regarding a believer's faith and place in and under "the Law".

30 March 2014      The Prodigal Son & Lessons for Us      Elder Bruce Johnson, Reconciliation Fellowship

Brother Bruce Johnson's talk asks us to see ourselves as either the lost son or the son who resented the prodigal's return.... Would you avoid eating among the publicans and sinners, afraid they might "soil" your righteous garment? Do you see yourself as the older brother? Do you behave as the younger son, who took everything early and then squandered it? Do you judge someone as resentful as the older son, or as flagrant and disrespectful as the younger? Or are you the kind of person who understands both compassion and holiness... the kind of man like the father of them both ~ a man hurt by the behaviours who chased neither down and kept his principles, but opened his heart and arms to both as they struggled to grow and be better than they currently were... just where is the line of justice vs mercy? And, just how sinless are you, really? Your eternity is determined by your answer....

23 March 2014   Genesis 2:18-25   The Woman  (sermon #5 in His Story~A Love Letter to the World series)  Pastor Clawson


The first four sermons discuss the initial days of Creation... the earth, the garden, Adam on Day Three, the lights in the heavens on Day Four, land animals, fish and fowl on Days Five and Six. Now we come to God's work at finishing His creation, and the final piece is the partner Adam will need to subdue and populate the earth, the creation destined to be his partner and formed from his side, showing a direct connection of one flesh. This is unlike all the other living things, formed of the earth or the sea. The woman is absolutely part of Adam ~ a creation meet, or worthy and fulfilling, to stand beside Adam, equal in dominion over the earth, and fully able to be his help in bringing God's plan to fruit on the earth.


16 March 2014       Learning to Overcome        Deacon Joshua Justice        sermon notes

    This world is full of temptations, trials, problems, hurts, opportunities to do wrong things, and yet we are told to overcome... to be Christlike, to not be as others, but to be an overcomer. Easier said than done.... just how do you "be an overcomer"? Deacon Joshua lays out the simple and clear steps to be an overcomer in this world... and obedience is a huge part of it. Listen as he tells us just how to learn to be an overcomer.


16 March 2014       Easier Forgiveness       Elder Phil Justice  

Forgiveness... a concept that is not a standard tool in most people's emotional tool belt...What? Overlook and move on when slighted? injured? damaged? or violated? Forgive, really? Yes. It is a command from God himself, and Jesus taught us that it is not only commanded but expected... especially if you plan on getting into heaven... you'll be forgiven as much as you forgive... So, if it is commanded, expected, and will be used to judge us then there must be a way to do it. Elder Phil speaks to that simple set of steps it takes to learn to operate in forgiveness. "Easier Forgiveness" by Phil Justice.

 9 March 2014         The Law       Pastor Chuck Clawson

Adam had only 1 command to follow...just one law... just one item in the Garden of Eden from which the Lord told him he could not eat... He could sit under it, enjoy the sight and smell of it ~ just don't eat from it... just one command. But the disobedience and the breaking of that command had huge consequences and those consequences eventually led to the death of Jesus the Christ so as to redeem us from separation from God forever. Consequences... little things matter. They always have, and they always will.


23 February 2014   Genesis 2:15-17 The Man & The Command        Pastor Chuck Clawson


Don't eat of the tree of good and evil... one simple command...Pastor Chuck explores the three small but important verses that lay out a foundational choice we must all make; exercise self control, or give in to the urges that over-ride our better nature. God made a man, set him in the garden and gave him work to do... He had freedom to go and do, and the garden was a place of peace and beauty. The Lord did not care if His creation climbed in it, picked the flowers, or built a tree house in the branches, but the one command the Creator gave was "Do not eat the fruit thereof." This top and frail creation of a Holy God had a choice to make, a choice of free will ~ follow the command of the Creator or give in to his own ways... and the consequences of that decision was clearly explained ahead of time... if you choose to eat, in that day you will begin to die....

16 February 2014        Habits That Are Christ-like           Pastor Billy Robertson      scripture list

When folks "have their stuff together", they cultivate certain habits that give them the foundation and framework for success, be it as a parent, a spouse, a business leader, or some area of personal interest and vocation. Habits... they are the patterns we practice that can make or break us. Pastor Billy shares the habits that make us more like Jesus and less like the world... habits of prayer, worship, service and other centeredness... habits that provide the framework and foundation for being a successful Ambassador to the world for the King of the Universe... habits that are Christ-like.


16 February 2014        Profanity!           Elder Phil Justice


Elder Phil Justice brings a short but clear message that every man and unfortunately, every woman, in today's American society needs to hear. George Washington once stopped an entire dinner because one of his officers spoke crudely during the proceedings.... God does not take kindly His name being used as a curse ... and neither should we.

9 February 2014   Genesis 2:8-17   The Man and the Garden     Pastor Chuck Clawson


Day 3, the second half, when Adam, made earlier in the day, is now  placed in the Garden of Eden which had been made just for him.  The Garden of Eden was a classroom protected from the wildness in the outside world, a place for God's only creation that is made in His likeness and His image, could grow and learn how to handle the responsibility of free will.  Genesis tells the story of innocence, experience, and hope... with redemption planned from the beginning of time...


9 February 2014   Happiness    Pastor Billy Robertson


Happiness... that state of euphoria where all is ok and you are feeling good, invincible, and sort of floating through life; that state of being that can be destroyed with a word, a look, an unmet expectation or the weather..... Everyone wants to be happy, but if it is so easily destroyed, is it something that you can count on? Something that is an anchor in a storm? Or is it something that is based in stuff and wants and being the center of your own world?  Jesus promised joy and contentment, but never happiness... so if your idea of being a Christian is to gain happiness and ease in this world, you are going to be sadly mistaken, and you will find yourself upset, bitter, and blaming God for not "fixing" your situation.  Pastor Billy explains just what it means to have Christian "happiness" vs what most of us look for in life.  Happiness... that state of being where you are on the throne and all is going the way you want it to... hmmmmmm

2 February 2014    God's Call         Deacon Joshua Justice                        sermon Scriptures & notes
When God calls us, and we respond, is it for the blessings He gives, the promise of a good life, the hope of a better way here? or is it a response based in love for His love for us that  does not waver when stuff is gone and disease hits, when expectations are not met, and plans fall apart?  God calls... how do you respond, and then, just what are you sent to do to help others hear and hopefully respond to  "the call" in their lives?  
26January 2014    Genesis 2:4-7  The Generations of  Man's Creation           Pastor Chuck Clawson
"Now these are the generations....." In school we are taught a theory as though it is a fact, that evolution from one-celled somethings eventually became thousands of distinct and separate living things, from flowers to man.... Genesis has another explanation... Now we look at the generations of man, God's most important creation (He said it, not us ).  The Word of God provides clear lines of man's growth, from the Garden to the Messiah... Listen and learn of your divine heritage... we are more than mud and theories~we are creations of the Living God of the Universe! (a thank you to the tidbits site for the Hebrew that says "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth...")
19January 2014    The Mind of Christ    Pastor Billy Robertson

The Mind of Christ... just what does that mean? How do you know if you are following Him or just think you are and you are really listening to your own voices?? Pastor Billy will show us the keys to understanding and being assured we are listening to the Voice of the Lord, and not the fluffy feel goods of the world... The Mind of Christ... the only perfect way of living honorably in this confusing world....


12January 2014    His Story:A Love Letter to the World~Genesis 2:1-3  The Rest of the Story, Day 7   Pastor  Clawson
  Rest! What a wonderful change of pace after a long work week or challenging circumstances! God ordained a day of rest for His favorite creation, man. The God of the Universe does not require a bodily rest, but we do, and He showed by example just what is that rest. Taking time for others, taking time to enjoy what He has done and is doing, taking time to just walk with Him... His love for us is shown in Day 7 and throughout all the world . The song says it plainly ~ This Is My Father's World!
5 January 2014   Giants!     Deacon Joshua Justice     sermon Scriptures & notes

  Do you make any New Year's resolutions that start strong but soon fall flat?  Ever tried to compare yourself to someone else only to realize you can never be what they are?  Or, read a list of to-do's and ended up just feeling overwhelmed and defeated?  These things are giants in our lives that are usually giants of our own making, giants before whom we fall defeated, giants we try to fight under our own power.  Lists... from the 7 Deadly Sins to the 10 Commandments can be great helps, but if used wrongly become weapons against us.  Deacon Justice explains just how to fight, defeat, and be victorious over these giants, these list monsters, these character attributes we try so hard to be.  They can be a tool for our good, but not under our power; under His!  Listen as Deacon Joshua shows us how to have victory and joy in dealing with these giants.

5 January 2014   The Assurance of God's Guidance     Pastor Billy Robertson

  If you think you need help in making decisions, you are right; if you think you don't, you may be right... it depends upon the worldview you hold.  If you want to please yourself, you may believe you have no need to consult the Scriptures or to pray for guidance, but if you want to please the Lord, you always need His help.  Pastor Billy walks us through the Christian's worldview and peace that comes with the assurance of gaining guidance from God.