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Enjoy this 1 & 1/2 hour movie about Jeremiah, which may help you understand the flow of the story & see the political intrigue with which he had to deal.  

As with all films, consider comparing it to the Scriptures.  

You can hear the entire book read to you by clicking on the title banner.

 Formed for a Purpose Jeremiah 1:4-10            Guest Pastor Ken Samuel       sermon Scriptures & notes        29 December 2013 
 Walter Mitty dreams his life away, wishing he was a hero and could do great and wonderful things....How many of us live that same way? God makes no mistakes, and through the example of Jeremiah & the choices made by Hobab & Esther, Pastor Ken shares the fact that we, too, are made for a purpose and God knows exactly what He is doing!  
The Word of God--A Message from Jeremiah      Pastor Curtis Butterworth, Grace & Peace Ministries, Hopewell, VA   29 June 2014  
Jeremiah.  It is not the cheeriest book in the Bible, and there were strong reasons this Old Testament Prophet is known as "The Weeping Prophet".  However, if you read him carefully, you will see with God there is always a glimmer of hope, and always a promise that He understands and will walk you through the assignments He may give you, even if they are not fun, easy, or make you friends among the enemies.  Pastor Butterworth brings us warnings and a message for the situations in which we may very well find ourselves... God knows and His Word will eventually do the work He has sent us to do and reach many among whom we are sent.  The Word of God, a Message from Jeremiah...