December 2015  Merry Christmas!   Happy Hannukah!  Remembering miracles keeps the wonder of His Majesty alive!  
            Hannukah is  6-14 Dec.  " A light is blazing in the darkness" that brings Good News of Life Eternal through the Messiah Who was  foretold & now is!                                                                     

                                                          Sun, 29 Nov., was the First Sunday of the Advent Season...  In the early days of the church, Advent

                                                                                   was a time of prayer, fasting & confession.  Today, Advent is more a time of preparation

                                                                                   & expectation of the coming of the Lord.   

                                                         Wed, 2 ~ 1:30pm  Prayer Warriors, CBF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 7pm   "A Study with Josephus"  Deacon Joshua Justice   

                                                         Thurs, 3 ~ 10am  Financial Principles Bible Study, Phil & Vanessa Justice's

                                                         Fri, 4 ~ Home Fellowship       6:30pm Micah & Hannah Justice's, Hopewell

                                                         Sun, 6~ 2nd Sunday of the Advent Season   Hope!! "The King is Coming!"  Hope ~ A gift of possibilities!    

                                                                       This is also Pearl Harbor Remembrance Sunday.

                                                                             morning Deacon Joshua Justice             

                                                                             evening Pastor Billy Robertson 

                                                                 Finally, the first Sunday of each month is Fellowship Sunday...a time to enjoy each other and share the Lord

                                                     publicly, invite friends to join with us, and have a meal after the service as we go together to a local restaurant 

                                                                       & continue to celebrate the as the family of like-minded believers! Guests welcomed!  

Sun 6- Tues 14 ~ Hannukah, the eight-day festival of lights that begins on the eve of the 25th of the Jewish month of Kislev. Pointing to the miracle of                           the menorah lighting the temple for 8 days with only one day of oil, it celebrates the triumph of light over darkness, of purity over adulteration,                           & of spirituality over materiality.  This year it extends from 6pm on the 6th until 6pm on the 14th of December.

Mon, 7~Pearl Harbor Day.  Please take the time to learn about the attack which finally forced our armed entrance into WW2.                                                                          then pray for our nation today...                                                                         watch a history minute about Pearl Harbor...     

Wed, 9 ~ 1:30pm  Prayer Warriors, CBF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   7pm   "A Study with Josephus"  Deacon Joshua Justice     

Thurs, 10 ~ 10am  Financial Principles Bible Study, Phil & Vanessa Justice's

Fri, 11 ~ Home Fellowship  6:30pm Amanda's  "A Peanuts Christmas" fellowship!  

Sun, 13 ~  3rd Sunday of the Advent Season   Peace ~ The Promised King is coming to bring peace to the dark   & torn world. The second candle lit is also          

                      sometimes called  the Bethlehem Candle.     Some traditions say the Bethlehem Candle also symbolizes the manger. 

                       morning  Pastor Chuck  

                  evening   Deacon Joshua Justice  

Tues, 15~  Happy Birthday, Gerry H.!

Wed, 16 ~ 1:30pm  Prayer Warriors, CBF                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   6 pm  A Very Special Night!! Merry Christmas, CBF!  Clawson Christmas party at the Golden Coral, Colonial Heights.  See You There!!!        

Thurs, 17 ~ 10am  Financial Principles Bible Study, Phil & Vanessa Justice's

Fri, 18 ~ Home Fellowship Phil & Vanessa Justice's  6:30pm  It's our traditional Neighborhood Christmas Caroling & 'A Claymation Christmas' fellowship!         Sat, 19  John K. turns 87 today!!!  Happy Birthday, Brother John!

Sun, 20 ~ the Fourth Sunday of the Advent Season    Love ~  He is almost here!!!   God's deep & abiding love for all      

                  His creation is fully expressed in that baby who, though fully God is also fully man...Jesus the Christ, the Messiah of all the world!                                                        morning Pastor Billy Robertson                    

                      evening  Deacon Joshua Justice     

Mon, 21 ~ Happy Anniversary MK & Jerry!                                                                                                   

Tues, 22 The First Day of Winter 

Thurs, 24~ CBF Christmas Eve "The Christmas Story in Scripture and Song"  7pm   

Fri, 25 ~Christmas Day!    Merry Christmas!  The King is born!!       

                      Happy Anniversary Sina & John!                                        

Enjoy this day with your family & friends, & share the Good News of eternal life through Christ with everyone!                                                                                      Sun, 27 ~ Prayer and Fasting Sunday.  It is also "The Christ Candle" Sunday ~ He is here!!

Being the last Sunday of the year, we will have both a covered dish and our cookie exchange immediately after the morning service in our Upper Room. Make a large batch of your favorite cookies, bring the recipe, then everyone can take home a sampler plate

of all the cookies to share with friends and family ~~ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

        morning service Pastor Clawson.    

       No evening service.                                                    

 Thurs, 31 ~ 6:30pm New Year's Eve service & fellowship meal at Hopewell Shoney's after the service 















Feel free to download a monthly calendar of our events here ... December 2015 Simple Wall Calendar.  

   January's wall calendar will be available the last few days of December.