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NOTE:  As with all studies, use what study tools you can to rightly divide the Word.  Be a Berean, & recognize that sometimes folks will disagree on what they think they see or know in the Scriptures.  Use history. Use context. Use research.   Answer the question Jesus asked the scholars of His day--"How do you read it?" Don't just take someone else's teaching as the final truth.  Read the Word for yourself, pray for wisdom from above, & study to show yourself approved.   editor

  Good Faith (Acts 13:22)   Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice    sermon notes    video    audio only   3 September 2017

Acting in 'good faith' has a very specific meaning in the world of laws, contracts, and lawyers.  In the everyday world, it has a similar meaning-- do you come to the table with an attitude of working towards a mutual goal, and will you put out all the effort plus some to see a successful accomplishment of that or those goals?  Good faith- operating in “honesty or sincerity of intention.”  David was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22) not because he was perfect (2 Sam 12:13) but because he was honest and sincere.  He chose to act 'in good faith' in his relationship with Jehovah, his God.   Jesus spoke in His day of those who put on a show, knew the right words, but whose attitudes needed to be questioned or even called out.  Deacon Josh is showing in this sermon how we must live prepared and always ready to act for our Father in good faith. The key to this necessary lifestyle is in understanding what it is to be perfect, like Job, like Noah, like David, and like so many of the men and women in the Bible.  They were perfect before God, but not sinless.  How can that be?  Listen as Deacon Joshua explains what it is to live in good faith and become a man or woman God can call "perfect" and one of  His that walks in the way of 'good faith.