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The Read Scripture Series has a great 8+ minute video that gives an excellent visual overview of Part 1 of the book of Luke, Chapters 1-9

 Part 2 of the book of Luke, Chapters 10-24. runs 7+ minutes.   Watch & enjoy.

The Visual Bible in KJV is a film version of the entire book.

NOTE:  As with all studies, use what study tools you can to rightly divide the Word.  Be a Berean, & recognize that sometimes folks will disagree on what they think they see or know in the Scriptures.  Use history. Use context. Use research.   Answer the question Jesus asked the scholars of His day--"How do you read it?" Don't just take someone else's teaching as the final truth.  Read the Word for yourself, pray for wisdom from above, & study to show yourself approved.   editor

Luke Chapters 1-2   provides an overview of the birth of both John the Baptist and Jesus

Luke Chapters 3-9   Jesus begins his mission of announcing the good news of God’s kingdom to the poor among Israel. He is identified as the royal son of God at the beginning & end of this section, & then he starts his journey to Jerusalem where he will be enthroned as king, but not in the way anyone expects.

Luke Chapters 9-19  recounts Jesus’ long road-trip to Jerusalem. He continues his controversial announcement of good news for the poor, which increases his conflict with Israel’s religious leaders. This tension provides the setting for the famous parable of the Prodigal Son in which Jesus summarizes what he is all about.

Luke Chapters 9-23   The final week of Jesus' life culminated in a controversial week in Jerusalem during Passover.  Jesus ended up being executed as a revolutionary rebel against Rome.  Jesus was not at all surprised and knew that his death would open up a new future for Israel, and for all humanity.

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Why was Jesus run out of Nazareth? --Luke 4:14-21    a short video by Drive Thru History