Come to one of our gatherings!  Enjoy a service, a time of prayer, and the fellowship of the saints with us...

Sunday School 9:45-10:45 am
Sunday Morning Service 11-1pm
Sunday evening service 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm.

Tuesday--we currently have no classes scheduled but hope to have one soon...

 Christian Counseling Training Center classes   7 pm

  The CCTC is offering a series of classes at Covenant Bible Fellowship in Biblical principles to help the hurting and be a part of teaching others how to read and reach the peace God offers.  We meet upstairs and enjoy a more informal setting with coffee available and much discussion about application and immediate impact both in our lives and the lives of those around us. This class available to the entire Tri-Cities, Richmond Metro area. 

Online Facebook Bible Study with Pastor Josh 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
He loves to field comments and questions, so feel free to bring your questions, your concordances, your maps, your other Bible versions, any relevant histories you may have, and your Strong's! :-)  


6:00 am - 7:30 am Bible Study for those who work and need a shot of truth to deal with the day.  UPDATE:  While Pastor Chuck is ill, this has been suspended for a while.... we do plan on starting an early morning pre-work day study again, should there be a request and commitment to do so.  We can do a one-on-one study at any time, anywhere, and usually at one of the leaders' homes.... please contact us if you are interested.  (possible Bible Studies)


 Home Fellowships 6:30 pm - until...  The first three Fridays of the month~

  We meet in each others' homes, rotating locations. We bring something to share to eat after the singing and prayer time. We talk about the Scriptures we've read and spend time encouraging each other to be accountable to each other, find ways to help each other, and share how to reach out to those who do not know our Savior.  Sometimes we play games, sometimes we share victories or struggles in the Lord, and sometimes we just talk.  This is our church family pressure, just love.

The fourth Friday of each month~ Celebration Friday!  6:30- 8:30 pm

We meet at the church for a shared covered dish meal to celebrate each member's birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, graduations,  or any and every other achievement someone has enjoyed that month.
Fifth Friday Family Nights 
Whenever a month gives us a fifth Friday, we celebrate with something special~a cookout, a movie, a group visit somewhere, and if needed we move the event to the following Saturday to accommodate the event.  

We also plan various seasonal events such as Easter SonRise Breakfast at Church or Christmas Caroling and having a family night watching The Nativity, Claymation Christmas, and the Peanuts Christmas show.
Bring a friend and join us!
Bible Study offered   10 am  Coffee and Tea available
Prayer Warrior Circle & Pray Walk  Noon - 1:30 pm
Refreshments and sometimes a light lunch afterward


 Parking  Both street and a public parking lot are right out our front door. We are also handicapped accessible with
 a ramp from our protected back parking area.
 Public Transit  Petersburg has a bus system which has a stop at the south end of Monroe, across the street from  the Progress-Index and the US Post Office. It is a very short walk to our front door.

We have an ever growing database of sorts of our sermons, videos, and talks which you can access here.

Sunday School

     Usually led by Elder Phil Justice or Deacon Alwyn Floyd, the Sunday School is geared for a family setting, with children 10 and up being encouraged to take an active part in the discussions and exploration of Biblical thought and training.  (If younger children want to be a part, they are welcomed, but we ask the youngers to sit quietly with their parents.)  

 The 1st 3 Sunday morning services are led by Pastor Billy Robertson.  The  4th Sunday is reserved for our Elders & Deacons.
Pastor Joshua Justice
   does an online service each Sunday evening called Hard Questions which addresses conflicts, confusion, or Biblical application questions that folks have asked him to explain or research

     Each brings a unique perspective, and share not only theory but practical life applications of scripture.  Each Sunday's bulletin has the scripture list and perhaps some sermon notes on the back.  So, feel free to bring a notebook and keep a personal study record of the skills, thoughts, directions, and ideas the pastors bring to us.  


Every 5th Sunday morning we invite special speakers, many from the various organizations we support.  We then go to lunch with them and get to know them on a one-to-one basis.  There are no evening services on 5th Sundays so that we can spend a long time with our guests and perhaps exploring the information she or he brings.


To inquire about any of our services

Wednesday Evening Studies~ Currently,   "A Study in Matthew"
Pastor Josh is taking us chapter by chapter, sometimes verse by verse, through this first of the four Gospels...

Learning what it means to be mighty in spirit

*to have the ability to comprehend both the

   deeper thoughts of God and the hidden

   motives of man

*to judge truth by  God's spirit bearing witness

    with our spirit in harmony with Scripture

*to submit our minds to serve our spirit 

*to operate under God's Spirit as the source of

    wisdom and power   1 Corinthians 2:10


        Wednesday night services are geared for in depth questioning and discussion.  We run various series that provide practical applications such as the series "Negotiating the Grey Areas".    We might explore character development, the impact of Godly or fleshy character on our lives, and recognize God's work in nature as in our series, "Look to Creation!"  Or, we might bring in information about the events of the current times and how we should see these times through God's principles and perspective...

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The Importance of Prayer

​   We focus on and encourage both corporate and individual prayer... although we have times of praying aloud, we also believe each person, young and old, should have a time of private fellowship with the Lord.  

    We have corporate prayer during our Sunday and Home Fellowship gatherings, and are not ashamed to pray publicly as the situation dictates.  For the more private individual, we respect and support you as well.  

    The Prayer Warrior circle meets weekly at church, and we ask each member to take time daily to pray for the church, the leadership, and the Body of Christ worldwide.  

     The last Sunday of the month, many of us fast from Saturday dinner to the Sunday covered dish and prayer meeting after the regular morning service when we actively pray for our localities and missions.

     We encourage Scripture reading and memorization to aid in your worship and communication with the Lord and it is always good to have a trusted prayer partner. 


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Learn more about this essential task and habit of the sold-out Christian...

An In-depth Study in the Power of Personal Prayer!