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Hosea's time was during about the last 40 years of the Northern Kingdom. He began his ministry when Israel, under Jeroboam II was at the zenith of its power. He was a younger contemporary of Amos; an older contemporary of Isaiah and Micah. As a child he may possibly have known Jonah. The kings in whose reigns he prophesied were Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, in the country of Judah, Jeroboam II in the country of Israel. The approximate dates of these kings were as follows:

Kings of Israel, The Northern Kingdom

Jeroboam II                          (790-749)           A reign of great prosperity

Zechariah                             (748)                  Reigned 6 months. Was killed by Shallum

Shallum                                (748)                  Reigned 1 month. Was killed by Menahem

Menahem                            (748-738)           Unspeakably cruel. was a puppet of Assyria

Pekahiah                              (738-736)           Was killed by Pekah

Pekah                                   (748-730)            Was killed by Hoshea. Galilee captivity (734)

Hoshea                                 (730-721)           Fall of Samaria (721) End of the Kingdom


Kings of Judah, The Southern Kingdom

Uzziah                                   (737-735)           A good king

Jotham                                  (749-734)           A good king

Ahaz                                      (741-726)           Very wicked! Galilee captivity (734)

Hezekiah                              (726-697)            A good king. Fall of Samaria (721)


Some of these dates overlap, and are confusing. The maximum period, thus, in which Hosea could have prophesied would be 790-697 BC. and the minimum period about 750-725 BC. Assuming that his ministry extended into some considerable part of the reigns of both Jeroboam and Hezakiah, it would be safe, perhaps, to place him at about 760-720 BC.

His unhappy domestic life with his unfaithful wife, Gomer, was not only a preparation for his ministry, but a parable to the nation of its spiritual adultery in forsaking Jehovah and resorting to the worship of false gods. Hosea is one of the most evangelical of the Old Testament. He shows clearly that God is love and that Israel's sin of sins was not to have recognized the love of God. Hosea was thus the St. John of the Old Testament. "Hosea was the home missionary of North Israel, as Jonah was their foreign."

You can find the entire study on Hosea at  http://www.zionfriedheim.org/biblestudies/Old%20Testament/hosea.htm

Hosea 10:2    Fallow Ground    Pastor Billy Robertson  25 June 2017   sermon notes

Fallow ground--that's what Pastor Billy is talking about today, but what in the world is 'fallow ground'? Farmers and gardeners know -- "a field that has been sown with crops in the past and has yielded much fruit but has now been left unworked for a time. It is hard and full of ruts. It yields nothing but weeds now." How much of our life has become 'fallow ground"... we've gotten used to this church habit and it has become a rote tradition; we've lost the fire to witness but still carry the label of Christian; we've neglected reading the Word and consistent, heartfelt prayer but expect the blessings surrounding us to just be there. The spiritual land that was once productive has become weedy and forgotten, and we are riding on habit, not repentant on-fire heart... How fallow is your ground?