A Little About This Website...

Welcome to the Covenant Bible Fellowship website. 

As editor and webmaster, my intent is to provide a resting place for believers and questioners alike that gives help and hope plus provides resources for personal reflection and study (plus a little fun!)


It is not meant to be a simple quick fix page, but it is meant to a kind of library and place where anyone can choose to pull up a chair, watch a movie, study a Scripture or a whole book, find some inspiration, see how Scriptural principles can apply to every day decisions, learn some history, and even enjoy resources for family and friends. 

Please take a few minutes and scroll through our pages.  The titles in the banner above should give you some direction and give you some things to think about as you navigate through this life.

This site is routinely visited, so --

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*Join us in our on-line Sunday night and Wednesday night interactive meetings.  The chat is monitored and the conversation can get quite lively! :-)

*Visit us in Petersburg, or join us on one of our Home Fellowship nights for prayer and a shared meal.  

Enjoy the resources, and if you know of any others, feel free to contact us and we will definitely consider adding them to our "on-line library" of Christian hope and help.  

Vanessa C. Justice, webmaster

© 2013-2020 by Covenant Bible Fellowship , 135 Monroe Street, Petersburg, VA. All rights reserved.  All sermons, talks, powerpoints, audio & other information found on this site are  the intellectual property of  & copyrighted to CBF &  the pastor, speaker, & author of each piece of material.  Much is open for others' use~Please note from whom & where you used the materials.  Most pictures used are found via google's search engine.     Please contact us at covenantbible135@gmail.com or, if you find a problem with one of the links, please leave a comment on our FB page, which is monitored daily.    https://www.facebook.com/CovenantBibleFellowship

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