2020 Sermons & Evening Studies

8 March 2020 Worship - the wrap up   Pastor Billy Robertson    msg notes

 9 February 2020     Worship -The Power of Praise     Pastor Billy Robertson     msg notes

2 Feb 2020     Putting on the Garment of Praise     Pastor Billy Robertson   notes

Putting on a garment of praise is much like putting on or taking off a loved and favorite outfit.  It looks good on you; it fits well; it lifts your spirits; it shows off the tailor's skills; it carries you through a day and helps when things could be less than joyful.  And yet, it is so much more. The garment of praise tells others of the Lord of all Creation; it guides your walks through your day; it is a gift from God that we give back to Him.  Before we can put on, we must take off -- take off lies, poor self-talk, and ignore the flesh's need to lead us to greed, sorrow, self-deprecation, and the oh-poor-me's...  Listen as Pastor Billy takes us through the practical steps to take off the old attitudes and self-defeating inner talk, and learn how to put on a garment of praise and blessing to and for our Lord.   This is Sermon 3 in his series Growing a Heart of Worship.   

26 Jan 2020   Worship Is Not Just Words     Pastor Billy Robertson   Scripture list


Sermon 2 in Pastor Billy's series on true worship delves into the many forms and ways worship of the Lord Jesus, the Father, and the Spirit can take. All of them demand a true heart reaching out of self and to the Almighty God Himself.

Hungering for God's Presence   Pastor Billy Robertson  19 Jan 2020   Scripture list

Unfortunately this first sermon in Pastor Billy's series on Growing a Heart of Worship does not have a video. Due to a technical error we do not have a video for this message.  Relationship.  It is all about an intimate, everlasting, cleaving unto Him relationship.  In this sermon as part of Pastor Billy's series on Growing a Heart of Worship, he uses Moses and Paul as examples of men of faith, worship, prayer, and full trust as examples we should follow.  The law brought exposure to the people of what God sees as sin, and Jesus Christ brought us grace and truth to lead us in peace to Himself and to bring us to the Father's love and protection through the work of Christ on the cross and the covering of His blood over all our failings.

 He Alone is Worthy    Pastor Joshua Justice  12 Jan 2020  notes

In this sermon, Pastor Joshua brings us down to  earth showing that even the best among us is not worthy of taking on the work, the atoning saving work of Jesus Christ.  Sometimes Christians have been in "the way" so long they forget they are but men.  Beginning with Job, a righteous man who was so pious God used him as an example to our worst enemy, Satan, to show that true believers will overcome his shots and attacks when they fully rely on the Lord.  Pastor Josh then continues sharing the needs of a perfect, sinless sacrifice of whole and holy blood without which there is no forgiveness of sins.  Redemption.  Jesus the Messiah is our Redeemer because of the price He paid with His sinless, perfect, holy blood to cover us who are sinful, unholy, and needy broken people.  His sacrifice does more than lift us out of our sin-filled state ~ it opens the gates of heaven for us by covering us with His perfect blood.  Can you reject this? Yes, but it would be foolish above all foolishness.  Can you walk out from under His covering? Yes, but why would you? Listen as Pastor Josh brings the simple but powerful message of the Jesus Christ the Lord.

A Call to Holiness   Pastor Billy Robertson    5 Jan 2020    notes

As this new year begins, it is only fitting and right that we reconsider our behaviors and our habit patterns and humble ourselves before the holiness of God.  He has called us to be holy as He is holy.  Just what does that mean? Yes, we can be holy as He is holy, but it isn't for the faint-hearted which is why we are told to gird up the loins of our minds.... prepare for the flesh and culture battle and commit all to Jesus first and only.  Listen as Pastor Billy issues A Call to Holiness.