A Study in Joshua


   Chosen by Moses and the Lord to be the next leader of His people, Joshua has the daunting task of bringing the time in the wilderness to a close, of conquering several war-like groups, of being both a military and civic leader, and of uniting a people who have grown from a mixed multitude to a second-generation of independent not-quite-cohesive set of 12 strong tribes.    Daunting indeed~~ especially after the almost god-like reverence the people now had of Moses, even when they rebelled under him.   Therefore, God Himself buried Moses so the

people could not turn his grave into a shrine & elevate a man to a mythical stature.

           Joshua... A Man Called And Anointed For A Tumultuous Transition...

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 The Whole Story: Joshua

video & outline by Calvary Church

The Read Scripture Series has a great 8+ minute video that gives an excellent visual overview of Joshua.  Watch & enjoy.

If you would like to just listen to the KJV version of Joshua, click on the above picture.

This Joshua outline is from  believersmagazine.com

The Truth about Jericho  from The David Rohl Lectures 

Joshua 6:1-21  The Walls of Jericho!     Deacon Alwyn Floyd     29 July 2018   sermon notes

Everyone, be they saint or sinner, has places in their lives that could be described as fortresses of sin...those bondages that come from mistakes, wrong choices, lifestyle habits that hold you down instead of lift you up, and circumstances that just seem impossible to overcome. In this message, Deacon Alwyn Floyd brings encouragement, hope, action, and faith in God and His Word. He also shares just how we can attack and breakthrough, with God's design and leading, our own personal 'Walls of Jericho." As believers, we called to face our fears, deal with our problems, represent His character, and trust His promises because we are to be warriors for the Lord, always remembering HE is the commander, not us... Join us as we learn about how those walls come down!!   "The Walls of Jericho!”