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 The Whole Story: Joel

video & outline by Calvary Church

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Joel, a prophet of Judah, probably exercised his ministry during the reign of Joash (2 Chronicles 22 to 24). In his youth he may have known Elijah, and he certainly was a contemporary of Elisha. The plagues of insects, which were the token of the divine chastening, give occasion for the unveiling of the coming "day of the Lord" (Isaiah 2:12, refs.), in its two aspects of judgment on the Gentiles and blessing for Israel. 
Joel is in three chief parts: 
1.    The plague of insects (Joel 1:1-20) 
2.    The day of the Lord (Joel 2:1 - 3:8) 
3.    Retrospect of the day of the Lord, and full kingdom blessing (Joel 3:9-21) 

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