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In Peter's second letter, he exhorted folks to "make your calling and election sure" and to stay diligent in both study and works as well as remaining strong in the faith so that no heresy, no false teacher, no preacher or teaching could draw them away into another "Christ" rather than the One true Messiah both he and Paul explained and of Whom they taught to the believers. From almost the beginning of the church, false teachers, damnable doctrines, and heresies sprang up as men more attuned to position and power sought to have followings. Peter is very clear that it is the believer's responsibility to be aware, stay in close communion with the Lord, and study the Scriptures daily so that each follower of Christ will have the doors of heaven thrown wide open to him or her when that time comes to go home and be in the throne room with the Father and the Lord Jesus.  2 exhortation and a very serious warning to stay in the faith of Jesus Christ.