Thanksgiving, a holiday with firmly Judeo-Christian roots...

Special Thanksgiving Presentation from the Family Resource Council   

Made 14 November 2013, this ppt from the Family Research Council gives a succinct overview of the history of Thanksgiving in America.  It is a holiday that honors God, our pioneers, and the Judeo-Christian cultural foundations given this country from its very beginnings. 

The History of Thanksgiving Day    

This is a great little video that gives the basic history of the American Thanksgiving holiday.  It started as a three day harvest festival and a time to be thankful for the bounty and protection given by God through the Native Americans Squanto and Massasoit.   Eventually the Plimoth colony was overwhelmed by the growing community of Boston, but the small beginnings in Massachusetts became a part of the American DNA.    


Famous Days of Thanksgiving by William Federer

A Happy Thanksgiving Shout-out

from Pastor Josh    21 November 2018