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The Read Scripture Series has a great 8+ minute video that gives an excellent visual overview of Part 1 of the book of Matthew, Chapters 1-13

 Part 2 of the book of Matthew, Chapters 14-28. runs 7 minutes.  

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Precept Ministries has an entire site dedicated to commentaries about this book, its principles and teaching, and the history surrounding the times found in the Book of Matthew .

NOTE:  As with all studies, use what study tools you can to rightly divide the Word.  Be a Berean, & recognize that sometimes folks will disagree on what they think they see or know in the Scriptures.  Use history. Use context. Use research.   Answer the question Jesus asked the scholars of His day--"How do you read it?" Don't just take someone else's teaching as the final truth.  Read the Word for yourself, pray for wisdom from above, & study to show yourself approved.   editor

Thoughts on Matthew, Chapter 1    Elder Vanessa Justice

     This chapter details the legal genealogy of our Savior, and Matthew, being the legalistic mind that he was (he was a trained tax collector after all) wrote carefully of Jesus' connection not only to His heritage as a Hebrew and descendant of Abraham through Isaac but also as a proper and legal inheritor of the throne of David. It is interesting to note that four women are named in this important lineage--two were Gentiles (Rahab and Ruth) and tow had, well, difficult circumstances to overcome (Tamar and Bathsheba).

Rahab was a prostitute who gave all trust and faith to the God of Abraham;

Ruth was a Moabitess who gave her heart and soul to her chosen family, again trusting in the God of her husband's family;

Tamar was a wife who had been terribly mistreated and held her father-in-law accountable;

and Bathsheba was used by a king, but trusted in the God of that king (David) to make things right.


     His very genealogy not only established Jesus as legally Davidic, but also pointed to the mercy of God in including women of questionable circumstances to be a picture of a larger extension of God's grace to the world.

Thoughts on Matthew, Chapter 2   Elder Vanessa Justice

A history note about Herod the Great, compliments of David Guzik's commentary on Matthew, Chapter 2

Herod the Great (one of several Herods mentioned in the Bible, and the ancestor of the others) was famous for both his magnificent public building projects and his ruthless, cruel paranoia.

   i. Herod was not a Jew at all, but an Edomite, and Rome recognized him as a vassal king over Judea. The Jews tempered their great hatred of him with admiration for his building projects, such as the magnificent improvements made to the second temple.

  ii. Motivated by his great paranoia and cruelty, he murdered the members of the Sanhedrien, his wife, his mother in-law, and his three sons.

 iii. When Herod knew that his death was approaching, he had the most distinguished leaders of Jerusalem arrested on false charges. He ordered that as soon as he died, they should all be killed - he knew well no one would mourn his own death, so he was determined that some tears be shed when he died.

     'He was troubled, and all Jerusalem with him'. The fact that all Jerusalem was troubled with Herod is significant. This was due either to the fact that the people of Jerusalem rightly feared what sort of paranoid outburst might come from Herod upon hearing of a rival king being born, or because of the size and dignity of this caravan from the East."   Notes from David Guzik's commentary on Matthew Chapter 2.

  Epiphany--January 6--is the traditional observance of the arrival of the Magi, the Wise Men, to see the young child (ie, toddler) in his home/house most likely in Nazareth. Mat 2:11 And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him: and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.  

"A Study In Matthew" with Deacon/ PastorJoshua Justice

  Chapter 1   24 Jan  2018 


Genealogies, a royal line,

& dealing with dilemmas

  Chapter 2    31 Jan  2018 

An entourage of wise men,  a hateful king,

running for your life, & coming home

  Chapter 3     7  Feb  2018   

Cousin John, a call to repentance, prophecy fulfilled,  a ministry begins.

  Chapter 4   14  Feb 2018 


Hunger, blinding pride , a confrontation in the wilderness, & angels attend

  Chapter 5:1-12   21 Feb  2018 


Jesus preaches, multitudes listen, disciples learn, & reasons to rejoice!

  Chapter 5:13-28  7 Mar 2018


Heaven & hell, salt & light, despair & hope,  & Jesus teaches the Law

  Chapter 5 Examining the Law  14 Mar 2018


The Law vs Legalism, actions vs attitudes, inward vs outward,  & Jesus applies the  Law

  Chapter 5 Dealing with Evil  21 Mar 2018


Responsibility vs blameshifting, excuses vs reasons, physical vs spiritual,  & Jesus summarizes the  Law

Chapter 6: 1-18  Righteousness!  11 April 2018


Alms, altruism, meeting needs, & righteousness inside & out

  Chapter 6:19-34   Where is Your Treasure?  25 April 2018


Self vs others, darkness vs light, gain vs give, & checking the light in your eyes

Matthew 5:10-16      Salt, Light, Fire, and Revival    Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice    4 January 2015

Are you thirsty? Oh, not for the common water from the tap, but for the living water that should course through your soul?   Are you experiencing persecution for your faith? Oh, not being ignored, or made fun of, or disrespected, but chased? hunted? threatened with losing your life?  Too many Christians today blend into their surroundings and are the picture of Matthew 5:10-16...salt that has lost its savor and is thrown out, no earthly good, tasteless, and worthless... If you are being "cast out" and walked all over, you, Christian, have a problem...  you have become salt-less......   Deacon Josh's message will challenge and lead you to restore the light and salt to your soul... Take the challenge, stand up, be a force with which to be reckoned, and challenge by your very life those around you before it is too late and you just become road dust...

  Chapter 7:1-12   What's the yes or no on judging?  18 July 2018


Attack vs help, ask or expect, pearls of truth, dealing with swine and dogs

  Chapter 7:12-21   How do we discern the right path & other stuff?  22 July 2018


hard & rocky vs open & easy, fruit trees & relationships, & the law of faith

  Chapter 7:12-21   Doing the work, but missing the point  1 August 2018


intellect & checklists, building on rock or sand, & doing your will or His?

  Chapter 8  Operating in power & authority, & surprised by faith  8 August 2018


Jews & Gentiles, faith & fears, a following crowd, & provoking His own people

  Chapter 9  Making clear that He has the right to heal & forgive   15 August 2018


From sin to grace, illness to health, & brokenness to wholeness

  Chapter 10:1-     29 August 2018



  Chapter 10, part 2     5 September 2018



  Chapter 11:1-19  How do you read it, or What have YOU seen??   12 September 2018


Teaching, witnessing, miracles & the eager crowds "pressing in"

  Chapter 11:20-30  The two sides -- the wise versus the babes  19 September 2018


Prophesies to come, a place for humility,  & Jesus shows He has the authority

  Chapter 12:1-21 The Legalism of the Law & the law of Love  26 September 2018


Ceremonies, presumption, & Jesus shows He is the Lord of the Sabbath

  Chapter 12:22-32  Blasphemy & the Unpardonable Sin  3 October 2018


unwise words, hard hearts, & a choice to actively oppose the grace of the Lord

  Chapter 12:33-50  Which fruit are you producing? 10 October 2018


good tree/good fruit, bad vine/evil fruit, demanding a sign & understanding Jonah 

  Chapter 13  Jesus Teaches , But Who Hears & Who Sees ?  17 October 2018


Parables, Prophesies, Explanations, & End Times!

  Chapter 14  Political Expediency vs Compassionate Leadership 24 October 2018


Herod connives, John the Baptist gives his all, & Jesus grieves, leads, & feeds

  Chapter 15  Traditions & Actions vs the 10 Commandments  & the Heart  31 October 2018


Jesus' authority, a specific mission or a general mandate?, & good vs best 

Chapter 16 :20-28 Signs & Demands Pastor Joshua Justice 7 November 2018


Religious leaders, disciples, prophecies , & binding & loosing,

Matthew 15:14    The Light In Their Eyes   Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice     12 March 2017     sermon notes

   The Lord has called us to go into all the world and share the good news of His coming and His sacrifice to bring us home to the Father. But, do you know the folks you are dealing with?  We are charged to share our faith, but not throw pearls before swine so how do we discern the difference between those who are open to His call and those who have become enemies of God Himself, refusing His grace, His gift of salvation, and choosing instead to follow their lusts and own 'gods'.  Although we are dead in our sins before we return to the Lord, most of us still have doubts, questions, and a desire to understand more that --we have a curiosity and a spark that others can see.    What is the light of their eyes?  We have a hint in this--Those who have no spark in their eyes truly are dead men walking (Luke 9:60, Rev 3:1).  They have lost their God-given passion for life, but those who know the truth and yet replace that spark with a love of sin and evil are enemies of God.  (Col 1:21)  When you learn to know the difference between them, you truly can then share and live in the Light of His eyes!

  Chapter 16:19-28   Truth & Prophecy Pastor Joshua Justice 14 November 2018


Peter vs Satan, following the cross, & prophecies come to the fore 

  Chapter 17:1-13  Glimpses of Heaven    Pastor Joshua Justice 28 November 2018


Shrines, prophets, vessels, & the Shekinah lights up a mountain top

  Chapter 17:14-23 Overcoming Problems & Tests of Faith    Pastor Joshua Justice 5 Dec 2018


A tough healing, a sad prophecy, & taking the moment to instruct His disciples

  Chapter 17:24-27  About Taxes & Tithes Pastor Joshua Justice     12 December 2018  


Religious obligation vs civil government,  & the Law vs freedom

  Chapter 18:1-14  What's your focus vs what is God's???  Pastor Joshua Justice  2 Jan 2019  


Pride vs humility,  loving the lost, & seeing things from God's perspective

  Chapter 18:15-22  Conflict Resolution 

  Pastor Joshua Justice  9 Jan 2019  


Responsibility vs silence, forgiveness vs bitterness, & loving confrontation

  Chapter 18:23-35  Huge Debt & Forgiveness 

  Pastor Joshua Justice  16 Jan 2019  


Mercy  & compassion, just payments, & choosing your own end ~ reciprocity

  Chapter 19:1-12  Divorce, Marriage, & Celibacy 

  Pastor Joshua Justice  23 Jan 2019  


Covenants, adultery, & legal standards vs God's standards

  Chapter 19:13-26  Treasures of the Heart 

  Pastor Joshua Justice  30 Jan 2019  


Childlike faith, works vs grace, & discovering the path of the Cross

  Chapter 19:27-30  What Do We Get For Following You?   Pastor Joshua Justice  6 Feb 2019  


Future rewards, world renewal,

a throne of glory, & Jesus’ rightful place

  Chapter 20:1-16  Is God Unjust?  

Pastor Joshua Justice  13 Feb 2019  


a day's wages, the last shall be first,

& reciprocity vs expectations 

  Chapter 20:17-34  Jesus Pulls His Disciples

  Aside  Pastor Joshua Justice  20 Feb 2019  


betrayal, requests, Jesus explains reality,

& demonstrating servant-leadership

  Chapter 21:1-22  Jesus Comes As The Prince 

Pastor Joshua Justice  27 Feb 2019  


donkeys, crowds, confronting the money changers& speaking truth to powerful men

  Chapter 21:23-46  Jesus Is Challenged...

Pastor Joshua Justice  3 March 2019  


power brokers, traps& Jesus uses parables to expose the truth...

  Chapter 22:1-22  Come to the Wedding Feast! or Not...  Pastor Josh  20 March 2019  


called, rejected, replaced, taxes, & "easy grace" vs working out your own salvation...

  Chapter 22:23-40  What's this about the resurrection?  Pastor Josh  27 March 2019  


 Sadducees get 'schooled' & a lawyer tries to corner the Lord with a legal question 

Matthew 22:1-14   The Banquet     Pastor Clawson   22 December 2013

   The King invited his leaders and those who served under him to a banquet for his son, but none came.  He opened the marriage banquet to all classes and peoples, and many came, yet one, although he came, refused the king's wedding garment given to all the guests...            Where do you stand with the invitation our King has given?  Have you refused? Do you come, but refuse the robe of righteousness, wanting to do Christianity your way? or have you freely submitted to the ways of the King?

  Chapters 22:41-46 & 23:1-12  Who Is the Messiah, Really?  Pastor Josh  3 April 2019  


Clarifications, questioning the questioners, & preparing disciples for things to come…

  Chapter 23, Conclusion of the 7 Woes to the Scribes & Pharisees  Pastor Josh  10 April 2019  


blind leading the blind, woes & hypocrites, & Jesus cries laments over Jerusalem

  Chapters 24-26, A Holy Week Study

Pastor Josh  17 April 2019  

 signs of the end, severe judgments, anointed for burial, betrayed, & condemned to save a nation & those in power

  Chapter 24: 1-31   Honest Questions &

Answers that Warn & Encourage  

Pastor Joshua Justice  24 April 2019 

end times, warnings of events to come, staying grounded, & expecting the return of the King

Matthew 24   Spiritual Preparation   Pastor Billy Robertson   10 December 2017       sermon notes       video       

 In Matthew 24, Jesus said, "Be aware!"  We are to pay attention to the times and seasons around us and to trust that the Lord Who went to be with the Father and is our Advocate and soon to be Groom, will be returning as a Conquering King coming for His bride.  He will come  “Watch, therefore” is a command, not a request...obey and be prepared. Study and stay in the Word. From our relationship with Him and our willingness to study and change to be more and more like his come the blessings, especially as we do as He has called us to do--be active and do all things for the Lord.  His return will be sudden and unexpected by so many.  We are not to worry for each day has its own “stuff”, but we are to diligently take care of the things of today as each right step heads off many of tomorrow’s evils.  We must view ourselves as His stewards entrusted with time, money, abilities, and other gifts to be used for the Master’s Kingdom.  He is coming back and we must give an account to Him as to how we used His giftings and work assignments… Listen as Pastor Billy tells us the answer to "How Can I Be Ready?"  Spiritual Preparation!

  Chapter 24: 29-51   The Reckoning is Coming  

Pastor Joshua Justice  1 May 2019 

dark days & trumpet sounds, a fig tree’s problem, & forget trying to figure out when

  Chapter 25:1-28  Be Ready!...or not....  

Pastor Joshua Justice  8 May 2019 

awaiting the groom, lamps & oil, business investments, & a worthless servant

  Chapter 25:14-46  Motives & Focus

  Pastor Joshua Justice May 15, 2019

rewards & consequences, sheep vs goats,  & doing the works of love 

  Chapter 26:1-15  Jesus Prepares His Disciples for His death

  Pastor Joshua Justice June 5, 2019

the plot, anointed for burial, & betrayal

  Chapter 26:17-46  The Last Supper 

  Pastor Joshua Justice June 12, 2019

the meal, the final teachings, & Judas carries out his plans...

  Chapter 27:27-66  The Post-Trial Treatment & Death of Jesus

  Pastor Joshua Justice July 24, 2019

beatings, mockery, & dead men walking

  Chapter 26:47-75  The Garden At Night 

  Pastor Joshua Justice June 19, 2019

Betrayal, Arrest, Fear, & Prophetic Fulfillment   

  Chapter 27 Prophecies & the  history of the final hours of Jesus' earthly life

  Pastor Joshua Justice Aug 7, 2019

foretelling, discernment, & type & shadow

Prophecies fulfilled in Matthew 26, 27, & 28

  Chapter 27:1-26  Standing before Pilate

  Pastor Joshua Justice June 26, 2019

Jealousy, Prophecy, Mobs, & Legal Expediency to Avoid a Riot

  Chapter 27 -28 The "Final" Session.

  Pastor Joshua Justice Aug 29 2019

the end, powers that be, & the truth revealed

  Chapter 26:14-27:10    Taking Another Look at Judas    Pastor Josh July 17, 2019

Secrets, Zealots, Greed, & Making a quick 30 pieces


From: Bible prophecies fulfilled by the persecution and crucifixion of Jesus Christ

From:   Evidence that Jesus Christ is the Messiah Matthew McGee Fulfilled Prophecies