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 The Secret (or why the Christian faith is different from all others....)   Deacon/lay Leader Joshua Justice

     The Chrisitan faith... like others, it provides guidance and succor to those who follow it, but the Christian belief system rests on things very different from other systems.  Yes, it answers questions, like "Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Just what is the secret to this thing we call faith?" Deacon Joshua asks each of us now," Do you have faith? What about other religions, do they promote faith??? So what is so different between Christianity and all other belief systems, especially if they all have some sort of faith expression?"  The answer is that Christianity IS different from ALL other faiths....... and we have the answer to that difference.  We have the key to the answers, because we have access to and can understand "The Secret". 


Comments and teachings on Islam...

The Real Truth of Islam  by historian William J. Federer    This video delves into the history and goals of Islam across the ages...


Islam explained by a former Muslim woman   


 Christianity vs. Islam: A Comparison of Two Major Religions

     This PDF is a downloadable chart made available by

                       The John Ankerberg Show --------------------->


 Interesting information from Dr. Bill Warner, an expert  

on Islam & the Crusades... The Truth About the Crusades


   “How can God be  finite  and  infinite  at the same time?”     

  A Muslim from Pakistan asks Apologist Nabeel Qureshi

         questions about his faith in Jesus Christ.

   This is a great clip from a forum, wherein a practicing

     Muslim questions a former Muslim, now Christian

            apologist, about the Christian faith.




A snippet from a longer study by Rose Publishing on the 5 Pillars of Islam... it is NOT the full study, but is a "teaser" for purchase. However, it is interesting to note that the professor underlines that it is a faith of works, and there is NO assurance of salvation... just a hope that what you've done is going to be good enough...and you won't find out until you die...  

"Muslims and Christians don't worship the same God"  writes former Muslim Nabeel Qureshi, in his new book No God But One: Allah or Jesus? A Former Muslim Investigates the Evidence for Islam & Christianity.   Qureshi warns that this truth is offensive to Muslims, but he cannot be intellectually honest without admitting it.