March 2015


                                                                        1 Sun~ Fellowship Sunday!  Join us as we eat together at a local restaurant after the morning service and enjoy the

                                                                                     fellowship of fellow believers.

                                                                                                            Morning service~ Deacon Joshua Justice

                                                                                                            Evening service ~ Pastor Billy Robertson

                                                                         4 Wed~ Purim begins at sundown.  Please pray for our Jewish cousins world wide, and for the peace of Jerusalem.

                                                                                                            1:30pm Prayer Warriors

                                                                                                             7pm  Look to Creation! Character Studies ~Cautiousness vs. Rashness, An Overview

                                                                                                                               Knowing the importance of right timing in accomplishing right actions.

                                                                                          Proverbs 19:2  Also, that the soul be without knowledge, it is not good;  and he that hasteth with his feet sinneth.

                                                                         6 Fri~ 7:30pm  Home Fellowship at the Justice's.  

                                                                         8 Sun~ Daylight Savings begins!   Spring your clocks forward one hour, and don't be late to church! :-)

                                                                                                                            Pastor Clawson both services

                                                                        11 Wed~  1:30pm Prayer Warriors

                                                                                          7pm  Look to Creation! Character Studies ~Cautiousness vs. Rashness, Lesson 1

                                                                        Living within the protection of my God-given resources.

2 Corinthians 10::13 But we will not boast of things without our measure, but according to the measure of the rule which God hath distributed to us, a measure to reach even unto you. 

 13 Fri~ 7:30pm Home Fellowship at Amanda's 

 14 Sat~ Pat Fleming's birthday

 15 Sun~ Morning service~ Pastor Billy Robertson

                  Evening Service~ Deacon Joshua

 17 Tues~ St. Patrick's Day

 18 Wed~  1:30pm Prayer Warriors

                  7pm Look to Creation! Character Studies ~Cautiousness vs. Rashness, Lesson 2

                Realizing my greatest ability is also the point of my greatest vulnerability

            1 Corintians 10:12 Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.

 20 Fri~ First day of Spring!!!   7:30pm Home Fellowship at the Justice's

 22 Sun~  Pastor Clawson both services.


 25 Wed~     1:30pm Prayer Warriors

                      7pm Look to Creation! Character Studies ~Cautiousness vs. Rashness, Lesson 3

                               Remembering that greed crouches at the door of every heart.

Luke 12:15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth

27 Fri~ Upper Room Celebration Covered Dish Fellowship @ CBF Bring a favorite winter food and some praise reports, plus we celebrate birthdays (and

                maybe a new baby!)

                                               29 Sun~ Palm Sunday!!  

                                                                and Prayer, Fasting & Missionary Sunday.    Please join us upstairs as we break our corporate fast with prayer for our

                                                                communities, our missions,  & believers everwhere after the morning service.

                                                                                                  There will be no service tonight.



  Feel free to download a monthly calendar of our events here ... March 2015 Simple Wall Calendar


 April's wall calendar will be available the last few days of March. 


So you can be prepared for our sermons, teachings, & other events/good things, above you will find a listing/calendar which will show you the Scriptures to read &/or memorize ahead of time, the plans for home fellowships, plus other things happening in the area or that we are attending... Being prepared is a good thing! :-)