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the book of 1st Thessalonians

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The Read Scripture Series has a 7+  minute video that gives an excellent visual overview of St. Paul's First Letter to the Thessalonians

Thessaloniki & the Thessalonians ~ 

modern day walk through the city that illuminates the themes of St Paul's correspondence with the Thessalonians

NOTE:  As with all studies, use what study tools you can to rightly divide the Word.  Be a Berean, & recognize that sometimes folks will disagree on what they think they see or know in the Scriptures.  Use history. Use context. Use research.  

Answer the question Jesus asked the scholars of His day--"How do you read it?" Don't just take someone else's teaching as the final truth.  Read the Word for yourself, pray for wisdom from above, & study to show yourself approved.   editor

1 Thessalonians -- Some scholars believe Paul wrote this letter from Corinth, others from Athens, but either way, Thessalonica was an important trade route city of Macedonia and in which Paul felt strongly connected through the believers there. Chuck Swindoll lays out a clear chart covering the high points of this letter. He also has some interesting information on his website, Insight For Living. Enjoy this look into the First Century Christian Church and Paul's constant effort to encourage and teach believers.

click on the chart to go to Chuck Swindoll's Insight website.  

1 Thessalonians 5:19-25     Addressing the Quenching of the Holy Spirit   

Pastor Joshua Justice  22 May 2019

"Thoughts from the Road" ~ Pastor Josh shares his thoughts while driving in California. His May 19th sermon concerned the need for believer's to check themselves especially, but also others when it comes to the move of the Holy Ghost. So often folks get all excited or caught up on the music and dancing, or the impact of the service, and sometimes confuse visitors or non-believers with their reactions. On the flip side, in an effort to keep all things in order, there are those who won't react or respond to God's moving at all, clamp down, and become...stifled.

There is a balance. The Holy Spirit is God's power given to us~a teacher, a guide, & a still small voice within sometimes. Listen as in this brief talk, Pastor Josh encourages understanding, faith, and balance.