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 The Whole Story: The Revelation of Jesus Christ

video & outline

by Calvary Church

10 Churches You Might Want to Avoid.  A article that looks at the churches described in Revelation.

The Read Scripture Series has 2 videos that give an excellent visual overview of St. John's  "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" in 2 parts  

Part 1, Chapters 1-11

Part 2  Chapters 12-22

To listen to the KJV version of the Revelation of Jesus Christ to St. John,  click on the title.

   NOTE:  As with all studies, use what study tools you can to rightly divide the Word.  Be a Berean, & recognize that sometimes folks will disagree on what they think they see or know in the Scriptures.  Use history. Use context. Use research.  

Answer the question Jesus asked the scholars of His day--"How do you read it?" Don't just take someone else's teaching as the final truth.  Read the Word for yourself, pray for wisdom from above, & study to show yourself approved.   editor

Revelation, the End Times, and the Return of the King

Revelation, the Study

This is a several month study by Founding Pastor Charles P. Clawson

 The documents provide an outline of coherent self-study as they move through the teaching

first with an introduction, and then chapter by chapter.  

It would be helpful to have a Strong's Concordance, and perhaps a Nave's as you progress through the outlines of each topic and/or chapter.  

(Please note that google docs has not allowed us to put the various outlines and notes into a strict date/chapter order.  

You will need to look at the full titles to figure the order of the notes... )

1a An Introduction to The Revelation of Jesus the Christ   notes

1b Revelation Lesson 2 - the Last Days Teachings  notes

1c Revelation Lesson 3 - Jesus's Warnings   notes

1d Revelation Lesson 4  - Will the Real Anti Christ Please stand Up?   notes

1e Revelation Lesson 5 - Tribal Origins

1f  Revelation Lesson 6 - chapter 1:2-7 ~  the 7 churches   notes

1g Revelation Lesson 7 - chapter 2:8-11  Smyrna  The Suffering Church   notes

1h Revelation Lesson 8 - chapter 2:12-17  The Church at Pergamos    notes

1i Revelation Lesson 9 - chapter 2:18-29   Thyatira   notes

1j Revelation Lesson 10 - chapter 3:1-6  Sardis, the decaying church   notes

1k Revelation Lesson 11 - chapter 3:14  22   Laodicea     notes

1l Revelation Lesson 12 -  chapters 4 & 5   Vision 2 begins (& extends to chapter 17)   notes

1m Revelation Lesson 13 - chapter 5  Vision 2 (Chapters 4-16:21) The Closed Book is Opened,  notes

1n Revelation Lesson 14 - chapter 6  The Seals   notes

1o Revelation Lesson 15 - chapter 7 Answering the Question  notes

1p Revelation Lesson 16 - chapter 12:1-13 Back to the Beginning~Spiritual Warfare  notes  

1q Revelation Lesson 17 -  chapter 12:12:9-end   notes 

1r Revelation Lesson 18 - chapter 13   And I stood upon the sand of the sea...   notes

1s Revelation Lesson 19 - chapter 13  continued...

1t Revelation Lesson 20 - chapter 14     notes

1u Revelation Lesson 21 - chapter 15  The Unfolding of the Wrath    notes

1v Revelation Lesson 22 - chapter 16   The Vials Are Poured Out     notes

1w Revelation Lesson 23 - chapter 17  The Scarlet Woman and the Beast    notes

1x Revelation Lesson 24 - chapter 18   “Babylon falls, saints called, world bawls!”   notes

1y Revelation Lesson 25 - chapter 19   King of Kings and Lord of Lords!   notes

1z Revelation Lesson 26 - chapter 20   The Final Conflict and the 2nd Death     notes

2a Revelation Lesson 27 - chapter 21   Judgments  notes

2b Revelation Lesson 28 - chapter 22   New Jerusalem   notes

Holy Judgments, Rewards, & Crowns

Pastors Billy Robertson & Joshua Justice discuss the character of the King,  the judgments to come, & what both believers & unbelievers can expect  when they stand before the King of Creation on their final days after death in front of the White Throne Bema Seat of God

God's Judgment and Mercy   Pastor Billy Robertson 22 April 2018   notes

  Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. Lot, though continuing to live in Sodom and Gomorrah, was called righteous because of the vexation that society laid upon his soul. Daniel served an occupying force, but stayed true to Jehovah and was rescued from terrors more than once.  Job was considered righteous above all men, and the Lord allowed the enemy to try to do everything he could to destroy him.  What was in common to these and other saints in Scripture? They were not perfect, and some were very flawed. They were beset by problems and had temptations thrown their ways. They trusted the God they served and withstood the society in which they lived, the hardships that fell to them, the pain of loss, and the attacks of the enemy. They knew their Father God had them in His plans and they trusted in His grace to withstand the godlessness and to spend eternity with the Father, rejecting the siren call of the enemy and trusting in His rescue. That is what we should be—a flawed human who trusts in the God of all creation and who looks for our redemption to come!

Goodness & Severity of God Pastor Joshua Justice 15 July 2018    notes

   Have you ever known a good father here on earth that did not have rules and expectations, that did not make clear responsibilities and work to be done, or did not either reward or punish as the need arose?  God is both good and defines what good is, and at the same time, He is just and clear in His expectations, His rules, and His mercy and love.  However, like any good father, if you choose to ignore or outright rebel, there are consequences.       

     If you ever had a question about eternal salvation, why bad things seem to happen to "good people", or why so many Christians call the Lord of heaven "Father", Pastor Joshua tells us the hints at the answers in this talk on the Goodness and the Severity of God.  

Judgment, Phase 1      Pastor Billy Robertson      10 June 2018     notes

  2 Peter lays out clearly the terrors of meeting God after denying His existence or rejecting His authority over life. Pastor Billy brings sense and balance to the warnings that are obvious throughout Scripture. No, God is not waiting around with a big mallet to thump people-- He does though give strong warnings of the dangers people choose, including choosing hell over heaven. It breaks His heart to have to close the door on the Ark of Salvation, but it will happen if people choose to ignore the clear and present danger of denying God's call to come home to Him.

Paul in Romans makes clear that our Heavenly Father not only loves us but expects us to grow more and more into His family's character. However, we have a problem. It is a sin problem, and it is not going to go away with one act, one declaration, one pill, or one decision. We have a sin problem, and the sooner we recognize that no matter how hard we try, we will mess up and need to own our mistake, our backbiting, our bad attitude, our addiction to whatever, or any of a hundred other trips and falls we have in this mortal life, the sooner we can rid ourselves of that layer of bad choices and grow a bit more like Him. No one is righteous, and we all fall, at least daily if not hourly or even moment by moment as we struggle to keep our flesh under control and our hearts clean. We just have to accept that our travel through this life will not be a perfect walk and that we cannot do it alone. This fact then underscores our need for self-examination. It is always better to confront the person in the mirror than to ignore our poor choices, bad behaviors, or missteps and force our Father to confront us. He is very aware of our sin nature, but loves us enough to correct, and shape, and teach, and guide, and even put us into strong punishment if we do not own the problem, ask forgiveness, and seek to make it right. The heart. Man looks on the outside, but God is all about our heart. Our bodies will not go into eternity, but the issues of the heart and the attitudes of our soul will. Trust in His guidance and correction to continually work on us to keep walking in the light. Do your part and face that person in the mirror. Be brutally honest, get on your face before the Lord, and then and only then can you walk in newness of life.

Judgment Phase 2     Pastor Billy Robertson     24 June 2018      notes

  Judgment, Phase 3       Pastor Billy Robertson    8 July 2018     sermon notes   

Malachi, that Old Testament prophet, gave both hope & warnings to people who called themselves the people of God.  He told of a "coming day", a day of judgment for both punishments & rewards, a day that will burn out the dross & purify someone or the day that will bring eternal damnation & torment.  He warned the proud men & wicked workers should repent now, or live in fear of "that day".   He also gave hope to those who gave their hearts wholly to the God of Heaven, who understood that at no point can a man or woman be perfectly sinless & absolutely righteous on their own merit.  Those who are trusting through faith in His grace & His covering will be called His "special treasure."  Acts tells us the Day of Judgment is fixed.  Jesus said no man knows the day or the hour of that coming day, so now is the time of grace & salvation.  Salvation is not something you can put off, since any person's time or hour may be imminent.  At the root of evil is the self-reliance on being good enough to go to heaven without God’s intervention.  All who put off bending the knee to the King of Glory miss the holiness of God Almighty.  They scoff & ignore the Sun of Righteousness.  They establish themselves as the pinnacle of standards.  Know this ~ God is not impressed….  We cannot clothe ourselves in perfect purity.  We cannot overcome on our own.  Only through Jesus the Christ can we have righteousness, salvation, light for our dark times, & a Guide Who will lead us into the ways of peace.  Through Malachi, the Lord warned of the judgments to come & calls loudly & clearly to come out of the darkness, be delivered from the power of sins, & return to the Lord of all creation, the King of Glory, the Father of all who turn to Him.   

Judgment (Phase 5)    Pastor Billy Robertson      12 August 2018            sermon notes

Although we live our lives as though they will never end, down deep we know that just is not true.  What can we expect once our time on earth is over—is there something on the other side, or are we just gone?  According to the Bible, & the words of Jesus Christ Himself, there is a time for each of us to stand before the Creator of the Universe & give an account for how we spent the life He gave us.    There are two major times of judgment - one is for those who have dedicated themselves to Jesus & trust Him for their life, both here & in eternity, & the other is for those who have rejected the grace & salvation He has offered & must face the consequences of that rejections.   The Bema Judgment is for those who have answered God’s call to repentance & faith.  Answering the King's call to faith moves them from creatures of His creation to sons and daughters that recognize His love, covering,  & Lordship over them.  At that judgment, the followers of Christ will be judged as one who runs a race.  Rewards, position in the coming kingdom, & blessings from the Judge are what believers can expect, trust, & for which they hope.  They will find their life in heaven to be one of eternal connection with their Creator.  The White Throne, or Final Judgment, is what the Bema judged are grateful to avoid.  Those who have rejected God’s light, life, grace, & kingship have effectively chosen to be their own “god” & will find His wrath at their rejection of His rightful place in their lives  This will be a fearful time, a legal court setting where final sentencing will be passed & exacted.  Nations, individuals, & the rebellious angels will all be condemned to full separation from the Creator forever.   We are all going to be judged, either for how well we ran the race with a welcome into eternity or for sentencing for rejecting the King of all Creation.  So, the questions we must all answer are “Which camp have I chosen? Have I submitted to His kingship in full faith & trust?  Am I running the race according to HIS rules? And, am I ready to face the consequences that are surely coming?” 

Judgment (Phase 6)    Pastor Billy Robertson    26 August 2018       sermon notes     

Judgments! That sounds scary, but did you know that judgments can also mean great rewards? In the case of the believer, it can mean one or more crowns that we are awarded when we finally stand before our King.  These crowns reflect the crowns of the King, but are not entirely like His.  Believers who stay true to the King to the best of their ability as they live throughout their time on earth will at some point stand before the Lord & be rewarded with the crowns that are the crowns of victory.  Like a prize won through mighty conflict or a badge of honor awarded after a long struggle, these crowns are a mark of respect & honor given by the King upon His return with His saints.  Judgments for the believer look at our faith & our works, our hopes & our actions, our temptations & our overcoming those attacks of the flesh & the spirit.  The believer must rely on his or her relationship with the King.  His grace is on us, & as we grow in our closeness through His word & our reliance on His wisdom, He will give us the power to labor well & be that victorious overcomer.

Judgment (Phase 7-the first 4 trumpets)  Pastor Billy  Robertson   9 September 2016      sermon notes 

The judgments of God are affected both here on earth & in the very real spiritual world. These judgments can result in rewards, corrections, or even just punishments. The book of The Revelation of Jesus Christ documents cataclysmic upheavals as God’ wrath that become a fearful reality as time begins to wind down. As we live through this life, we have always opportunities to learn of &follow the Creator of this universe. He has given us a free will to make the decision to choose fellowship with Him, or to design our own gods & reject His love & mercy. God’s grace & love for His creation is evident from the beginning of Creation, but we must always remember that He is the King of all Creation-this is His world & His holiness cannot abide willful sin & the rejection of His grace & mercy. In this sermon. Pastor Billy begins to look at the Seven Trumpets of Revelation starting with the first four. These judgments are specifically applied to God’s creation, with mankind dealing with the major changes these judgments bring about.  The first trumpet is sounded against the land; the second is against the seas; the third speaks to the rivers & the deep sources of fresh water; & the fourth trumpet sounds against the very created heavens themselves. The consequences of the destruction these judgments mean mayhem & death as the Father shakes the very foundations of His creation. All of this is to give a last strong call to sinful man to get off of His throne & commit to live under the blood covering of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many turn, but many do not, & that will finally lead to the last three trumpets. Their woes  will be much worse than the first four.  The last three judgments come to bear on sinful mankind, itself.  Yes, the worst is yet to come..

Judgment (Phase 8) “The worst is yet to come”   Pastor Billy Robertson   23 Sept 2018     sermon notes

“Woe! Woe! Woe!” the angels called in Revelation 8.  By Revelation 9 one of the warnings was described & the next two were on their way. Anytime the Scripture has the same thing in threes, expect intensity & a heightened level of importance. This is a  level that should bring a warning of things to come to anyone paying any attention at all.  It is the highest level of praise or warning, & in this situation, it is a warning to believers of things to happen before the great & terrible day of the Lord. Jesus also warns believers to not be so afraid that they spend time in preparing a defense for any verbal attack but to just live well & let the Lord provide the words needed at the time of the persecution. After all, tribulation exists now.  It is not the same as the wrath to come in that great & terrible day of the Lord.  God’s wrath will be more intense & dangerous than any time before, but the scriptures clearly indicate that His believers are not appointed to wrath.  Therefore, be aware of the tricks of the deceiver. The enemy of God wants only the destruction of all God loves.  Satan uses deception to the point of even becoming “an angel of light” to confuse, lie to, & hurt believers especially, but all mankind if possible. He sends his minions to work on the souls of men. Therefore, do not give in to fears. Beware of the lies of the enemy; he may even use your family & friends! He whispers to you, & does what he can to mess you up & draw you off the path.  Face him & tell him to be gone!  Ephesians 6!!  Remember Who is on your side! 

 Enduring & Overcoming    Pastor Joshua Justice     19 August 2018    sermon notes

 Are you feeling run down? Running out of steam? You can’t keep up with the demands of life, perhaps related to your relationship with God? There is a reason for that. It is hard work loving on people, especially people who don’t seem to deserve it, and yet over and over again in Scripture we are encouraged and even commanded to not give up, to not give in to the tyranny of the now, to the resistance of the flesh, and to the pressures of the day.  The Scriptures tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:21 to “Hold fast that which is good.”  This call becomes more urgent in Revelation 2:25 when the Lord tells us to “hold fast to what you have until I come.” He then tells us again in the next chapter (Rev 3:11) “I am coming soon. Hold fast to what you have so that no one will take your crown.” He is calling out to us to hang on! Don’t let go!  When you cross that final finish line, the rewards are beyond anything you can imagine!

The Incorruptible Crown    Pastor Billy Robertson     14 October 2018        sermon notes 

In this sermon, Pastor Billy continues his series on Judgments, Rewards, and Crowns.  This crown for the believer moves us from the judgments one earns for his or her loyalty to Christ, or disloyalty and rejection, and from  focusing on the righteous pronouncements of a Holy God to now realizing the Glory of God and learning of the crowns He chooses for those who believe and trust in Him. There are 5 crowns and each one reflects the Glory of God.  A key thought to remember is that the Glory of God is the standard by which sin is defined...   Listen in as Pastor Billy shares about the Incorruptible Crown--the Crown of Eternal Life & God's own Crown of His Glory!

 The Crown of Rejoicing       Pastor Billy Robertson        28 October 2018     sermon notes 

The Crown of Rejoicing !  What is that and how does someone merit a crown that highlights joy, happiness, and an overflowing heart???  Listen as Pastor Billy shares how to make sure you walk in joy here on this earth and in your lifetime.   Sound impossible?  Not according to the Scriptures.  Joy is a benefit of being a sold out Christian.  And, it is a promise from the Lord Himself that we should have “an abundant life”, which does not necessarily mean lots of stuff and money, but does mean a rich and rewarding life even in the tough times.  (Spoiler alert ~ keep your walk in the light, concentrate on praiseworthy things, and remember the Lord is walking with you through it all!  Share that knowledge with others and be a soul winner ~ that brings you the joy you seek!)  The Crown of Rejoicing!! 

1 Thess 2 19 Receive the Crown of Rejoic

The Crown of Righteousness     Pastor Billy Robertson      11 November 2018         sermon notes

The Crown of Righteousness...a reward from the King of Glory, but how does one live so that the Creator of all creation should choose to grant someone any crown, let alone a Crown of Righteousness? It can be placed on the head of any believer, but not in a "slap hazard" fashion. Like any race, there are goals to be met and hurdles to climb over. If you learn the "rules of the race" and run in a manner that stays on the track, a believer can get such a gift and recognition for a job well done. But first, he or she needs to understand how to achieve that reward from the King. It can be done, and Pastor Billy shares just what the Judge of the Whole Earth is seeing in a believer that merits "The Crown of Righteousness."

 The Crown Of Life        Pastor Billy Robertson      25 November 2018          sermon notes

Have you ever wondered about what the other side holds, why bad things happen, what the future holds, & just what Jesus meant about 'abundant life' when life is so not fair?  Ecclesiastes notes that life is full of good & bad & that no one can expect a perfect, trouble free life.  Jesus, though, made it just as clear that His entrance into our broken world was to provide a different answer to life's troubles.  He brought us miracles, new approaches to dealing with problems, showed us the grace of the Father, & made the hope of eternal life open to all who would both believe & stay with Him.  Jesus & his disciples did not have our New Testament ~ later they actually wrote it ~ & He used the Jewish canon to explain God's love & mercy to all around Him.  Deuteronomy 9:6 reminds us that our blessings & lives are a gift from God, a gift God alone gives due to His mercy & love alone, even when we are difficult & stiff-necked.  New Testament believers, those who believe on the Lord Jesus & look forward to His return, can know that our inheritance is  reserved for us & will not go away, if we keep our focus on getting back up when life knocks us down, recognizing that we are His workmanship & we are not here to finish some task list, but are here to found our lives in committed belief in Him,  & endure the trials. We who know, love, & therefore faithfully follow Jesus already have eternal life. When we meet Him upon our "graduation" from this training ground, we will be wearing a crown of life!      

The Crown Of Glory     Pastor Billy Robertson     27  January 2019       message notes       This message is the last in his series on Judgments and Crowns.   Pastor Billy reviews of the crowns so far revealed  ~ The Incorruptible Crown describes all crowns, contrasting with the temporal & temporary treasures  of this life. It is a crown given for faithfulness in running the race of life and exercising self-control in order to serve the Lord and finish the race. The Crown of Exultation or Rejoicing is a reward for witnessing, follow up, and  ministry to others.  The Crown of Life is given for enduring testing, trials, and temptations.  The Crown of Righteousness is a reward for faithfulness for using the gifts we have within us in His service and for loving His appearing.  To love His appearing is to live in the light…  In this concluding message, we come to The Crown of Glory ~  Pastor Billy reminds us that  it is our great honor to be just what Jesus was and is, to be accepted by those who accept Him and rejected by those who reject Him,loved by those who love Him and hated by all who hate Him., and thereby win The Crown of Glory by our submission to and unashamed identification with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, King, Judge, and Creator of all the universe...