Negotiating the Grey Areas...And Dealing with Hard Questions

All the information on how to deal with the day to day walk of being a dedicated Christian in a fallen and sinful world is available through this self study.  "Going the Second Mile, Part 1" and "Going the Second Mile, Part 2" set the stage for the following lessons.  



     1. Going the Second Mile, Part 1              

     2. Going the Second Mile, Part 2

     3. Negotiating the Grey Areas, # 1           

     4. Negotiating the Grey Areas, # 2, First, The Biblical Mandates

     5. Negotiating the Grey Areas, # 3, Avoiding an Accusing Conscience, Part 1

     6. Negotiating the Grey Areas, # 4, Avoiding an Accusing Conscience, Part 2

     7. Negotiating the Grey Areas, # 5, Understanding Personal Convictions          

     8. Don't Worry About the Small Stuff 

Matthew 5:41  

And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. 


We also have a series of sessions where Pastor Joshua leads discussions on questions from our Facebook Hard Questions Bulletin Board and questions from the audience, both physical and during the live FB session.  Hard Questions... learning how to deal with other areas that might qualify as those grey areas of Bible study and application.  


Hard Questions -- an open Bible Study

Ask questions and find the clues to practical answers by being a Berean and searching the Scriptures.

Sometimes we find ourselves on opposite sides of the Christian fence with a brother or sister in the Lord. Should women be pastors? What about divorced leaders? How about tithing-- is it on the net or the gross, or is it even necessary anymore? Oh, and the music! Or how about whether or not to actually 'market' your church?  Joshua opens the floor to questions that folks may have, and together we study and work through both inductive and deductive reasoning. These are the Bible studies wherein we search, talk, and hopefully understand more fully the question and the answer, or at least move further down the road in gaining understanding and in deepening our faith, and where we don't always come to a hard and fast answer, but we do have the courage to face Hard Questions...


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