Checklists to upload & finish each sermon, talk, video, audio, speaker, set of notes, etc. 


V C Justice   18 July 2018



   download audio to computer and fix using audacity

   convert finished audio to mp3 or mp4 as the software (currently Windows Media) allows

   store the new file on the CBF drive

   upload mp3 or mp4 version to the CBF chirbit channel   note: cbf, mayor0406

   write up a summary

   write up key words

   make sure there is room for notations as to where one can locate the video & any notes that go along with the talk

   make 2 cds of audio with summaries & notations included + Copyright 2018 or (whatever is the date)   All Rights Reserved

   make sure the chirbit upload has appropriate picture, the summary, & a string of key words

   entitle the chirbit upload with the sermon/talk title, speaker/pastor, date delivered & possible key verse

   add upload to appropriate chirbit playlist(s)  -- i.e, Psalms, Josephus, etc.



   take notes during talk, if possible, via G docs.  Set to share & place links on summaries for audio, YouTube & FB video

   include appropriate picture, access links to final hymn, audio &  video to go along with the sermon/talk

   make sure Copyright 20**   All Rights Reserved is on every piece




   YouTube channel

   capture FB video and transfer to YouTube --  entitle each video -- sermon/talk title, speaker/pastor, date delivered

   pin latest video to top of FB page with appropriate 'hook" so folks'll watch/listen.  Add access to any notes.

   make sure Copyright 20**  All Rights Reserved is on each YouTube

   add links to audio and notes to each YouTube

   include summary on YouTube and if appropriate on FB page



   summary, video, appropriate picture, links to sermon notes on home page

   summary, video, links to sermon notes on appropriate downline pages

   try to use YouTube for the video on the pages; if not, then FB--YT lasts longer



   2 identical notebooks to back each other up & provide a "check out" library of sorts at CBF while keeping 1 in Hopewell

        for history & reference

   include a contents page at the front of each notebook once all the materials for that notebook are finished & placed,

       probably copied from the webpage

   file by date delivered, unless it is a special case.  If so, make a 2nd identical copy & add to the specialized notebook. 

       (Ex.  A Study In Matthew or the Josephus audios)

   include bulletin, if appropriate

   include sermon notes with appropriate picture

   write title, speaker/pastor, date delivered on each spine of the page protector