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 The Whole Story: Jonah

video & outline

by Calvary Church

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Series has a great 9 minute video that gives an excellent visual overview of Jonah.  Watch & enjoy.

        Jonah wanted to get as far away from Ninevah as he could.  This map suggests the possible route to the Spanish town of Tartessos, interrupted by God's plan to send him to those folks anyway.  

        According to scholars, here are two possible "Tarshishes" in southern Spain, and one that means a place a far place away, possibly India...

        The New International Commentary on the Old Testament states, “It is usually identified with Tartessos in southwest Spain near the mouth of the Guadalquivir. In Jer. 10:9 Tarshish is a source of silver and in Ezek. 27:12 of tin, iron, and lead.

        This information accords with Pausanias’ reference to Tartessos as a source of metal and to Pliny’s description of Spain as 'rich in lead, iron, bronze, silver, and gold.’ ” (Jonah 1:3 The New International Commentary on the Old Testament).

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