Additional Resources for building character, supporting marriages,  and strengthening men, women, children and families...

We are supportive of several outside ministries that work on a variety of approaches to help make you and your families strong and mighty in the Lord.  

Foundations in Faith                 Marriages...                    Men's Ministries..       Women's Ministries...     Children and Adolescents...      

 Creation Science Ministries             WIT (Whatever It Takes)             Noble Call                                 WIT Conferences                 The Children's Institute 

 Answers in Genesis                           Focus on the Family                   Promise Keepers                                                                    CEF~Children's Evangelism Fellowship

 Institute in Basic Life Principles      A look at the place of                                                                                                                         and Good News Clubs 

 Ray Comfort                                            illness & suffering in a marriage                                                                                           ALERT Cadets                                                The Truth Project                             A book on God-ordained marriage                                                                                             Lamplighter Ministries

 Embassy Institute                                    by Alan Keys                                                                                                                            Vessels of Honor

 Word Pictures                                                                                                                                                                                             A Journey to the Heart   

 Evolution vs God                                  Dealing with Unanswered Prayer, Depression, etc.                            

 Faith in History                                       an ebook from RBC Ministries ~ When God Says No 

 The Crafting A Holy Life                                                                     

   series by Pastor Ken Pierpont                                    

 Help with unexpected/crisis pregnancies  Pregnancy Support Center of the Tri-Cities Area


 Family ...                                                                Personal/Family/Business Devotions/Helps                          Bible Helps

 Home Educating...                                                               Daily Success             Dave Ramsey's guide to budgeting          Blue Letter Bible        Bible Gateway

   Advanced Training Institute International                   CharacterFirst!           Weekly Family Encouragement                e-Sword                      Bible Study Tools Online

   HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Association)                 FamilyFire                                                                                          Living Waters Ministry

   Lights for God~a website filled with stories                                                                                                                            12 Steps for an Hour of Prayer

                              of Godly men and women  

   HomeSchooling Freebie of the Day/Wholesome Child website--

                              fantastic resources that cost you nothing and

                              add to the richness of intellect and creativity

Child training/raising...                                                                                                                                                                                      

   Growing Kids God's Way



Young Adults...  including sites for civic involvement, ministry, skills training and college with a Christian foundation...

   International ALERT Academy                GenerationJoshua           OakBrook Law College        Patrick Henry College         TELOS International        Verity Institute  

   Eternity Arts                                               TeenPact                                                                           Hillsdale College              


5 Reasons Children Should Stay in Church  an article that explains why both a Children's Service and children staying with adults on a regular basis is a good thing for the church, the family, and helping the children stay in the faith.


10 May 2015     Mom & Gifts, a Mother's Day sermon....  Pastor Clawson   

 God and Gifts... He loves gifting people with personality traits, opportunities, pathways, and the chance to develop ministries and skills.  The Lord has a special place in His plans for parents... Pastor Clawson walks us through the 10 gifts given to moms... gifts that benefit her, her family, and those whose paths she crosses, especially if she chooses to recognize, develop and use those very special gifts from the Lord...  Mom & Gifts, a Mother's Day sermon.

(Electronic failures prevented the recording of this here for the notes, perfect for a personal study on mothers...)


Motherhood divine design role  nuture an

A Mother's Heart ~ Teaching Our Children to Fly! 

Elder Vanessa Justice

29 May 2019

message notes 

Sister Vanessa shares her heart a& what she has learned through her years of raising & teaching children.