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Christ, The Hope of The World Pastor    Billy Robertson    22 Dec 2019

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The Power of Blood of Jesus, Part 6-Victory through the Blood of Jesus      Pastor Billy Robertson      15 Dec 2019

The Power of the Blood of Jesus, Part 5-Dwelling in the Holiest through the Blood Pastor Billy Robertson     8 Dec 2019     notes

The Power of the Blood, Part 4-Cleansing through the Blood     Pastor Billy Robertson      1 Dec 2019      notes

The Power of the Blood of Christ, Part 3    Pastor Billy Robertson    17 Nov 2019   notes

The Blood of Christ, Part 2 - Redemption   Pastor Billy Robertson   10 November 2019    message notes


 In this second of Pastor Billy's sermon series on "The Power of the Blood of Jesus the Christ", Pastor Billy continues sharing the needs of a perfect, sinless sacrifice of whole and holy blood without which there is no forgiveness of sins.    Redemption.    Jesus the Messiah is our Redeemer because of the price He paid with His sinless, perfect, holy blood to cover us who are sinful, unholy, and needy broken people.  His sacrifice does more than lift us out of our sin-filled state ~ it opens the gates of heaven for us by covering us with His perfect blood.      Can you reject this? Yes, but it would be foolish above all foolishness.  Can you walk out from under His covering? Yes, but why would you?       Listen as Pastor Billy shares the Power of Christ's blood! 

The Blood of Christ, Part 1    Pastor Billy Robertson   3 Nov 2019     notes

With this initial of several sermons, Pastor Billy is bringing us an old fashioned message. "The Power in the Blood of Jesus Christ.".For too long the first world Church has worried about people's feelings. It's time to return to the message of the power of the name and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Without that there is no remission of sins. Join us as we learn from Pastor Billy's sermon on "The Power in the Blood of Jesus Christ."

27 Oct 2019  Living for Self or for Jesus    Pastor Billy Robertson

What is your focus on a daily basis.  Do you realize what your central emotion is?  Do you look into yourself for answers or to the Bible?  Who do you depend upon, day by day?  Its hard to tell the difference sometimes, but it is needed.  We must give up all to Jesus, including our own intellectual probings and internal efforts at will.  Our biggest effort is to imitate Him, follow His ways, and trust His path and love for us.  So, where is your focus?

Oct 20, 2019         Therefore... Parts 1 & 2    Pastor Joshua Justice

Romans 12:1 is the main verse from which Pastor Josh is preaching. The book of Romans speaks to our differing gifts, our placement in the body, and our need to be a team player under our team captain, Jesus the Christ...   Therefore...

13 Oct 2019   Possibilities    Pastor Joshua Justice





6 Oct 2019     The Mind vs the Spirit Parts 1 & 2     Pastor Billy Robertson  


We often battle between knowing if we are being led by our own will and desires or following the promptings of the Holy Spirit resident within.  Pastor Billy delves into this in this mesaage... the Mind vs. the Spirit.  Which will you follow?

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29 September 2019     Reviving the Passion      Special Speaker Terry Guill

Every 5th Sunday we try to bring in a friend of the church or a speaker from a group we support to address our congregation. Terry is a friend with a heart for the lost and is an encourager to get out there and speak to folks.

 22 September 2019   Wages vs. Gifts      Elder Phil Justice                message notes

Wages - money you earn for the work you do ~ At least that's definition most of us think of when we think of the word "wages." However "wages" can include other benefits or expected returns.  

   Years ago part of a teacher's "wage" was the house he or she lived in along with money. Some restaurants allow their workers to have a meal during a break in their shifts "on the house."

   Wages are the "returns" for how you live and what you've done. Listen as Elder Phil takes a closer look at Romans 6:23 and discusses the differences between wages and gifts...

 15 September 2019       The Gospel Of Jesus Christ     Pastor Billy Robertson       message notes

On this actual 31st Anniversary of our founding as Covenant Bible Fellowship, Pastor Billy is bringing an eternal celebration message this morning - The Gospel of Jesus Christ! We have any number of celebrations as we go through our lives on earth, but nothing is as wonderful nor as worthy of celebration than the Gospel, the Good News, of the work of grace through faith brought to this fallen world through the work, death, resurrection, and return of the Lord Jesus Christ! Through Him, we have been given the way back to an eternal walk with God the Father, power through the Holy Spirit, and family protection and forever fellowship with Jesus the Messiah! What a celebration!!            

8 September 2019      Spiritual Discernment      Pastor Billy Robertson      message notes

Pastor Billy shares

1 September 2019      The Cradle of Acceptance      Pastor Billy Robertson      message notes

In this message, Pastor Billy shares something everyone needs, especially when confronted with the chance to make the wrong choices ~ Spiritual Discernment. It is important to understand the vast difference between judging another with a critical spirit, animosity, or pride, (see Matthew 7:1-5)  and being discerning  which includes judging another's fruit, attitude, words, and choices with love and withOUT the prideful "holier than thou" attitude (see Matthew 7:6, 12-20).         According to the web dictionary, it is a noun & means: 1. the ability to judge well; synonyms: judgment, taste, discrimination, refinement, cultivation, sophistication, enlightenment, sensitivity, subtlety 2. (in Christian contexts) perception in the absence of judgment with a view to obtaining spiritual guidance and understanding.   Using the message notes, follow along as Pastor Billy takes us through the Scriptures that describe both types of "judging" and then brings us to God's heart.            

25 August 2019   What Roar??    Deacon/Prison Minister Alwyn Floyd   message notes

When life is loud, confusing, scary, and threatening, what do you do? How should you respond, or react?  What options do you have when it looks like fear is about to control the day? Deacon Alwyn speaks to the roar of the crowds, the noises of fear, the intimidation of enemies (both physical and of our souls), and takes a hard look at the techniques and hunting lion growls that scare the prey and send it fleeing.  The enemy walks about at a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour, the Scriptures tell us. Are we to flee? Or is there another way? Daily battles, skirmishes, victories, and failures are real. As long as we are in this plane of existence, we will have challenges, conflicts, opportunities, and “ups and downs.”  We need to recognize the roar-and identify just who is making all the noise. Is it from our flesh leaning towards sin and rebellion or quaking in cowardice in confrontations with evil? The world and its systems or temptations? Satan and his henchmen planting seeds of doubt or stirring up those who are his on earth?  By recognizing the origin of the roar, we can face those ravening lions with the strength of the Holy Ghost and the tools given us of the Lord Jesus and the Father. There is another roar to which we must attend. It is the roar of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah! That roar puts all others to flight, even in the worst of their dealings.  We may lose the temporal life we have here in the battle, but if we follow His ways and listen for His roar, we do not lose the war. We are His. We belong to the King of the Universe. Stay close and listen for His roar!

11 August 2019      What Is Worship?        Pastor Billy Robertson     message notes

Pastor Billy is addressing a timely topic -- worship. Various Christian churches, as well as other religions, have all sorts of ways to showing reverence to their deities, but what does the Bible say true worship is? Is it a style of prayer? music? posture? or something else? or is it something more than these? Join us as Pastor Billy looks at what the Bible says about "worship".

4 August 2019    God's Extraordinary Love!   Pastor Billy Robertson     message notes

He loved us before we even knew Who He was... He loved us when we were sinners and blind to our own sin.  He loved us when we became aware of Him but ran the other way... He loved us even when we resisted, fought back, or blamed Him for the consequences of our own choices!  How deep is the Father's love for us!  He created us for His glory, not our own.  Our chief purpose is to learn of Him, realize His great heart for His creation, honor and glorify Him, love Him completely with all our heart, mind, and soul, and to realize we cannot spend eternity with Him without acknowledging our own lack of perfection and our "unholiness."  He is a holy God Who by His very nature destroys sin in His presence, yet desires to have us in His presence and with Him.  That can only be done through the pathway He provided through Jesus Christ ~ and that sacrifice is the eternal example, our gate, our hope, and the sharing of His extraordinary love!

28 July 2019     The Trade    Elder Phil Justice     message notes

What holds you back from doing something you know God would want you to do?  What stops you from witnessing? Do you fear rejection or are you afraid that someone you want to please won't be pleased?   If you could have peace, or health, a sense of purpose, or lack of fear, what would you give up? What would you trade to get any one of these things? Join us as we look into the Scriptures and discover what we have, we need, and what we might get in some great eternal trade... Listen Elder Phil brings us a message entitled "The Trade." 

21 July 2019  Accepting Adversity    Pastor Billy Robertson     message notes

Do you ever wonder about all that peace and abundant life promised when the hard times come? Do you get discouraged? Wonder what happened? What did I do to deserve the troubles? Why this? Why now? Where are You? Jesus warned His followers that everything isn't going to be easy, but "all things work together for good" sounds pretty hollow in the dark times... Pastor Billy Robertson is looking at the adversity and troubles that tend to be in our lives ~ some light, some tragic. And, there is an answer that makes sense. Listen today as Pastor Billy shares his message on "Accepting Adversity."

Betrayal,  anxiety, & choosing a Christlike response   

3 November2019

14 July 2019  Spiritual Preparation    Pastor Billy Robertson     message notes


7 July 2019   Choices (Lessons from Genesis 13)  Pastor Billy Robertson    message notes  

 In this sermon, we learn about choices and the consequences that may come as Pastor Billy looks at the lives of Abraham and Lot in his sermon on "Choices".   By the time the uncle and nephew had arrived in Canaan, they had been together for a while and had amassed large herds of sheep and cattle, had many servants, and by now had collected a great deal of actual financial wealth.  The land had become crowded with their possessions, and their herders had often fallen into arguments over land, water, and living space...the decisions that followed made all the difference in their lives, their family fortunes, and their wealth. These decisions had consequences that last for generations to come. Unless we are wise and just in our decision making, we may find ourselves with consequences we never considered.  The picture of Abram and Lot, the family division, and the nature of the eternal consequences for so many over the years, should become a warning for every believer and everyone who faces both major and seemingly minor choices.  We should always consider choices that encourage Godliness, based on the clear character of the Father as Jesus presents Him to us, and the wisdom found in the Bible itself.   Choosing wisdom, justice, and mercy as God defines them will always lead to hope and eternal prosperity.  Replacing His leadership with our own human wisdom and decisions will lead to destruction as clearly and surely as Lot found. You can choose your choices, but you cannot choose the consequences… You can only live, or die, with them. 

23  June 2019  Humility: The Beauty of Holiness   Pastor Billy Robertson    message notes

Have you ever really taken the time to do an honest self-assessment, to think through your skills, abilities, achievements, Y your attitudes about them?  Do you ever get exasperated at the thinking abilities of others, the person who took the parking space you were eyeing, or folks who didn’t give you the attention or respect you believe you deserve?  Have you ever really looked at your level of … pride? There is a pride of work well done, of accomplishing a goal, of giving your all & having things work out based on an honest assessment of the task, the work involved, & a grateful thanks for those who helped along the way.  On the other hand, there is also a pride that is not healthy, not realistic, not grateful to others, & that becomes an arrogance, a self-exaltation that tends to make a person brag a bit or show the world a persona crafted to make the prideful one better than those round whom he or she spends time or with whom they come in contact.   We all have the struggle of pride. We all want to be important to someone, maybe everyone.  And we all have the struggle to not place ourselves on the throne of life. When pride rose up within, it took Satan & 1/3 of the angels down from their positions in heaven. This self-exalting pride can destroy one’s reputation & peace for everyone who allows it to rise up within them. The Lord has commanded we realize our need for others & especially for Him.  Only through proper humility can self-important pride be conquered. Only through honest assessments of our abilities, our position, & our views of others can we see ourselves clearly. And only in realizing our supreme importance in the eyes of the Father can we come to realize just who we are in Him & give up our own entitlement mentality for the peace & grace of knowing we are His image on the earth & a child that depends on the Father and His love for us.

16 June 2019    Our Father (Father's Day; Trinity Sunday)     Elder Phil Justice     message notes   

For literally centuries churchgoers all over the world have recited that section of the Gospels known as the Lord’s Prayer, but why do we call this passage by that title?  Is this how Jesus prayed when talking to the Father above? If you look at the words, it doesn’t make sense, at first glance, to say this is Jesus’ prayer. It asks Father God to forgive the speaker’s sins.  Jesus didn’t sin. It calls on “our Father”, but when Jesus prayed towards Heaven for HImself He always said “My Father”. Thereby claiming a direct responsive relationship with the Father.. So, something doesn’t make sense, until you realize that Jesus was not praying for Himself, but was using a “teaching moment” to help His followers pray in a way that covers their needs, calms their fears, and puts them into a mindful position to hear from and be in relationship to the Father.   By sharing with His own, Jesus gives us a template to become not just a follower but a family member. It is now our turn to both believe and receive His grace and His love for us. Through His atoning work, we move from being under the Law to being under grace and having fellowship, full and responsive fellowship with OUR Father God!  

9 June 2019   True Worship  (Pentecost)    Deacon Alwyn Floyd       message notes

Deacon Alwyn confronts us with a question that is central to having a close and intimate relationship with the God of the Universe, His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and His Holy Spirit ~ just what or who is a “true worshipper”? Is it someone who keeps every rule and is at church every time the door is opened?  Is the true worshipper the one feeding the homeless and mixing with the masses, or is he or she the one who pulls away from the world and the peoples of the world to devote themselves to prayer and fasting? How would we know one if we saw one, and if we are lacking in true worship, how do we become one? Listen as Deacon Alwyn explains in this message the things he has both experienced and learned from his walk with the Lord.  It is more than coming to church, more than singing a song or two, and more than living a perfect, circumspect life. It is more, so much more, and the life of true worship gives yet more into the life of the true worshipper and everyone around him or her. Are you a true worshipper? The woman at the well learned about it, each disciple learned how to be one and all but one applied the lessons learned, and the pathway to true worship is available to any and all who will believe, receive, and practice the way of the “true worshipper”. 

2 June 2019    Only A Branch (John 15)     Elder Phil Justice     message notes   

Have you ever considered just how vines grow? Or how trees are grafted? Jesus often used the natural things of the world which His audience understood, or at least with which they were familiar, to teach on things of the principles of the Lord.  Using such pictures make God's Word more clear to those who want to know more about Him. In this message Elder Phil is delving into John 15 and looking to the natural to explain the spiritual in his message, "Only A Branch".


Check out the entire poem, "Only A Branch", written by Freda Hanbury.  

26 May 2019   Out of Your Belly Shall Flow Rivers!   Deacon Alwyn Floyd    message notes

In this sermon, Deacon Alwyn reminds us that our lives are to be like a green spring in a wilderness, a cool drink of water on a hot day, or a continual river of life that refreshes, renews, and brings life to worn out and tired places in a person’s soul.  That living water can grow from a small trickle to a flowing river when you stay in the Word and in fellowship with the Lord and other believers, but it can also be mired down and slowed, even dried up if choices are made to not stay focused on the power that keeps it flowing ~ worship!   Deacon Alwyn brings encouragement and provides directions from his own life on keeping that stream of life, that power of the river, flowing. He shares the connections with the Lord’s promises that should become our focus and gives warnings of letting either fears or becoming complacent and even dull to the move of the Spirit.  Remember that a little faith starts with a trickle, but in time grows into a mighty river from which we can draw and share love, faith, and hope to pour out on all those around us. The world is a dry and lonely place, and many don’t even realize their parched condition, but when given a chance at this living water through the Spirit using us, they can be revived.  Many,, especially those who find themselves, like the woman at the well, dry and thirsty and in need of that river of life in their own lives find hope and a new life because we are willing to be a channel of that mighty river!

 19 May 2019    Brethren, Try the Spirit!    Pastor Joshua Justice   message note

Speaking in tongues is a difficult topic that often comes with heavy emotions. Not all who claim to be speaking the words of God are actually doing so...some are speaking out in innocence but speaking out of themselves, & some are caught up in the moment wanting to be a part of the excitement.  And some folks are showmen, riding a wave & encouraging a following.   Is prayer always only in your native tongue? No, the Scripture is clear that there is prayer, groanings & utterances, speaking in other tongues, angelic languages,  absolute hearing miracles where someone hears a message in their language that was actually spoken in another. God is sovereign in all & can do as He will with His creation.  It is also clear that sometimes people just "fall in line" and start getting excited, joining in the moment, or having ecstatic utterances that have nothing to do with the Holy Ghost.  Pastor Joshua explains the phenomenon, gives a bit of history, & encourages the believer to be discerning, know the difference, & keep oneself always immersed in the Word. Doing so will keep you closer to the Truth.    

12 May 2019  Where Are Your Disciples? (Where Is Your Faith?)  Pastor Joshua Justice     message notes     Pastor Joshua challenges us today to consider two important questions which are two sides of the same coin... Where “Are Your Disciples?” and “Where Is Your Faith?”  We can best answer these questions with integrity, depth, and soul searching, and then face what you see... Are your words and actions matching? Is it time to "up your game"?  One of the marks of a committed disciple is the willingness to dig in and learn from others who have proven themselves to be strong and committed followers of the Lord. The committed disciple is a model for others, finds joy in sharing the Good News, and in using their talents and skills to uplift and help others.  The committed disciple not only learns from his or her studies and becomes obedient to the Word, as a child might do enjoying the “milk” stage of life, but also teaches others and encourages them to move from just taking in the blessings of faith to exercising their knowledge and experience in sharing, leading, and training others.  Were you discipled? If not, dig deeper and find someone who can share the faith well. If you have been discipled, are you now a discipler, putting all that knowledge and experience into someone else? In other words, have you moved on to engaging in the “meat of our faith? If not, it’s time to “up your game” and go out among the lost, and give them the same chance at eternal life someone gave to you!

5 May 2019     Silence (Let Your Yea Be Yea)    Pastor Joshua Justice    message notes

 Will Rogers, the 20th century American humorist and social commentator once said, “Never miss a good chance to shut up.” Silence in the face of frustration and anger or the temptation to ‘return evil for evil’, to let pride and less than kind words to escape our lips is a struggle even believers face. Most of us do not want to vent, to “let filthy communications”, downright meanness, or even ungodly words escape our lips, but sometimes the temptation is so strong! Is there a better way, perhaps? One of mankind’s answer to that question is a communication style called “passive-aggressive” communications. It is an easier way of talking to another and releasing some of the frustration on another without raising a voice or being directly accusatory. And, it is a common way of talking among most of us. Pastor Joshua addresses the problem of dealing with communications that can be hurtful, harmful, or even evasive as we let our feelings and reactions overtake our self-control or block our ears from hearing our Lord’s directions and guidance in these sometimes painful situations. He shows us in the Scriptures just how the Lord would view our flesh responses, including the “passive-aggressive” style, and then he gives us tools for the healthy and right way to express our various levels of discomfort, frustration, and upsets. It takes work, but it is also the way that leads to peace.

 28 April 2019     Destruction!    Pastor Joshua Justice    Message Notes

What exactly brings on life's troubles and the destruction of dreams, plans, friendships, trust, organizations, faith communities,  and even life?  Is it a given for a person to have no troubles just because he or she goes to church?  What about his or her attitudes?  Or habits?  Or, lifestyle sins?  More pointedly, what about the conversations we have?  Or how we think and what we say about others?  And even more, what we think and say about ourselves?  Just what does the Bible say about all of this internal and external relationship "stuff"?   Listen as Pastor Josh turns to the Word and lays out how to recognize and avoid the choices that set us on a path of destruction!

   He Is Risen!  Resurrection Sunday    

21 April 2019      Pastor Joshua Justice   Message Notes


This is a story ~ a true story ~ but a story nonetheless that requires our full attention and focus...  This story means all the world for every listener and can absolutely change your life and give you peace forever!

14 April 2019   The Triumphal Entry (Palm Sunday)   Pastor Billy Robertson      message notes

Palm Sunday!  This is one of the most important remembrances of the Christian faith ~ our King comes in peace, and the crowds gather to see Him, honor Him, and perhaps hope He will do more miracles... Little do they know the greatest miracle of all comes at the end of this last week of His earthly life.        


7 April 2019   "Why??"    Pastor Joshua Justice   message notes

“Why?” That's a question every parent since the dawn of time has endured from the inquisitive toddler following them around, that curious little person who just needs to know because understanding is not always obvious. The good parent is careful to answer in love, but not with too much detail; just enough to satisfy the query of the moment, if possible, with more to come later as the child gets older. The Christian is often in the same boat, asking why of God and awaiting the answer as maturity kicks in. However, the Christian must also be willing to answer that same question as those who don't understand ask him or her to explain the faith, or how he or she can maintain their calm in the face of attacks, or how he or she can be hopeful even in hopeless situations... There are as many reasons to ask why as there are people who ask them We are supposed to be the ones able to answer the question for the people who come to us asking us "Why?" The English Standard Version of 1 Peter 3:15 says it most clearly ~ "...but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and respect..."

Working with children & families needing hope, help, & healing ~ Khamrada's Hope~ Working with Stress Sufferers through Brain Healing   31 March 2019
Director Amy Grieco has worked with child abuse, child behavior, & family dynamics since graduate school in her capacity as a researching student, a sexuality educator, as the Assistant Director of The James House (a domestic violence & rape crisis center), & in her business since 2005.  She & her husband Jeff are willing to train volunteers to help with families & children who need hope & help, while using horses as a vehicle for trust & healing at Cockade Stables, 9208 Fort Dushane Road, Petersburg, VA 23805     804-862-2588

24 March 2019   The Challenge to Courage & Forbearance   Pastor Billy Robertson   message notes 

Do you ever have moments when life is just too much,the burden is just too heavy, the tasks too large, or the frustrations and attacks come out of nowhere and hurt you emotionally or even undermine whatever you are doing?  What do you do with that?? How in the world can you bear up under that pressure? You could use a word of encouragement and tools to muster up courage and living with joy while operating under forbearance... Take Courage! Buck it up! you might hear... tough words when we really want things to be sunny and easy, but that's not reality. It just isn't the way life works   Pastor Billy brings that word of encouragement and gives you some direction to sharpen those forbearance tools in this message, "The Challenge to Courage & Forbearance."

17 March 2019      Cultivating A Clean Mind      Pastor Joshua Justice     message notes


How important to the Christian is proper discernment? What role does understanding have in faith? God does not demand we be smart (indeed many times He chooses those who are not, so as to show His power), but does He demand that we have knowledge?  Maybe, but a knowledge of what, or better yet, Who?  Pastor Josh brings us the challenge to 'cultivate a clean mind' and take a close look at proper discernment and wise choices, and at being more and more His model for this world.  

10 March  2019      Worship     Pastor Billy Robertson      message notes

   Worship! It is an attitude of praise and thanksgiving that should permeate our lives! Pastor Billy brings the message about the joy that comes to us as we step into a lifestyle of worship. We can give up our heaviness and the burdens we take on ourselves.  We can choose to walk with the Savior and enjoy his presence. He delights in our worship and even sings over us!  Our praise, in return, gives the Lord a blessing, and His presence gives us the comfort of knowing that we are His.  He wants a close and intimate relationship with us, a family relationship of a loving Father enjoying His children.  He is the One who loves us the most and has eternal plans of joy for us if we choose to turn to Him with that child-like trust here and rest in the realization that we are truly His.  Rain or shine, if you are in Christ Jesus, you have a reason to rejoice and give your Maker praise!

3 March 2019    The Reason!    Pastor Joshua Justice    message notes  


1 Peter 3:15 instructs us to always be ready to share the reason for the hope that lies within… but what is the reason? And what is "the hope"? We all know that salvation comes through Jesus the Christ, but how do you explain it to others? There are solid and real, hard reasons for our hope, and answers the hurting and lost look for and need. Listen as Pastor Joshua shares the reason for that hope today with more than just the "touchy-feely stuff" of the world.

24 February 2019     Hard Times!     Pastor Billy Robertson       message notes

In this message, Pastor Billy brings some comfort from the Scriptures that we can draw on when we face "Hard Times."   Join us as we learn more about our place as one of His, and the strength and aid that is ours if we just realize we can face any hard time with the help of Jesus the Christ.                          

17 February 2019   Unto Him That Is Able    Pastor Joshua Justice   message notes

The question is often asked by the world “If God could prevent pain and suffering, why wouldn’t he?” Do you believe that God is all powerful? If so, how can you answer the question raised by the world? Of course, a skeptical world, a hurting people often have a deeper, sometimes hidden reasoning in the questions they ask, even if they won't admit it.  The underlying question of the world is often “Who does God think He is?”    There is an answer, and there is comfort and a dawning of light in the darkness when the hearer finally understands.  Listen as Pastor Joshua explains the answer that many are eager to hear,and to gain the comfort to enjoy this fallen world, need to understand... 

10 February 2019    Have Faith In God      Pastor Billy Robertson     message notes

What's with drying up a fig tree just because it was full of leaves but had no fruit?  That is basically the question the disciples asked Jesus in Mark 11, and his response did not explain anything.  He just told them "Have faith in God."  What?  Faith?? Jesus just cursed a tree.  What does that have to do with faith in God?  In this sermon, Pastor Billy explains that timing is everything, that fig trees in that time and region were known to have two or even three fruiting seasons.  Sometimes they show a lot of leaves, which should suggest fruit, but not this time.  During this last week of Jesus' life, the story of the fig tree is a lesson in being showy, but not producing fruit.  If folks call themselves "Christian" and seem to talk a good line, but their fruit runs counter to the things of God or is not apparent at all, they might want to learn a lesson from Mark 11 and don't be like the cursed fig tree~looking good on the outside, but producing no fruit worth having and being the kind of person that brings on his or her own destruction.

February 3, 2019    Before I Formed Thee   Pastor Joshua Justice   message notes


How regularly do you pray for God’s direction? How often do you read the scriptures and quiet yourself to listen to God’s voice? If you don’t listen, how can you expect to hear? If you can’t hear, how can you expect to speak God’s voice into others?  We live in a world where people regularly habitually overlook God’s sovereign influence. We tend to believe that we are forward thinkers, but we are actually quite short-sighted.... 

27  January 2019     The Crown Of Glory     Pastor Billy Robertson    message notes                                 

This message is the last in his series on Judgments and Crowns.   Pastor Billy reviews of the crowns so far revealed  ~ The Incorruptible Crown describes all crowns, contrasting with the temporal & temporary treasures  of this life. It is a crown given for faithfulness in running the race of life and exercising self-control in order to serve the Lord and finish the race. The Crown of Exultation or Rejoicing is a reward for witnessing, follow up, and  ministry to others.  The Crown of Life is given for enduring testing, trials, and temptations.  The Crown of Righteousness is a reward for faithfulness for using the gifts we have within us in His service and for loving His appearing.  To love His appearing is to live in the light…  In this concluding message, we come to The Crown of Glory ~  Pastor Billy reminds us that  it is our great honor to be just what Jesus was and is, to be accepted by those who accept Him and rejected by those who reject Him,loved by those who love Him and hated by all who hate Him., and thereby win The Crown of Glory by our submission to and unashamed identification with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, King, Judge, and Creator of all the universe...

20  January 2019     That Your Joy May Be Full     Pastor Joshua Justice    message notes                        How is your joy today? Is it bubbling over or draining out? Jesus came to give us a hope and a vision and a life that can face defeats, hurts, fears, and problems with a foundational and abiding joy ~ not necessarily happiness, but joy.  Hint: Start with 1 Peter 1:8.  Learn how to connect with the promise and make it yours today as Pastor Josh brings the message, "That Your Joy May Be Full."                                      

January 13, 2019       Hath Not God Said?       Pastor Joshua Justice  

A Snow Day Service ~ learning to discern the manipulation of the enemy from Genesis 1:1-5.   Notice how the serpent questioned the woman.  He tried to plant doubt and began with a broad generality, a disguised lie, then pushed her to focus on what would (or would not happen) to her seeding that doubt, then ended with a touch of the truth (you'll know good and evil), and sealed it with a bit of window shopping and marketing that can lead to lack of contentment and a desire to suddenly have something better than what she had – “…you will be like God."    Pastor Josh points out that this is a tool used of the enemy, the scoffer, the confused, and the atheist to question both God and our faith. We must define the terms so the false premises are exposed and the conversation stays focused on the actual truth.   Learn to discern.  Read His word.  Know exactly what God "hath" and "hath not" said.

 January 6, 2019 Epiphany      The Shameless Christian     Pastor Joshua Justice      message notes

   Shame is an interesting concept. It can be very wholesome, and it can be dangerously crippling. How can you know what is healthy and what is unhealthy?  It can show us where we are wrong (as Prov. 18:3 puts it, “Sin and shame go together” ~Good News Translation). or, if your focus is more on "fitting in" or "only being loving and tolerant', it can lead to you actually being "shamed" into holding back truth and watering down the Gospel because you won't confront sin, but will cover it over or ignore it or just accept it as ok, thereby denying the truth and the power of the gospel. That kind of being ashamed of God's truth and power discourages evangelism, and promote instead a kind of religious pacifism. Pastor Joshua dissects  the power and meanings of Shame and Shamelessness.  Some IS good for the Christian, and some is not... Now the question is "Which kind of Shameless Christian are you?