The Whole Story: Ruth,

a video & outline by Calvary Church of Missouri

If you would like to just listen to the KJV version of Ruth, click on the title picture.

The book of Ruth... a story of pain, loyalty, redemption and the power of love and respect of elders... Naomi's name meant pleasant, but after losing both sons and her husband, the pain was almost more than she could bear. If it had not been for the loyalty and love of her daughter by marriage, Ruth, Naomi may have given in to the despair... Ruth serves as a model to all of us on how to have patience with a depressed, even angry-at-God hurting heart, and shows how consistent gentle love can turn despair into hope and hope into love.

 A Look At Ruth  -  by Josephus, Book 5, "The Antiquities of the Jews"      Deacon/Lay Leader Joshua Justice   1 June 2016