Tackling Hard Questions & Providing Hope in the Answers

Hard Questions -- an open Bible Study where we ask questions that bother or perplex and find the clues to practical answers by being a Berean and searching the Scriptures.

Sometimes we find ourselves on opposite sides of the Christian fence with a brother or sister in the Lord. Should women be pastors? What about divorced leaders? How about tithing-- is it on the net or the gross, or is it even necessary anymore? Oh, and the music! Or how about whether or not to actually 'market' your church? Deacon (now Pastor) Joshua opens the floor to questions that folks may have, and together we study and work through both inductive and deductive reasoning. These are the Bible studies wherein we search, talk, and hopefully understand more fully the question and the answer, or at least move further down the road in gaining understanding and in deepening our faith. 

Hard Questions...

Please post your questions on our Facebook Hard Questions Bulletin Board.  We'll do our best to make sure they are answered.

An Open Floor Bible Study 

11 June 2017

How do you deal with social constructs, and ...

25 June 2017

What About Slavery? 

9 July 2017

More hard questions 

23 July 2017

What about contracts between Christians, both organizations and individuals? 

13 August 2017

Do we obey forced evacuations? Are cremations ok? 

10  September 2017

Surety of Salvation; Scriptural view of Immigration  

24 September 2017

 A quick look at Ezekiel, part 1 

17  January 2018

Talking about the passage in Judges 19

17  January 2018

Problems that can get in our way & a look at how to dig out answers from the Bible 

28 January 2018

Isaiah 18:7, a people scattered and peeled; the Kingdom of God versus the Kingdom of Heaven 

11 February 2018

If God is good, why do bad things happen?How do we talk to people in crisis? 

11 March 2018

Opinions, facts, stumbling blocks, & knowing the difference.    

22 April 2018

Is Jesus making a mistake in John 3:13? What about Elijah & Enoch?   

10 June 2018

Opinions, facts, stumbling blocks, & knowing the difference.    

22 April 2018

What's the difference between assurance of salvation and eternal security?   

24 June 2018

Ezra 9-10' family breakups & What's the difference in precepts, statutes, ordinances, & laws?   

22 July 2018

What about hospitality? Are there limits? How much control do I really have in life ? What about actions & dress as opposed to heart motives? 

 12 Aug 2018

What about "free will"? What is Calvinism?  Arminianism? do I have anything to say about my faith?

 26 Aug 2018

If the world was made perfect, what's with mosquitoes? What about questions we can't answer? How about a resource to share our faith? 

 9 Sept 2018

Outward appearances vs the heart, discerning a higher principle, & applying types & shadows.  

23 September 2018

Is the Bible really the Word of the one true God? What about logic & verifiable proof? Doubters, scoffers, & that step of faith...

14 October 2018

Should a Christian participate in boycotts?  What about our witness? Are there reasons to not boycott? What about our heart vs our actions?

 25 November 2018

Tithes, & Offerings ~ Mosaic law only or also for the New Testament believer? 

13 January 2019

Difficult conversations, handling offenses, & wondering why God loves us 

27 January 2019

Providing protection, asking God "Why?" & "Why not?", & what is the right view of the Sabbaths

10 February 2019

Is it Saturday or Sunday?, foreshadowing the Christ, & being true to God's laws

24 February 2019

Why pain & suffering,  history's hints, & can we really trust Genesis?

10 March 2019

Why make us if we are expected to just fall in line & 'worship', & what's with the prophets?

24 March 2019

Questions, answers,  Bible accuracy, & Am I really hearing from the Lord?

14  April 2019

Confronting Sin Without Crossing the Line

28  April 2019

Calvinism vs. Arminiansim

Free will, Grace, Salvation, & the Sovereignty of God

26 May 2019

Jewish religious traditions & thoughts on the Messiah, the Trinity, & changes over time

2 June 2019

The woman at the well, the meaning of life, & the Book of Works

9 June 2019

wheat, tares, good seed, the judgments of nations, & what about the children?

23 June 2019

UnBiblical immigration laws, dogs vs puppies, & the OT vs the NT "God"

30 June 2019

Wealth & works, what or who is good, & the "how" of gaining eternal life  in heaven

10 July 2019

Kings’ length of reign, successors, ages, & timing discrepancies

21 July 2019

Fear,  deep emotional hurt, & dealing with unexpected loss 

8 September 2019

Anxiety, Borrowing from the future, & Responding with Grace

 22 September 2019

The Virginity Test

Pastor Josh 6 Oct 2019

Faith Healing

Pastor Josh 13 Oct 2019

Post-Biblical prophets-Joseph Smith, Mohammed, etc Pastor Josh

20 Oct 2019

Faith-God can vs God will, promises, & how to trust Pastor Joshua 

3 November 2019

Will we feel grief over a loved one in hell while we are in  heaven?   

10 November 2019

Head coverings in the church, yea or nay? And who?   Pastor Josh 

1 December 2019

How to interact with folks who've rejected the church, helping the bitter & those who've come out of cults. 

8 December 2019

The work of the Holy Spirit & His role in the Godhead  Pastor Josh

17 November 2019

Dealing with suffering Biblically, & what's up with the NIV? Pastor Josh 

17 November 2019

Responding to depression, anxieties, & mental illnesses 

15 December 2019

Using the interlinear to find out the meaning of Jacob have I loved and Esau have I hated, part 1 

22 December 2019

Using the interlinear to find out the meaning of Jacob have I loved and Esau have I hated, part 2 

22 December 2019

The sacred vs the profane, the holy vs the common, the clean vs the unclean.  

5 January 2020