About us...and what we believe...

We are a home education friendly, full Gospel church founded by Pastor Emeritus Chuck Clawson

and led by Pastor Billy Robertson and Associate Pastor Joshua Justice.  

         We believe in preparing believers to be strong in the Lord

        and the power of His might.  It has been said that our times

  demand strong men (and women)

  and that the Church must produce them,

not repel them.

The Church needs men and women who are not afraid.  

We aim to train, equip, stand beside, & provide those men & women

to help the helpless & give hope to the hopeless...












To disciple believers in the foundation and truth of the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. No man comes to the Father but through the Son, and He declared Himself the Way, the Truth and the Life.

What We Believe

    The entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation is a love letter from a grieving but holy Father and is an accurate historical account of His work in this fallen world to return His creation to Himself through the atoning work of His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is His enabling Helper Who is sent to us to empower and strengthen us in our walk through this world. They are the mystery of the Godhead, the Three in One, and love us enough to make a way for us to return to our first estate, able to walk without fear with the Holy God of the Universe, JHWH, the Great I Am, Who is personified through the Lord Jesus and Who anoints and works through and for us as the Holy Spirit.  We eagerly look for and patiently await His soon return, and trust in His power to keep us until that day.  We believe in water baptism by immersion in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Name above all names, and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit which is given us in God's timing and at His pleasure.  We believe He equips us for the work He calls us to do, and that our part is to fully engage in His plans for our lives.  This includes answering His call in our lives as well as recognizing the call in others who are part of our congregation.  We believe that it is in the local congregation, under the watchful eyes of the elders and pastors, that leaders can be raised up and recognized as having God's hand in their lives.  Therefore, we believe in the local ordination of deacons, elders, and pastors from among our members after a time of serving in the ministry, and proving their call through action and faithfulness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the tenants of the Scriptures as we understand them, and as listed both above and on our membership covenant.  (The final decision as to the call for ordination rests with the elders and pastors.)

Using this link, you will find a page which will list the Scriptural foundations of major faith statements, from Jesus' virgin birth to His soon return,

that cut across almost every denomination of those who call themselves Christian.  


General Information
    CBF grew out of a home Bible study led by Pastor Clawson some 3 decades ago. Pastor Chuck and Tina were Elders with the House of Prayer, Chesterfield, VA, under Pastor Steve Stells. As the fellowship and learning became stronger and deeper, the group asked Elder Clawson to consider starting a work in the Petersburg area. After much prayer and blessings from the home church, Covenant Bible Fellowship began on 15 September 1988. (We are still affiliated loosely with the HoP, now called "Hope Point Church", as a covering body.)


CBF is a fellowship of whole gospel Christian believers. The Bible is the base and authority for the lessons, sermons, and practical life studies. If someone has questions about how to apply Christian principles to everyday life, we have answers straight from the Author and Finisher of our faith. We are seekers of truth and train others to ask questions, understand the Author, and get answers they can use to make their lives honest, authentic, and connected to the Creator of us all.

Soli Deo, Sola Scriptura

As Jesus told us in John 8:32 "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Lead Pastor

Billy Robertson

  Pastor Emeritus Chuck  

and Mrs. Tina Clawson

Associate Pastor

Joshua Justice

Teaching Elders

Phil & Vanessa Justice


Amanda Atkinson


Micah Justice


Prison Outreach

Alwun Floyd