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The Read Scripture Series has a 7+ minute video for Chapters 1-11, and an 8+ one for Chapters 12-50, both of which give an excellent visual overview of Genesis.  

This is an animated version of Genesis (Chapters 1-11,  and Chapters 12-50 ) from the folks at The Bible Project, which is especially good for folks who like an artistic rendition with very few words on the canvas...

NOTE:  As with all studies, use what study tools you can to rightly divide the Word.  Be a Berean, & recognize that sometimes folks will disagree on what they think they see or know in the Scriptures.  Use history. Use context. Use research.   Answer the question Jesus asked the scholars of His day--"How do you read it?" Don't just take someone else's teaching as the final truth.  Read the Word for yourself, pray for wisdom from above, & study to show yourself approved.   editor

Outline from "The Great Texts of the Bible Commentary -Genesis"

Genesis 1:1 — The Creation and the Creator
Genesis 1:2-3 — Let There be Light
Genesis 1:26-27 — In the Image of God
Genesis 3:8-9 — Fellowship
Genesis 3:15 — The Conflict of the Ages
Genesis 3:24 — The Tree of Life
Genesis 4:9 — Am I my Brother’s Keeper?
Genesis 5:24 — Walking with God

Genesis 9:13 — The Rainbow
Genesis 22:1-2 — The Proving of Abraham
Genesis 25:34 — The Bartered Birthright
Genesis 28:16-17 — Jacob’s Vision
Genesis 32:24 — Spiritual Wrestling
Genesis 49:10 — Shiloh

from eTeacher Hebrew 

 A MAN WORKING THE GROUND   The ground we are walking on and mankind were bonded together at the time of creation. The role given to Adam by God is clear - he is to rule God’s creation, by working the ground. “Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground” (Genesis 2:7). If we read this verse in English, it seems as just another biblical statement. However, the original Hebrew words reveal an entirely new view on this matter.  

THE MEANING OF ADAM      The name of the first man exhibits perfectly the power of the Hebrew language. The name of Adam אָדָם- (pronounced: adam) in Hebrew is related to two other Hebrew words: דַּם (dam) “blood” and אֲדָמָה (adamah) “earth/ground”. This linguistic relation shows us that the basic meaning of Adam was associated with both “blood” and “ground”. The connection these words and the meaning of it is understood only if we read the text in Hebrew. 

Thoughts on Genesis Chapters 1-2    Elder Vanessa Justice

Genesis Chapters 1-2 cover the days of creation... Chapter 1 is a general overview, and Chapter 2 puts the details in order.

     Interesting note: light was there BEFORE the sun (plants grew on Day 3, but the sun, moon, and stars appeared on Day 4.  I suggest the light was the eternal Shekinah Glory of God, which will return again at the end of all time to light up New Jerusalem). Also, note that Adam was formed from the dirt, then the garden was made, and finally Adam was placed into it --- alone.

"Gen 2:7  And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul. 

Gen 2:8  And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed. 

Gen 2:9  And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil."

     Adam was to tend the plants, so he was possibly moved into the garden on either Day 3 or 4.  I suggest Day 3.

"Gen 2:15  And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden to dress it and to keep it."

    After a short while, the land animals were created (early on Day 6) and brought to him to be named. No suitable partner among the animals was found.

"Gen 2:18  And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him. 

Gen 2:19  And out of the ground the LORD God formed every beast of the field, and every fowl of the air; and brought them unto Adam to see what he would call them: and whatsoever Adam called every living creature, that was the name thereof. 

Gen 2:20  And Adam gave names to all cattle, and to the fowl of the air, and to every beast of the field; but for Adam there was not found an help meet for him."

     Finally, the solution came--later on Day 6 after the naming of the land animal--Mrs. Adam...

"Gen 2:21  And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof; 

Gen 2:22  And the rib, which the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman, and brought her unto the man."

Genesis 1:1-12   History is His Story         Pastor Chuck Clawson        22 September 2013            

 Genesis lays the foundation to show us just how God approaches His creation and the act of creating itself.  Why even make us?  What is this whole life experience about?  Do we really have free will?  What about heaven? hell? and what is our part in all this stuff?  Pastor Clawson begins to walk us through just why God made us and what truths are missed about the love of our Creator because we look through our own traditions rather than taking Him at Him at His Word...

 Genesis 1:1-5 ~ learning to discern the manipulation of the enemy   Pastor Joshua Justice   13 January 2019

Notice how the serpent questioned the woman.  He tried to plant doubt and began with a broad generality, a disguised lie, then pushed her to focus on what would (or would not happen) to her seeding that doubt, then ended with a touch of the truth (you'll know good and evil), and  sealed it with a bit of window shopping and marketing that can lead to lack of contentment and a desire to suddenly have something 'better' than what she had -- " will be like God."    Pastor Josh points out that this is a tool used of the enemy, the scoffer, the confused, and the atheist to question both God and our faith. We must define the terms so the false premises are exposed and the conversation stays focused on the actual truth.   Learn to discern.  Read His word.  Know exactly what God “hath” and “hath not” said.

Genesis 1:9-13  Natural Life   Pastor Chuck Clawson     27 October 2013 

 Genesis clearly lays out the patterns of creation... All of His creation points directly to the Supreme Almighty, the Jehovah Creator, outside of time, and full of love and mercy.  In this discussion, Pastor Clawson takes us through those first few hours and first couple of days that leads to the height of His plans...creating a place of physics and chemistry, of light and darkness, of richness and life...a place in which He can walk with His greatest creation yet...


Genesis 1:14-19   Let There Be 'Natural' Light!   Pastor Chuck Clawson    10 November 2013 

Pastor Clawson continues to tell the story of the first days of the universe, explaining the intricacy and balance necessary for all the various pieces to work flawlessly together, made for our use and enjoyment,  and ending with a nod towards the beauty of America and her promise with a story of the musician Woody Guthrie and his iconic song "This Land is Your Land". 


Genesis 2:1-3  The Rest of the Story, Day 7   Pastor  Clawson    12 January 2014  

  Rest! What a wonderful change of pace after a long work week or challenging circumstances! God ordained a day of rest for His favorite creation, man. The God of the Universe does not require a bodily rest, but we do, and He showed by example just what is that rest. Taking time for others, taking the time to enjoy what He has done and is doing, taking the time to just walk with Him... His love for us is shown in Day 7 and throughout all the world . The song says it plainly ~ This Is My Father's World !


Genesis 2:4-7  The Generations of  Man's Creation           Pastor Chuck Clawson     26 January 2014   

"Now these are the generations....." In school we are taught a theory as though it is a fact, that evolution from one-celled somethings eventually became thousands of distinct and separate living things, from flowers to man.... Genesis has another explanation... Now we look at the generations of man, God's most important creation (He said it, not us ).  The Word of God provides clear lines of man's growth, from the Garden to the Messiah... Listen and learn of your divine heritage... we are more than mud and theories~we are creations of the Living God of the Universe! (a thank you to the tidbits site for the Hebrew that says "These are the generations of the heavens and the earth...")


Genesis 2:8-17   The Man and the Garden     Pastor Chuck Clawson    9 February 2014   

Day 3, the second half, when Adam, made earlier in the day, is now placed in the Garden of Eden which had been made just for him.  The Garden of Eden was a classroom protected from the wildness in the outside world, a place for God's only creation that is made in His likeness and His image, could grow and learn how to handle the responsibility of free will.  Genesis tells the story of innocence, experience, and hope... with redemption planned from the beginning of time...


Genesis 2:15-17  The Man and the Command  Pastor Clawson  23 February 2014

The Creator of the Universe is very specific when dealing with His creation, be they people or stuff.  In this discussion, Pastor Chuck explains that we must pay especially close attention to the words He uses when addressing a situation, His expectations, and when talking to us.  The importance of setting aside our preconceived notions and concentrating on His perspective cannot be emphasized enough.  The Lord has specific plans for each of us, and we can, if we will just be quiet enough to truly listen, understand exactly what He wants us to understand.  He has a very special love for us... listen as Pastor Chuck walks us through this perspective of the man and the command.


Genesis 2:15-17  The Law  Pastor Clawson    9 March 2014

Adam had only 1 command to follow...just one law... just one item in the Garden of Eden from which the Lord told him he could not eat... He could sit under it, enjoy the sight and smell of it ~ just don't eat from it... just one command. But the disobedience and the breaking of that command had huge consequences and those consequences eventually led to the death of Jesus the Christ so as to redeem us from separation from God forever. Consequences... little things matter. They always have, and they always will.


Genesis 2:18-25   The Woman    Pastor Clawson  23 March 2014   

The first four sermons discuss the initial days of Creation... the earth, the garden, Adam on Day Three, the lights in the heavens on Day Four, land animals, fish and fowl on Days Five and Six. Now we come to God's work at finishing His creation, and the final piece is the partner Adam will need to subdue and populate the earth, the creation destined to be his partner and formed from his side, showing a direct connection of one flesh. This is unlike all the other living things, formed of the earth or the sea. The woman is absolutely part of Adam ~ a creation meet, or worthy and fulfilling, to stand beside Adam, equal in dominion over the earth, and fully able to be his help in bringing God's plan to fruit on the earth.

Genesis 3:1-7   The Serpent     Pastor Clawson     13 April 2014 

The Garden was a perfect and peaceful place, but from the beginning the Lord has designed His people to be free to choose for themselves the paths they may take.  Therefore, He allowed them to spend time in the Garden, walking with and learning from Him, and eventually a test was allowed for Adam and Mrs. Adam to make a free choice to trust Him and lean on His training, expectations, and teachings, or to give in to temptations offered by one not a part of their daily lives... Satan and his followers were not led in heaven to commit rebellion, and yet 1/3 of the angels made the choice to follow Satan in making the choice to reject the Lord as their leader.  Now the old tempter, filled with the sin of pride, offers to "lead" God's latest free will creations into further knowledge... and they listened, then made the choice...


Genesis 3:8-15 The Confrontation, Evasions, Confessions, & Consequences      Pastor Clawson     27 April 2014

The Garden was in danger of compromise~ Satan had beguiled, deceived, tricked, and seduced Mrs. Adam to taste of the fruit God had made clear to Adam not eat. He ate, sin entered, they hid, and then they had to admit what they had done. God already knew, but in His mercy and grace He did not just walk up on them, but gave them a chance to come clean and repent. In loving them but needing to restrict their freedoms for their own good, they were cast from the garden with instructions and His continuing availability and with warnings about Satan and his wiles. As for Satan, himself, God pronounced heavy eternal judgment, from which there is no return, no repentance, and no hope. The same consequences may stand for us.... parental punishment (living with consequences, but learning to appreciate the need for the rules once broken), or eternal damnation... one to pull us back to the right way, and one to sever us forever from God. Your choice...


Genesis 3:16-19  The Consequences, Part 1      Pastor Clawson   25 May 2014    

No matter what path you take, it started with a choice you made.  Information may have been partial or complete, straightforward or twisted, or offered as an honest truth or as a temptation to change an already set path, but whatever the situation, the final result all rests on your choice and what to do with that information.  In the garden, they had been given the freedom to be and roam and do with just one restriction--don't eat of the Tree.   Satan had presented 'new information' which led to doubts which led to the choice to disobey God and eat...  Now comes the consequence of disobedience... the first wave of several pronouncements, consequences that set a path for every person on earth.  And each of these Children of Adam will have their own choices to make.  We need to be aware that every choice has a consequence.  Choose carefully.  And, remember, even if you choose poorly, if you come home to the Lord, He and He alone can still pull blessings out of the consequences, even if the ground stays cursed....


Genesis 3:20-24 The Rest of the Consequences, Part 2      Pastor Chuck Clawson    8 June 2014 

Pastor Clawson continues his exploration of that foundational story in Genesis.  The origin of who we are what we are, our beginnings as God's people, our fall, our hope, and why the need for our Savior, is in Genesis. Here the groundwork is laid for the reasons we struggle, we stand firm or fall, and how even in our darkest parts of our souls, we can reach toward a Holy God and expect mercy instead of the destruction a face-to-face confrontation with Him would demand of us.  It is a sad, but not deadly chapter in the race of man ,one that once understood (we are all one race, and all can "come home to the Garden" through the grace, direction and mercy the Father offers), will provide hope and help in returning to our first estate... peace and protection under His wings and in the Garden where we are free to eat of the Tree of Life via the atoning blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus the Christ.


Genesis 4:1-7  The Sins of the Fathers    Pastor Chuck Clawson  22 June 2014

The Garden is lost now to Adam and Eve, and a new type of life opens before them.  Being without the shelter of the Garden does not mean being without the presence of the Lord, but little is the same as it was.  Now he must provide not only food, but shelter and safety.   What was easy before now becomes a product of toil and planning.  Now the responsibility of the consequences bear down on the little family, and the fact that what they have done will affect their children for eternity is ever present... Choices... even the little have lasting implications...


Genesis 4:8-15  Am I My Brother's Keeper?  Pastor Chuck Clawson  27 July 2014

Cain and Abel~ a story of rivalry and grief that has shadowed the ages, a story that goes far to explain the condition of man today.   We have so many choices in this world, and our biggest is to humble ourselves to do what is right or to strike out through anger and self-righteousness.  Cain's choice destroyed a life, and set a pathway for his progeny forever... what choice or choices will you make when confronted with an error, a sin, or an outright wrong choice by an authority in your life?  Will you listen and learn, or strike out at the innocent in your anger at being caught, being confronted, and being internally convicted of your pride and rebellion?  Your choice, but remember the consequences will affect others, and may be eternal...


Genesis 4:16-22    Cain's Way vs. Abel's Way   Pastor Chuck Clawson  10 August 2014

So many questions we have as we go through life, so many unanswered!  And yet, the Word says God will guide and direct us.  So, how do we handle it when we are not sure? have an "iffy-ness" about choices? or even just feel like there is no answer and no one is listening?  For the converted, for the true Christian, the answer is always faith.  Just because we don't have every step laid out clearly, does not mean God is not directing them.  So, what happened with Cain and Abel?  What was the purpose of the seeming indulgence of just banishment granted to Cain, the man who murdered his own brother??  As we shall see, Pastor Clawson lays out how, while Abel's death was tragic, Cain's banishment was absolutely no reward and was tantamount to a long, fearful, heavy judgment...  The choices Cain makes now will affect all his following generations... there are only two paths now ~ anger and pride or repentance and humility

Genesis 5:1-5    Adam's Righteous Generations    Pastor Clawson     24 August 2014  

Clemency, not punishment... often we think of the events of the Garden as being only a punishment

for the sins let loose on the world, but Genesis 5 shows us another sign of the love of the Creator, a

sign easily missed, if we do not choose to search and find out the truth of the beginnings and

continuation of the race of mankind.

Genesis 5:25-32    Adam's Righteous Generations    Pastor Clawson   14 September 2014  

Pastor Clawson continues his discussion of what makes generations (plural) continue the habit of

following God and maintaining righteousness family after family after family.  It is a habit seated in

the heart, not just the head ~~ a habit that is seated in the deepest part of the family traditions, led

typically by the father, and supported by the faith that sees the goodness of God and the results of

choosing His ways over the call and temptations of a world that works on only what is seen and

assumed, not what deeply and truly is.  

Thoughts on Genesis 3-5   Elder Vanessa Justice

Here we find the story of the fall and find that the enemy of our souls has not changed over the many years of humankind, but continues to whisper lies and innuendos. We fall for it. Our ancestors did and our children will, if we don't learn from Adam's history and our own sinful natures...whispered lies and pride got them kicked out of the garden, caused brothers to come to fatal blows, and led to generations trying to find their own way but rejecting the things of their Creator... Put yourself in the story, and think of your latest "fall"... what lies did you believe or perpetrate on others? What whispers led to the arguments and the division of which you've been a part? Any of us could be Adams or Eves... 

Genesis 6:1-8  Sin vs. Grace       Pastor Charles P. Clawson  28 September 2014    

"If they won't follow the laws of God, do you really think they'll follow the laws of man?"  Pastor Chuck outlines the human condition we often call the sinful or sensual man, the way of the flesh, the worldly person who does what is right in his own eyes.  He traces from the beginning of history the choices the entire human race has continue to make over and over.  The first recorded polygamist was only 7 generations from Adam; the growth of the "mighty men" (think Al Capone or Adolph Hitler), the expansion of the "I'll do it my way" philosophy, and the constant pull of looks and self-indulgence over godly character and self-control.  Genesis 6 informs us of our flesh history.  It shows us that every generation, every family, every individual,  has the choice to follow the ways of Cain and reject the grace of God or be considered a true child of the Living God, accept His grace, and live a life worthy of the name we carry. 


Genesis 6:9-16  Noah and the Ark    Senior Pastor Chuck Clawson  12 October 2014   

Noah was a just, upright man living in degenerate times....which sound very similar to the complaints the saints today have of our own society...  Men and women were mighty in body and mind,  politics and wealth, influence and lands.... and used to running their own lives under their own laws, and ... ignoring God...   For 100 years, Noah tried to influence his culture and reach his friends and family.  He was a preacher of righteousness who was at least ignored, if not made the butt of jokes... but when God moved, and the truth of Noah's words came to pass, the people suddenly realized the payment for their lifestyles had come due.  Noah, a preacher of righteousness who did not cave to the culture, did not give in to the depression of being marginalized, and who became the foundation of the new and cleansed world. 


Genesis 6:17-22  Deliverance Promised...    Pastor Chuck Clawson   26 October 2014

The ark is being built, Noah and his family are trusting the Lord, the flood waters are going to cover the entire world, and only those who believe the plan of deliverance will actually escape the devastation to come... A tale from India speaks of a mouse that magically goes from being a cowering mouse to a cat to a dog but remains afraid.  Eventually, his fear directs his final incarnation.... God promises deliverance from our situations, and has proven His willingness and consistency from the garden on, and always works in partnership with men, but not everyone trusts or changes with the knowledge of His promises and the changes He brings to their lives.  It is up to each one of us to be free of fear and greed, to strive to grow with the Lord, or hang on to that mouse's heart...


Genesis 7:1-10  Deliverance Nigh!    Pastor Chuck Clawson     9 November 2014                       "Noah" sung by David & the Giants

Finally the day has arrived.  For 100 years, Noah has been preaching to the scoffing crowds that God is real, He is mighty, He is King of the Universe, and He is not pleased with the directions mankind has taken away from Him.  Noah has build the boat, explained about rain, tried to convince any and all who would listen that the choices they had made to reject God's ways for their own wants and fleshly ways would bring severe consequences.  Now the animals begin to gather; the proof is before them and yet the people still scoff and jeer and refuse to believe.....  and then comes the rain........


Genesis 7:11-24  "The Man, Saved, But Flesh? Drowned!"     Pastor Charles P. Clawson      23 November 2014

The story of the flood, its world wide devastation and the lasting memory of that deluge in people groups around the world is a warning flag planted strongly in the human psyche by the Lord.  He wants us to know, to remember, to warn, and to repent.  Such actions rewrote the geography of the world; similarly, when we bend the knee to him, and recognize and repent of our sins, we are flooded with His peace, His pathways, His protection.  Water in this case has two sides--it can destroy, or it can clean.  To be washed clean is a better thing than to be swept away in the torrents of a poorly lived and unrepentant life...


 Genesis 8:1-5  Testing the Waters       Pastor Charles P. Clawson     14 December 2014   

Whenever someone thinks of military service, often the first thought that comes to mind is the dreaded 'basic'.  Basic training takes a new, undisciplined, soft individual and turns that person into a skilled, more hardened, more aware, and stronger, soldier.  Making the decision to join the military gives one a kind of high ~ its an accomplishment to work hard and make rank.  However, along the way are hours of testing and training and boredom and even terror.  In Genesis 8 Noah and his family now face those long hours. The animals need attending, the waters are all around, and the Lord gave no end date as to when they could leave the Ark.  It is a sort of basic training for what will be the job of starting a clean and new world all over again... As Christians we go through our individual basic training exercises as well, all designed by our tough and loving "Sarge" to bring us into the full skills and strength as a member of His army, the Army of the Redeemed... and that means we, too, must survive and overcome while "testing the waters."


 Genesis 8:6-14  They That Wait         Pastor  Charles P. Clawson   25 January 2015 

 Wait, wait I say, on the Lord!  Noah did exactly that and was therefore  the object of God's "strange work of grace".... that work of Jehovah God wherein He reaches out to the sinner, cleanses us from sin, works with us when we will work with Him and brings life out of death... Who would think that the story of the terrific devastation of a worldwide flood would tell of such love and grace?  If there is sin and death, implacable evil, idolatry and pride, it must be removed, even destroyed, before the innocence of life can take hold.  That is what God did... through Noah He reached out to a world that had fully turned its back on Him and on His ways. Implacable evil, idolatrous worship, and the rejection of God's ways will always lead to destruction, but if you see the consequences on the horizon, and return home to Him, He will treat you tenderly, as Noah did with the dove, and bring you back into the ark until such a time as you can fly free to live in the manner you are designed to live... under His grace and care.


Genesis 8:15-22  New Life, New Earth, New Promise of the Father  Pastor Charles P. Clawson    11 January 2015

The flood is now history, and the new world awaits.... Noah and his family disembark and have a choice to bewail their situation, or praise the Lord who saved them and gave them a clean new slate.  Noah made his choice showing the way with a free will offering building an altar to thank and please the Lord.  When we have "second chances" do we have the strength and gratitude to do the same?  or do we tend to fall back on our old ways of doing things?  Every choice is ours to make ~ make it wisely...


Genesis 9:1-7  New Covenant ~ New and Revised   Pastor Charles P. Clawson  8 February 2015

Pastor Clawson's discourse on Genesis 9:1-7 covers not only the admonitions the Lord gave to Noah and his sons, but also relates those admonitions to today's laws and governments.  As we look at the passage, we come to understand that after The Flood, many of the basic "rules of life" were altered.  Therefore, God laid out anew His expectations of Noah and his family.  A look at history shows us just how man through the ages has dealt with the changes since The Flood, down to today's applications and understandings of some parts of what we know as the "natural laws" as expressed in Genesis 9:1-7 ~

Gen 9:1  And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. 2  And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.  3  Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things.  4  But flesh with the life thereof, which is the blood thereof, shall ye not eat.  5  And surely your blood of your lives will I require; at the hand of every beast will I require it, and at the hand of man; at the hand of every man's brother will I require the life of man.  6  Whoso sheddeth man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the image of God made he man.  7  And you, be ye fruitful, and multiply; bring forth abundantly in the earth, and multiply therein. 


Genesis 9:18-29  That Demon Rum   Pastor Charles P. Clawson   8 March 2015  

For many years, the Temperance League fought against hard spirits and often was heard a shout such as "That demon rum is ruining lives!"  Alcohol misuse is not a new thing, nor is the laxness of self-control and the potential for great shame that accompanies excess.  Our first real picture of what happens when one sets aside one's self-control and gives it to hard spirits is a story of shame, family anger, and a curse that extended (and some would say still extends) through hundreds of generations of Noah's family.  It is interesting to note that Ham was the son that did not respect his father, and through his line are those who have often been held as captives, while through the line of Shem comes the tribe to be known as the Israelites.  One will serve the other.... Genesis 9:18-29...

Genesis 10:1-5  The Generations of Man Begin...Again!  
Pastor Charles P. Clawson      22 March 2015          

  The Great Flood has receded, and the earth is ready to begin again..... Noah and his family are now set to fulfill the plans to re-populate the earth with lovers of the God of the Universe. Pastor Chuck takes us step by step through Noah's family, the importance of their names, and the importance of their impact. Notably, the sons are not listed by the order of birth, but by theocratic importance.   Such details as given in this chapter will serve as the foundation for understanding the character,  choices, and later spread of Noah's family across the entire globe...

To hear a reading of Gen. 10, click on the map. 

 Genesis 10:6-20  Ham   Pastor Charles P. Clawson    12 April 2015

   Never return a kindness~pass it on; that's the them of this discussion...just like the Lord did for man, over and over again..... cycles of behavior are often

based on what we get and what we  give. This chapter looks at the cycles of a person to a family to a tribe to a nation back to one man, each group trying to strive for earthly satisfaction, perfection if you will, but usually failing miserably....we start with Adam and move through the cycle to Noah and move again from one man to a family to tribes to nations to Jesus... the One Man who brings us back from falling to climbing to falling to climbing... God wants us to be the architect of our cycles, our circumstances, and to move from a fallen nature to a redeemed nature that settles us fully from the cycle of ruinous choices to a cycle of fulfilled and joyful responsible freedom as not a child of Adam, but a child of God, Himself.  In a time when the giving of names meant a recognition of possibilities and/or character, Genesis shows the long list of the sons of Noah, and their impact on the regeneration of the world. As Pastor Chuck goes through the names, the character of the person and the peoples they became begins to show through the later narratives... some were shepherds, others "menstealers" and yet others "merchants",  "those of the high countries" or "the terrorists"...  What we are, we promote...for good or for bad... and it is always our choice...our very lifestyles may be the exact thing that wins others to Christ....


Genesis 10:21-32 Shem     Pastor Chuck Clawson     26 April 2015    

    The genealogical studies continue as Pastor Clawson lays the foundation for the dispersal of families across the entire globe at the conclusion of the flood by looking at the last of the three brothers, Shem.  God had a plan to set families is areas which would then be theirs and in which His name could be taught and His worship be central.  As in all things human, however, people have free will and not all descendants of Noah and his sons continued with the plan and worship of Jehovah.  Man's pride and selfish nature will eventually lead to a total confusion among the nations and peoples, and the seed of that dispersal will soon come with the hatred and resentment between individuals and groups, the pride of conquest, and the Tower of Babel.


Genesis 11:1-9  Babel   Pastor Chuck Clawson  24 May 2015

Language--the process of expressing thought with sound... communication... ideas, feelings, memories, and concepts that can transfer and be shared between people just using sounds, pictures or hand signs to form symbols that we can all share and with which we "paint pictures in the mind", strive to understand each other, build relationships, invent things, expand each others' plans, adapt to new circumstances, and develop community... Genesis tells us that at one time, all the earth's people spoke one language and came together in common and uniting causes.  During the time of the building of the Tower of Babel, society was sorting itself out ~ cities, towns, edifices and building to be gathering places...  Architecture could serve to show pride in a group or to show strength to a potential rival... Noah and his three sons were evidently still alive when this tower was built, and one can only imagine what the thought of the direction in which mankind was heading.....and oh, what would he think of today? On this Pentecost Sunday, Genesis shows us how the world was divided; Pentecost shows us how to be united again, one people, one language of love, one Lord, one Spirit, one baptism, one group committed to His leadership... And you, are you building a city or a tower to your own strength, or a community that lives to uphold the honor and glory of God?


Genesis 11:10- 26  Shem...again!!     Pastor Chuck Clawson   14 June 2015 

This chapter, like others in the Old Testament, seems so dry as we read the family lineage and date and name after date and name of the "begottens".... and yet, once we dig more deeply, we see God's hand of mercy and love tracing through the genealogies. Follow the patterns and timings as Pastor Chuck takes us through the lifelines of Shem and his sons and grandsons.... you just might find a challenge to live up to the calling of Christ sooner than later...


 Genesis 11:27-32  Hello, Terah!       Pastor Chuck Clawson  28 June 2015    

"We will flounder before we throw freedom away"... the story goes that a ship carrying plaster casts of the statue of Freedom on the dome of the capital building was caught in a storm, and the crew, afraid of sinking, wanted to throw the casts overboard.  The captain, however, stopped them and they eventually made it safely to shore.  How often are we willing to throw our freedom in Christ away, because life brings us storms and threatens our peace, even safety?  Today's passage looks carefully at Terah and Abram.  They were willing to take a chance, to move on the word of Almighty God, to trust that He is able to fulfill the promises given, and to go into places unknown...  Are you willing to follow the leading of God? to risk upsetting your friends? leave behind the familiar? to go forward into a freedom because of God's calling that you cannot quite explain?  Terah was, and so was Abram... to the point of Abram being eventually renamed and called The Friend of God.  Now that is worth not throwing the heavy things of life overboard....

 Genesis 12:1-5  Hello, Abram!  Pastor Chuck Clawson  12 July 2015  

A prominent astronomer and avowed Christian was once asked "If our world is so little, and the universe is so great, how can we believe that God can pay any attention to each and every one of us?"  With a smile, the astronomer replied, "It all depends, entirely, on how big a God you believe in..." The life of a servant of God is like the light of the sun~to some it brings a blessing and warmth which causes and encourages growth in those who receive it; to others the sun brings heat, decay, and hardship... it is all in how the individual receives the light and all in whether they, and we, respond or react..... So, just how big is your God?  If God called on you, as He did Abram, what would you do?  He calls each of us today, and has probably already tried to reach you somewhere along your pathway... Did you know? Are you listening? Have you responded? Is your God big enough for you to follow in the footsteps of the Friend of God, Abram??  Will you choose to respond to the Light of the Son? Or, are you reacting, complaining, and only feeling the heat of His call? And, have you just tuned into a small, weak voice which belongs to your version of a small, weak god, and chosen to go on about your day as though there is no possibility of the miraculous belonging to you... 


 Genesis 12:6-9  Abram Starts...      Pastor Chuck Clawson    26 July 2015  

Called from his settled home, Abram and his family now travel into Canaan... and then keep travelling...  The land was suffering from a famine, so now was not the time to settle down.  Abram's travels are similar to our own Christian pathway.  Often, when we finally follow the call of the Lord, we hope to settle down to a peaceful and uneventful, even no-stress, life. Often God has other plans...  Follow Abram as he travels through what will become the heritage of his children and grandchildren.  Go with him as he, Sarai, and their entrourage walk through Canaan to Egypt and back to the land that Isaac, Jacob and their descendants will call their own.  And, see if it doesn't hint at just a bit of the walk the dedicated Christian is called to follow...   



Genesis 12:14-20 Egypt   Pastor Clawson   23 August 2015  

Egypt, often used as a picture of the world, of a place that Christians can be tempted to walk away from the faith, and yet God calls Egypt His second son and used that country to shelter Mary, Joseph and Jesus when they were hiding from Herod's killing squads.  Not all the world is evil, and not all the world is horrible, but it is still the world, it makes its own rules (often without God) and is in need of a savior.  Abraham's travels through Egypt serve as a picture of what God's people should not do, and how the world might react.  We must remember that often the reactions we receive have as much to do with how we present ourselves as it does with the message we give.  Truthfulness is not morality, and morality is not a religion. But, religion without morality grafted upon its very core, is useless. Morality must be at the center of religion's behavior, or "religion" produces sin... Abraham stumbled due to fear, and fell to that fear, but believed in the God He served.  His faith dictated his change, especially when confronted by the Pharoah who demanded truth.  Abraham repented, learned, and was given grace by both God and the powers that be... it may not always be that way with us, but if we never deceive in the first place, we won't have to find out....

Choices (Lessons from Genesis 13)  Pastor Billy Robertson    message notes     watch the sermon video here     7 July 2019      

 In this sermon we learn about choices and the consequences that may come as Pastor Billy looks at the lives of Abraham and Lot in his sermon on "Choices".   By the time the uncle and nephew had arrived in Canaan, they had been together for a while and had amassed large herds of sheep and cattle, had many servants, and by now had collected a great deal of actual financial wealth.  The land had become crowded with their possessions, and their herders had often fallen into arguments over land, water, and living space...the decisions that followed made all the difference in their lives, their family fortunes, and their wealth. These decisions had consequences that last for generations to come. Unless we are wise and just in our decision making, we may find ourselves with consequences we never considered.  The picture of Abram and Lot, the family division, and the nature of the eternal consequences for so many over the years, should become a warning for every believer and everyone who faces both major and seemingly minor choices.  We should always consider choices that encourage Godliness, based on the clear character of the Father as Jesus presents Him to us, and the wisdom found in the Bible itself.   Choosing wisdom, justice, and mercy as God defines them will always lead to hope and eternal prosperity.  Replacing His leadership with our own human wisdom and decisions will lead to destruction as clearly and surely as Lot found. You can choose your choices, but you cannot choose the consequences… You can only live, or die, with them. 

Genesis 13:1-9   Abram and Lot    Pastor Clawson     13 September 2015

Real people, dealing with real problems... Abram runs to Egypt evidently without the guidance of God, and puts himself and his family in dangerous situations.  Finally, he returns to the Promised Land and recovers his spiritual sense, evidently learning from his Egypt experience.  Like any saint, slipping into sin can quietly happen, and are often the consequence of being distracted by problems or the promises of the world.  Like proper saints, acknowledging sin and returning via the way of repentance and obedience to the ways of righteousness, brought not only Abram, but will bring every other follower of God back home, with "a clean heart and a right spirit within".  The old ways as defined by the Lord, the old paths laid out by God, those paths of kindness, commitment, and right choices will lead to peace, a place for us in the spiritual Promised Land, and the blessings of God in our lives.

Genesis 14:13-24   Lot Delivered!  Pastor Clawson  13 December 2015

Being a captive, as was Lot, is not that different from being a slave to drugs, tv, work, abuse, sex, things which are constant in our thoughts and things with which we panic to lose.... owned by others, things, or as a spoil of war, the story of Lot shows hope and that men of peace, like Abraham, must also step up and be men of steel and resolve as lead by the Lord. Abraham, who followed a path of righteousness, yet had to ally himself with surrounding kings to build a force capable of defeating those who had taken Lot and attacked those kingdoms.  Abraham kept a clear distinction while having to work with these men to free the captives.  We are in this world, and must work with what is here, and yet can stay "unspotted", if we are careful to listen to scripture and make a clear separation of responsibility and honor.  All of our enemies--political, physical, spiritual, emotional, financial, and our own poor choices as well as the world systems and the devil himself-- are equally defeatable, when we trust in the Word of God to route the enemy and keep us safe while working with the tools at hand, whatever and whoever that might be.    

Thoughts on Genesis, chapters 25-36--Elder Vanessa Justice
Abraham has passed away, after ensuring that his family had roots in the promised land by purchasing lands from the 'Children of Heth'; Isaac has married his cousin, Rebekah, with whom he repeats a family trait--not quite telling the truth. He, out of fear, told local king Abimelech that his wife was his sister. One problem, unlike the half-truth Abraham told kings about Sarah, Isaac told a whole lie... Deception seems to be a major human trait that in small or large doses all people must work to overcome. Rebekah deceives her husband on his death bed when she coaches her second-born to take her first-born's place to receive Isaac's blessing, which essentially passes the majority of the wealth and prestige to Jacob. Esau is furious, so Jacob runs to his mother's family, where, again, deception becomes a part of the family relationships. Uncle Laban cheats Jacob with Leah instead of Rachel. He shortchanges him wages, and the family dynamics continue...Jacob is on the move, leaves his home of 20 years, and heads back to his birthplace... In our lives, we must sometimes "go home" and in so doing face hard realities, hopeful to repair damages from our past, but aware that it may not be the case.... Such was Jacob's situation...​ Eventually Jacob is done with this all, and has a surprising contact with the Living God. He changes. He knows he must return to the land of his birth and do his best to make it right... and fear is definitely there. So, what can we learn from this section of truth about less than perfect men and women? There is hope. Yes, you will live with the logical consequences of poor and even sinful choices, but God is merciful and can (and does) use the broken tools we often are, especially if, like Jacob, we are willing to give all to being His... That does not make us perfect, but it does mean God does not just 'throw us away'...

Thoughts on Genesis 36-41--Elder Vanessa Justice

Chapters 36-40 tell the story of Joseph and his multicolored coat, pride, favoritism, and siblings who have had enough...and how God's purposes can come to pass in spite of our wrong choices.  The siblings wanted to kill him, but Reuben found a way, although it didn't quite work out the way he wanted, to sort of protect his dad's  "upstart" favorite son.  That plan ended up with Joseph in Egypt---What a story of protection in a hostile land! From slave to second in command of the entire country, God used Joseph's willingness to endure so that He might place him at a level to save thousands of lives. This is the story of today's reading--Genesis Chapters 38 -41 cover his rise to honor and power. Should we find ourselves in such situations as slavery and prison, would we have the same calm and selfless willingness "to do all as unto the Lord" as Joseph did?

Thoughts on Genesis 48-50  --  Elder Vanessa Justice

 The time of the founding Patriarchs is now closing. Jacob is well on in years and foresees his coming death. In calling his children to him, he blesses each of his sons and the two grandsons whom he called out specifically to claim as his own ... interesting... Blessings... What kinds of "blessings" do we call out on our own families? Have you ever considered praying for and blessing your children, say, before they go to work, or begin to consider a life partner? Blessings are powerful words... and words very much count... read carefully how the Bible describes Ephraim and Manasseh.