Faith in History... 


Here are many resources that show how faith, especially the Christian faith, has influenced the river of history....


                                                                                           TCT Presents Faith In History with William J. Federer.

                                                        William J. Federer is a nationally known speaker, best selling author, and president of a publishing company dedicated to                                                                     researching  America's Christian heritage. During this half-hour program learn answers to various questions about Faith as it

                                                        pertains to American history.   Dr. Federer updates his broadcasts periodically, so you will find other stories than the following                                                          former programs  which include such topics of history as:                    

                                                           The Spanish-American War     Abraham Lincoln - Fasting and the Civil War     The Battle of Gettysburg and Abraham Lincoln

                                                           The Origins of the American Red Cross and its impact on the World

                                                           The Life of George Washington Carver Part 1               The Life of George Washington Carver - Part 2

                                                           William Howard Taft & Calvin Coolidge       The Role Faith Played in World War I       The Spanish Flu & its impact on America

                                                           The Attack on Pearl Harbor       The Church's Response to the NAZIs & Dietrich Bonhoeffer

                                                           The Consequences of German Nationalized Health Care        The Great Depression and German Nationalized Health Care

                                                           The Response to the Crash of the New York Stock Exchange       The Philippines and World War II