Recipes & Other Fun Stuff

As a church family, we often share ideas, games, activities, and food.  Below you will find a listing of some of our favorite things....  Enjoy!

​​CBF Recipes, (good for covered dish dinners, picnics, celebrations, etc.)                                                                           Foods mentioned in the Bible


Main Dishes


  Fruit Salad (can double as a dessert)



  Easy Crisp Cucumber pickles

  Fried Green Tomatoes

  Grandma Freda Zeh Justice's Macaroni Salad

  Watermelon Rind Pickles


Snacks, Treats, Appetizers & Condiments

  Mini Chicken Pot Pies....   (could be made as a larger "pie" )

   Easy Salsa

  Pico d'Gallo type salsa  (Fresh Homemade Salsa for Canning)

  Stuffed Dates

  Tomato Jam  (a great way to add a sweet/savory sauce to a dish; excellent on cream cheese or crackers)

  Quick & Easy Pizza Bread


Desserts and other sweet stuff

  Aunt Jeanne Clawson's Pound Cake

  Christmas Cookies

  Lavender Honey Mint Coconut Milk Ice Cream


Bible Knowledge On-line Games...

 Bible Baseball       Bible Jeopardy         Bible Trivia Challenge         Bible Trivia Challenge by Categories        Who Wants To Be A Saintly Millionaire???  


 Bible Maps! for kids of all ages :-)


Family Activities/Games/Videos

 Glow in the Dark Bowling            A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens, an animated version           Make Your Own Christmas Village with Cut-Outs 


 Thanksgiving Bingo

"I betcha didn't know"....History Factoids...  

 The Story of the Pocket Watch        A Tale of Duncan McCall-Soldier, Pastor, Statesman


Stories of Courage, Personal Responsibility, History, and Faith

 Courage, Boys!       Black Founders, a 4 part series        Elections That Shaped America          One Minute American History videos

 Stories of Faith & History  by Little Bear Wheeler                         Miracles in American History

 Saul Alinsky, the devil's apostle (providing the foundation for the American progressive movement)

 Immigration in America: The Four-Part Series            The Fish that Saved the Continental Army             The History of the US Army


 Inside the Strategic Air Command               (In Honor of Founding Pastor Clawson, and his career in SAC)     

               The History of the US Strategic Air Command