October 2015

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                                                                                                     Fri, 27:30pm Home Fellowship @ Phil & Vanessa Justice's  

                                                                                                     Sun, 4 ~  Pulpit Freedom Sunday  and International Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem Sunday

                                                                                                                     Morning Service ~ Lay Leader & Deacon Joshua Justice

                                                                                                                     Evening Service ~ Pastor Billy Robertson

                                                                                                            This is also our Fellowship Sunday! Join us after the service as we go together to a local                                                            restaurant & continue to enjoy the family of like-minded believers! Guests welcomed!

                                                                                                     Wed, 7 ~ 1:30pm Prayer Warriors

                                                                                                                   7pm A Bible Study with Josesphus  

                                                                                                     Fri, 9,~ 7:30 pm, Home Fellowship @ Amanda's

                                                                                                     Sun, 11 ~  Morning Service: Pastor Clawson 

                                                                                                                        Evening Service:  Alpha Omega Study  1 Kings 

                                                                                                     Mon, 12 ~ Official observation of Columbus Day.  Federal & state offices will be closed.  On 12                                                                                                                                    October 1492, Columbus landed at, and claimed for Spain and Christ, the island of San

                                                                                                                         Salvador in the Caribbean.   

                                                                                                     Wed, 14 ~ 1:30pm Prayer Warriors

                                                                                                                        7pm A Bible Study with Josesphus                                                 

Thurs, 15 ~ Gideons' Pastors' Appreciation Banquet, Ft. Lee, VA

Fri, 16 ~  7:30 pm, Home Fellowship @ Marge's 

Sun, 18 ~ Morning Service ~ Pastor Billy

                  Evening Service ~ Lay Leader & Deacon Joshua Justice

Mon, 19 ~ Marge's birthday!!

Wed, 22 ~ 1:30pm Prayer Warriors

                   7pm A Bible Study with Josesphus   

Fri, 23 ~ 6:30pm Covenant Bible Fellowship montly Celebration Covered Dish Dinner    Join us as we sing a song or two & praise God for the good things

                He's given us this month!  Anniversaries, birthdays, jobs, insights.... come share some food and fun!

Sun, 25 ~ Prayer, Fasting & Missons Sunday.  Join us upstairs after the morning service as we pray for our communities, our church, our nation & our

                                                                                     missions, then break our fast with a community meal.  

                                                                                       Morning Service: Pastor Clawson  

                                                                                       Evening Service: Alpha Omega Study   1 Kings   

Wed. 28 ~ 1:30pm Prayer Warriors

                  7pm A Bible Study with Josesphus   

                     On this date, in 1889, Lady Liberty, a gift from the children of France, was dedicated to the people of the United States in New York Harbor.

Fri, 30 ~  Special 5th Friday Home Fellowship at Mrs. Floyd's, Matoaca

Sat, 31 ~ Reformation Day. On this date, in 1517, Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses of the Christian Faith on the Wittenburg Church door.

                This was a common way of the time to post items for discussion and/or debate.  Little did he know that these "items for debate"

                would open a discussion that culminated in the reformation of the Catholic church and the beginning of the Protestant movement.  

                All Hallow's Eve (the evening before All Saints' Day), also known as Hallowe'en and now Halloween, a time when spirits walk

                & you might be confronted by the harbingers of evil (& must leave them something or suffer for ignoring them...)

                                                                      Normally we do not have a home fellowship on Halloween...


 Download a simple wall calendar for October here...


download the November wall type calendar here.... (available the last few days of October)

So you can be prepared for our sermons, teachings, & other events/good things, above you will find a listing/calendar which will show you the Scriptures to read &/or memorize ahead of time, the plans for home fellowships, plus other things happening in the area or that we are attending... Being prepared is a good thing! :-)