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The Read Scripture Series has a great 8 minute video that gives an excellent visual overview of Hebrews. Watch & enjoy.

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 Hebrews. Paul now writes to his own people--those Jews who recognized that the unlikely country preacher called out by John the Baptist really was, and is, the King of All Creation--the Messiah. Paul reminds them that this is God's plan, His Holiness supersedes man's expectations, that the man Jesus is the incarnation of very God, and that they must not respond to this good news of mercy and redemption as did their fathers in the wilderness when they hardened their hearts with unbelief.  As our High Priest and our advocate, we may boldly come before the King of Heaven, and know His interest in us is for our good.

Hebrews 6:1     Why Do We Fail?   Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice     18 June 2017   (Father's Day)     sermon notes             enjoy the sermon video

Scripture says to go on unto perfection, Heb 6:1. Of course, this perfection does not mean the lack of sin, it means to be complete. But even at that, what does it mean to be complete? Perfect and entire, wanting nothing (Jas 1:4)? To have no lack. That is a tall order, considering that we are being measured up to the mark of Christ (Phil 3:14). Let's ask ourselves some honest questions. Do we fail? The answer is pretty obvious (Rom 3:23). So the only questions left are ‘Why do we fail’ and ‘How can we stop failing?’    (editor's note:  We are still experiments/learning the ins & outs of FB live, so the video is a bit rough, but the Word of God is always true.  Enjoy!)