Xerxes the Great & Esther the Queen

Bruce Gore tells the story of their times & lives. 

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Esther-The BibleMovie      an interesting 1.5 hours

NOTE:  As with all studies, use what study tools you can to rightly divide the Word.  Be a Berean, & recognize that sometimes folks will disagree on what they think they see or know in the Scriptures.  Use history. Use context. Use research.   Answer the question Jesus asked the scholars of His day--"How do you read it?" Don't just take someone else's teaching as the final truth.  

Read the Word for yourself, pray for wisdom from above, & study to show yourself approved.   editor

Esther... from an orphan raised by a cousin who happens to be a government official in the court of Ahasuerus (a king not exactly known for his even temper or good behavior....) to becoming the consort to this same famous and ambitious king, Esther's life road was outwardly rich and pleasant, but inwardly filled with danger and potential calamity at all times. The Bible records her rise to position and how she and her cousin were wise and crafty, using that position to protect the Jewish people. Because of her courageous actions, the Jewish nation was not totally wiped out and Purim stands as a testament to her today. After this book and the actions in it, she seems to fade into history. We have no idea if she and Ahasuerus had children, or how long she lived, or if she ever was called upon again to do some great and courageous act, but for this one time, she responded to the call and answered Mordecai's question as to whether or not she was where she was "for such a time as this"...