An Indepth Study in the Power of Personal Prayer

Prayer! The Power Behind the People of God.

Part one of a three-part study on prayer

Pastor Joshua Justice   

27 June 2018

R. A. Torrey has had a huge impact on the prayer life of Christian believers.   Pastor Joshua encourages us to read this book as you go through his series on the power of personal, honest, fearless prayer as a vital spiritual life force that keeps the Body of Christ victorious and effective in being hope and bringing the Good News to a hurting world. 

Click here to go to a free pdf of this best selling Christian life book.  

1 July 2018  Prayer!  Call2Fall Sunday    Pastor Joshua Justice   sermon notes

We have all heard this scripture before, 2 Chronicles 7:14. But the promise of this scripture is contingent upon a number of things. For one, it only applies to God’s people.  Listen as Pastor Joshua takes us through this very important and foundational Scripture and shows us the benchmark for what defines that group called "the people of God."  Pastor Joshua also shows us how to have the confidence that the promises of Scripture are yea and amen.  He leads us through the questions we need to consider and answer as we reflect on who we are and Who He is, especially if we claim to be His.  Prayer is absolutely crucial to discover the depths and the riches of our conversations and relationship with the King.  As children of the King, we have both privileges and responsibilities.  Prayer - It is both a call to faith and a call to action.    

Part two of a three-part study on prayer

Pastor Joshua Justice   

8 July 2018

Pastor Josh suggested a second book which R. A. Torrey has authored entitled The Power of Prayer and strongly encourages we purchase a copy and skim the first five chapters then take the time to read well chapter 6 in preparation for the next session on Prayer! The Power of God's People.

   The Power of Prayer is still under copyright, & so is not available as a PDF.  According to the publisher's notes, this book discusses: The freedom, peace, & security available through communication with God; How to pray; Who can pray; What interferes with prayer & how these hindrances can be overcome; What prayer can do for a person or a nation; & finally, Why pray.

   No other book so clearly outlines the positives of prayer, the prerequisites to prayer, the purpose of prayer, or the power of prayer.

Part three of a three-part study on prayer

Pastor Joshua Justice   

11 July 2018

In this session, Pastor Josh continues with his discussion of the importance and power of prayer in the life of a Christian.  True prayer that touches the heart of God and brings results in the life of a believer comes from a place of passion--passion for God's law, passion for the personal relationship with a Holy Creator, passion for the lost, and passion for the truth and how to share it in love.  He reminded us that our personal witness and relationship with Jesus the Christ through our passion to see them rescued from the path they are on is the strongest message we can share with those with whom we share our faith.  Don't neglect a personal, passionate prayer life!  It is your connection with the Lord and it is the channel that brings both power and revival to your soul!