The Read Scripture Series has a great 6+ minute video that gives an excellent visual overview of 1 & 2 Chronicles.  Watch & enjoy.

1 July 2018  Prayer! 2 Chronicles 7:14 Call2Fall Sunday    Pastor Joshua Justice   sermon notes

We have all heard this scripture before, 2 Chronicles 7:14. But the promise of this scripture is contingent upon a number of things. For one, it only applies to God’s people.  Listen as Pastor Joshua takes us through this very important and foundational Scripture and shows us the benchmark for what defines that group called "the people of God."  Pastor Joshua also shows us how to have the confidence that the promises of Scripture are yea and amen.  He leads us through the questions we need to consider and answer as we reflect on who we are and Who He is, especially if we claim to be His.  Prayer is absolutely crucial to discover the depths and the riches of our conversations and relationship with the King.  As children of the King, we have both privileges and responsibilities.  Prayer - It is both a call to faith and a call to action.    

 Josephus, Book 8-From the Co-regency of David and Solomon to Solomon's Relationship with King Hiram (2 Chronicles 8)  Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice   10 August 2016     Solomon is now reigning along with the aging David.  More and more of the decisions are laying at his feet as David slowly backs out of the day-to-day matters of rulership.  Under his father's guiding eye, Solomon grows into the leadership and is tested when his brother mounts a challenge to his throne and in the matter of Joab.  Solomon handles both as a regent comfortable in his position.  He also begins to develop a strong relationship with one king in particular who had been a friend to his father, Hiram of Tyre.  Josephus references actual, public record letters between the two available for perusal when Josephus was writing the Antiquities.  He quoted passages between the two kings into history and challenged the readers of the day to search the originals out and read them for themselves, proving their historicity.      

Josephus, Book 8-Solomon's Reign to the Missteps of Jeroboam & Rehoboam (2 Chronicles 7-9)    Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice    31 August 2016

Solomon worked to build the temple his father David wanted and to consolidate the peace of Israel, and became fabulously wealthy.  However, upon his death, things changed.  The country split into two--Israel and Judah--and each had competing rulers who were not very wise nor were they very honoring of Jehovah. They and their countrymen had to deal with the consequences of those choices, including a prophet who warned Rehoboam but forgot to follow the rules God had laid down just for him. He paid for that misstep with his death at the hand of a lying prophet and the teeth of a lion. 

Josephus, Book 8 - Jeroboam vs Rehoboam  (2 Chronicles 10-14) Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice   7 September 2016  The Golden Age of Israel ~ wonderful while it lasted, but upon Solomon's death, that period came to an end.   Rehoboam is now the king of the two tribes comprising Israel, and Jeroboam, who led the rebellion against Rehoboam's heavy-handedness, is king of the 10 tribes south known as Judah.  Rehoboam, building on his father Solomon's tradition, decides to bulk up fortifications and set aside stores for possible seiges. Although he started poorly by listening to the young men rather than the wiser older advisors of his father, he did try to strengthen and take care of Israel, but as he aged and gathered power, he slipped farther and farther from the honest worship of Jehovah.  Jeroboam used religion for political reasons and did what he could to keep his people home and satisfied with a modified form of worship.  It was not what the Lord ordained,  and there are consequences...

Josephus, Book 8 - From Jeroboam to Ahab's End (2 Chr 10-18)  

Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice   14 September 2016      

Jeroboam and Rehoboam have had their days, and now Asa (the son of Abijam, grandson of Rehoboam), a good king, takes over and tries to correct Judah's course.  Asa turned to God early in his reign and  operated in faith, but time and power has a dulling effect on the senses iif one does not actively remain centered in humble faith and reliance on the God of the universe. Overall, he ruled fairly well for 41 years.  His son, good King Jehosophat then took over.

   Israel had a different line of succession - Baasha, son of Ahijah, and commander of the armies of the second King, Nadab (Jeroboam's son), took over as the third king of Israel. He assassinated Nadab at the siege of Gibbethon, and usurped the kingdom in 953 B.C. Baasha stayed on the throne for 23 years, exterminating the entire line of Jeroboam, as had been predicted. He also incurred the wrath of God, gaining the same prophecy as had been given to Jeroboam, which is then fulfilled by the next to take control, Zimri.  Then comes Omri and Ahab.