Spring! Finally!!!

Spring is such a promising season, but so full of changes and surprises... like the ice that comes after 10 days of warmth that freezes the flowers and kills the fruit buds........ promising seasons... Our lives are full of them, but they don't always provide what we think is coming. Oh, eventually the ice goes away, and the plants bud and flower, and the spring herbs and cool weather crops adorn our meals...

Promises of the seasons remind me of the promises of God. They will come through and they will come true; He is not a man that He should lie. But, there are also changes, trials, tests, and just plain upsets that come with the changes of the seasons of our lives... So, what do you hang on to, the frustrations of the seemingly broken promises? or the confidence in the character of the One who gave those promises?

As Jesus approached the crowds and the gates of Jerusalem on that Palm Sunday so many years ago, many thought the Romans would be thrown off and all would be right in the Middle East. Today, many Christians act as though that is their thinking as they follow the Lord, and expect only good things, once they bow the knee.

Hmmm, some 2000 years later, you would think the Church would have learned that our confidence is not in what we expect as we read His word and listen to so many preachers who tell us,"Spring is here! Now your life is going to be full of sunny days and pretty flowers!"

It will have so much more peace, but that is internal...we will also have those ice storms when the budding dreams get frozen out by unexpected circumstances; we will have the winds that change the direction of our sails; and we will have the hope of When, not If, for He is not a man that He should lie. His promises are Yea and Amen. We just need to look to the finish line, not the storms on the way.